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1 BOLD Ih) and SUBTLE | MIRACLES THE BOLD a} SUBTLE MIRACLES of Dr.FAUST pe by rg David Hoy me Index Background and Bold Approach 5 Dr, Rhine Improved 9 Dated for Destiny rea We Now Give You Our Correspondent 15 By Gosh! It Moved! 1 A Nervy Switcher 20 © ‘The Bold Book Test 2 wee. Pocket Book Miracle 23 Chicago 25, I ‘The Tossed Out Deck 25 Hurling The Headlines 29 Four Minute Spelibinder 33 gret that the Voodoo Doll, one of the interest- ing and colorful effects you may have seen in a Faust performance, could aot be included in this book. It is not the property of Dr.Faust, but of the Mellon Enterprises. We understand it is not currently on the market, but will be again in the future