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who is Rosebud?

who is Rosebud?

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this is a study based on the film Citizen Kane.
this is a study based on the film Citizen Kane.

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Published by: radioflea on Mar 12, 2010
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DIO, Rafaela M.

BSDC – 221 DEVC 105

In the film Citizen Kane, who/what was Rosebud? “Rosebud” was first introduced in the film as Charles Foster Kane’s last words on his death bed. And, just before the film ends, it was revealed that “Rosebud” was the name of Kane’s sled (when he was a kid). The name was seen printed on the sled’s underside. But “Rosebud” was neither a sled nor a woman as some characters in the film insisted. Rosebud was intangible; it was abstract. Rosebud was a symbol of something Kane once had. It was the feeling of contentment and happiness despite of occasional troubles. It was the priceless sense of freedom and peace of mind. It was the bliss of being loved. It was Rosebud that he had lost along the way and had tried to revive through wealth and power. After full possession of Thatcher’s riches (Kane’s guardian after being separated from his family), he entered the newspaper business. He married a president’s niece. He campaigned for New York State’s governor. Later on, his marriage and political aspirations disintegrated after a love nest scandal with his mistress, Susan. He left his wife and married his mistress. But Kane’s relationship with Susan also didn’t work out. Susan left Kane and he spent his last years managing his properties. Kane must have thought that with all the influence and power he had, he could control everything. That he could buy what he was after. That he could get what he was really looking for. Maybe, Kane’s him all good. That But it did not and what he thought was family thought that sending him to Thatcher would do fortune and education would fulfil their son’s life. so Kane searched for it himself. He tried to acquire missing.

Kane did everything but failed to realize what he was searching for only until his last breath. The story reminds me of what the little prince had said in the book The Little Prince: Men raise five thousand roses in the same garden—and they do not find in it what they are looking for. And yet what they are looking for could be found in one single rose or in a little water. What we really need is not money, fame or the latest phone model. What would make us truly happy is unseen and only visible to the heart. We all have our rosebuds and I say it’s time that we take hold of it and never let it fall.

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