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Graduation Project


: The Analysis Procedures

The SAP2000 graphic user interface (GUI) is
used to model, analyze, design, and display
the structure geometry, properties and
analysis results. The analysis procedure can
:be divided into three parts



.Part I:Preprocessin
In preprocessing, the
information is needed by

.Choosing the units( 1

. Setting up geometry( 2
Defining material and member( 3
. section properties
. Defining load cases( 4
.Assigning load magnitudes( 5
. Assigning restraints( 6

The following section illustrates the

: details of preprocessing

1-Choosing units.
From the combo (i.e. the drop down
list) in the main windows status bar,
choose the units for used in the
. project

2-Setting up structures

There are two ways to set up the

structures geometry: The first is
from the SAP2000s templates. The
other is by creating a completely new
.model, as shown in figure (1)

,When creating from a template

:follow these steps

1. From File menu, choose New Model from Template

This will display the Model Template
dialog box.
: In this dialog box. 2
A- Click on the template which most closely
. resembles the structure you want to analyze
. This will display the template dialog box
B- In this dialog box, choose the appropriate
. parameters, as shown in figure (2)
. C- Click OK button

Fig. (1) Choose New Model from


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