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Daniel Medvedov




Im delighted to wash dishes

The most cherished is one
Which I keep mostly in secret
In a secret place to moan
Just because when I just want it
It dismisses me with one hit
Its so clean and bright and lovely
I look at it most and dearly
But the owner
Want not my
She wants neighbors lullaby
One day notwithstanding mine wish
This and that we both were saying
Owner said: please, would you like
Dearly wash with honney yours
My poor dish with your glamour?
I could not Adam & Eve it
Cant believe that she was so
Interested in my dearly
Not professional a job
Am I not an expert washing
But I do what may and can
She was waiting me alone
In her kitchen nice and clean
Never Ive seen such a man
Its far beyond of my ken
That is what I mean and say
She said right when I was entring
In that cave with thousand jewels
Oh, Ali Baba you are some
Youre so awesome
Nice & Sheer
Give me please a loan to share
In my dream
Youre so straight and dear to me
Even if you might be such
You indeed remembers me
A person who I love much:
Its my mom
My home
And wall
Of my house
From where Ive ran.
Few wash dishes quite so well
You might be the only One.