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By: Keren Elvir 11W

Introduction to Computers
In todays day and age, its almost
impossible to live without a computer.
They have become part of the human
lives because of their many uses.
Computers can be used for education,
business and even for fun.
The industry who has gained the
most from the invention of the
computers is the business industry
because of its nature. Computers have
gained significance as they have
improved the efficiency and
productivity of work done.

Pre-Computer Age
Charles Babbage
Charles Babbage was born in
Walworth, Surrey, on December 26,
1791. was born in Walworth, Surrey,
on December 26, 1791. He began
developing the Difference Engine
which is considered to be the first
automatic computing machine ever
invented. The Difference Engine was
capable of computing several sets of
numbers and making hard copiesof
the results.

First Generation
Vacuum Tubes

From 1940-1956

The UNIVAC was the first commercial

computer delivered to a business
client, it was given to the US census
Bureau in 1951.
Colossus was the First electric
programmable computer developed
by Tommy Flowers demonstrated in

The ENAIC was invented by J. Presper

Eckert and Johnny Muchly in
Pennsylvania University; they began
construction in 1943 and finished in
ABC, AtanSaff-Berry computer began
development by John Atanasaff and
Cliff Berry in 1937.

Second Generation
From 1956-1963
The transistors was invented in 1947
but did not widespread computers till
Moved from Binary language to ASL
Assembly Language.
First Computers that stored their
instructions in their memory
Transistors were replacement for
Vacuum Tubes.

TX-O is the first transistorized

computer demonstrated in
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
in 1956.

Third Generation
Integrated Circuit
From 1964-1971
In 1964 IBM was making a transition
from the discrete transistors to the
integrated circuits.
Jack Kilby developed the concept of
integrated circuit 1958
These computers became smaller in
size, faster, more reliable and less

The first IC was invented and used in


Fourth Generation
From 1971- present day
Microprocessors brought the fourth
generation of computers
The Intel 4004 chip, developed in
1971, it located all the components of
the computer from central processing
unit to memory input/output controls
in a single chip.
In 1931 IBM introduced its first
computer for the home user.

Apple introduced the Macintosh in


Fifth Generation
Artificial Intelligence
2010 Beyond
Fifth Generation are still in
The use or parallel processing is
making Artificial Intelligence a reality.
A Goal: Development of devices
which respond to natural language
input and are capable of learning and
self organizing.

Some application such as voice

recognition, are being used to today.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of Google. They met in Stanford
The first search engine they created for Stanford was called BackRub, and
eventually it starts causing problems. is created and registered as a domain in September 15 th. Google
is a play on word of googol. Googol is a term for the number represented by
the numeral 1 and is followed by 100 zeros. Many people believed that the
name Google represents their mission of creating and organizing a infinite
amount of information on the web.
Andy Bechtolsheim writes a check for $100,000 dollars to a company that was
yet to exist which was: Google Inc.
Google officially started in 1997.
In the 2000, the Google announces MentalPlex which is googles ability to
guess and visualize what you want to search for.
Google is one of the best companies to work for, it pays well and the culture inside of
the company empowers employees to do cool things that matter in the world.

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