The Truth about Love The poem “The Ivy Crown” by William Carlos Williams is about love.

The Ivy Crown expresses William’s feelings about love as a mystery. Although mystified by love he tells the reader about what he knows of love: the properties of love, how “Children think of love, and how humans can not live with out it. If love is not symbolized with a heart that it would almost always be symbolized with a rose. A rose is lovely. With its delicate beautiful scarlet petals, a rose can be malicious and razor sharp like the thorns on its side. The rose symbolizes the duality of love; it can be stunning yet at the same time it could draw blood. “Just as the nature of briars / is to tear flesh […]” (49-50) Williams also tells how younger people viewed love as a disposable thing. At first when love catches a “child’s” eyes, he would crave for it with such passion that he would do anything to obtain it. However after obtaining the love that caught his eye he would just set it aside and start to look for another one. “Children pick flowers. / Let them. /Though having them in hand / they have no further use for them / but leave them crumpled / at the curb's edge.” (5965) Love may cause harm to a person. But the pain does not prove to be an impassable obstacle; it does not stop a person from finding love again, even if it is in another form. “[…] you cannot live / and keep free of / briars.” (56-58). Even if he decides to set aside the love that he finds, he would still look for another one. Williams also states that love is an item that is crucial for survival of a person. “[…] by our wills survived / to keep / the jeweled prize / always / at our finger tips.” (81-85) William Carlos Williams treats love as a something that entrances him and at the same time cuts deep into his flesh. Yet despite the harm he receives from love he welcomes love with

an open embrace, for it is a necessity of his survival. And even though Williams knows so much about love he is still mystified by how love can cause a person to yearn for it so much, but push it aside for another.

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