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Historical Context

Anouilhs Antigone

1. Sophocles Version

Greek Historical Context

Significance at the time & to Anouilhs Version

2. Anouilh's Version

Anti Fascist French Revolution

Symbolism to the French Revolution
Nazi opinion of Antigone

Discussion Questions Throughout

Greek Historical Context

Time Period

The play was written in Athens during the rule of Pericles

Pericles was known for being in favor with the masses, and the common people. He did many things to improve Athens
as well as the way of life for the people residing there.
One of his acts aloud the poor the see theater for free. Thus many of people in Athens would of had access to watch
During a great time of national fervor
performed in 443 or 441 BC

Antigone & Sophocles

Antigone may of led to Sophocles being appointed as one the ten generals to lead a military expedition against Samos
Although the play shows no real signs of propaganda, it could of made him more favorable in the public's eyes.

What significance does Sophocles version of Antigone

have on Anouilh's?

Anti-Fascist French Resistance

inspired by Paul Collettes act of resistance
Anouilh believed this captured the meaning of tragedy

connections were less clear
performed in theatre in 1944
theatrical importance

Do you believe that Anouilh and Sophocles intentions

were similar or different?

The French Resistance = Antigone

Resisted for family

Fighting against a higher power
Nary an outcome (many deaths)
Unknown stance

(...) I dont know any more what Im dying

for (...) (Antigone, 57)

The Vichy Government = Creon


Controlled by a third party

Struggle between loyalties

So doesnt it strike you strange - I a king, set at naught by you

yet listening patiently (...) whos all powerful {and} (...) seen
plenty of people killed, just as appealing as you - and here I
am taking all this trouble to try to keep you from dying?
(Antigone, 37)
Nazi = Chorus


In drama you struggle, because you hope youre going

to survive. Its utilitarian - sordid. But tragedy is
gratuitous. (...) Fit for a king! (Antigone, 26)

What do you think Nazis opinion of Antigone was?

Nazi Opinion of Antigone

Antigone was not censored by Germany because it was
thought to be a retelling of an ancient tale.
Nazis embraced Antigone because of the classical source.
Allowed the play to take place in France, which was
under strict censorship.


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