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Scientific Method Activity Menu

The Scientific Method and why Science is Important
You must reach 100 points worth of projects from the list below. You may do as many or as few as you would
like as long as it reaches 100 points total.
After reading the story
The 11
Experiments that Failed
, make an
illustrated list of all the lessons
the main character learned (the
conclusions she drew from her
25 pts

Design a colorful comic strip that

shows the steps of the Scientific

25 pts

25 pts

Write a letter to your teacher

describing the types of activities
and experiments you would like
to do this year in science class.

Write a script and perform a short

skit demonstrating your
knowledge of the Scientific

Create and build a game that tests

students knowledge about the
Scientific Method (can be
electronic or a hard-copy game)

Make a list of your goals for

science this year. Explain how
you would like to accomplish
these goals and what steps you
need to take to achieve them.

25 pts

50 pts
50 pts

Create a brochure for the

Scientific Method. Include each
step and a description of the step.
Include pictures and reasons why
the Scientific Method is

Create a poster on why you think

the Scientific Method is
important. Include information
and pictures that demonstrate
the importance of the Scientific
Method and how it is relevant to
everyday life.

50 pts

50 pts

Design and film a video that

teaches people (in an entertaining
and knowledgeable way) about
the Scientific Method. Show
video in class.

Create a song about the Scientific

Method. Create motions to go
with each step of the method to
perform with the song. Teach the
song to the class.

75 pts

75 pts

Imagine a mad scientist is trying

to take over the world. Imagine
what he is trying to do and how a
superhero can stop him. Use the
Scientific Method to make a
detailed plan to save the world.
50 pts
Choose a science topic that you
would like to turn into a research
project. Use the steps of the
Scientific Method to plan out your
research/project proposal. Check
with teacher. Follow through with
experiment, record data and
100 pts

*If you have a different idea of how you would like to demonstrate your understanding of the Scientific
Method, ask your teacher for approval.

Answer the following on the back of this paper or below the table: What did you learn about the Scientific
Method? How does it help scientists do their job?

Grading Criteria
Has the student proven that they know and fully understand the Scientific Method?


Does their work appear to be done to the best of their ability?

Does it look professional? Could it be shown to other classes?
Would other students be able to learn about the Scientific Method from their project?