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Learn How To Make Money Online

Learn How To Make Money Online

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Published by vishal toshiwal

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Published by: vishal toshiwal on Mar 12, 2010
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make money online its free.... yes.....i am making money online just spending 15 minutes everyday..how........

its easy...... Hello everyone, here I´m going to explain how you can get money using bux.to. Fi rst of all, what is bux.to? bux.to is what is called a PTC site (pay to click), th is means that they pay you for watching publicity ads for 30 seconds. This is on e of the most reliable ptc sites around the web. The money you win is transferre d to your alertpay account, so you can spend it online or get the money through your credit card or bank account, the best of all, it´s safe, real and very easy In this article I´ll show how you can do it:

1)Create a alertpay account (www.alertpay.com) You don´t need to have a bank ac count to use alertpay.its free to register. 2) Register (http://bux.to/?r=000samir) remember to put 000samir as your referral . 3) Once registered and logged in, the use of the site is easy. You click Surf Ads and you´ll have a list of sites (between 10 and 20), click the links and wait fo r the 30 seconds counter that appears at the top of the new screen to reach 0 an d a green ticket will pop up, that means you can now close the window and open a new one (you can´t open more than one at a time). With every click, you get a f raction of a dollar, that means you will have to click every day to get this wor king (remember you won´t spend much time doing it so it´s not a big deal).you ca n check the amount in your statement as well. 4)Once you reach the minimum quota of money to collect ($10), you can cash-out transfer your money to your paypal account. 5) With all this done, you´ll have enough money soon to get a premium account or do whatever you want to do with it. 6) The last step is to get more people to sign up under your account. This means that every referral gets you more money added to your account with the clicks t hey make. Good luck with your clicks and remember to put 000samir ite grows and the system works. as your referral, so the s and

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and pls reply me your response on 000samir@gmail.com

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