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J.M. Smith

H.C. Van Ness

M.M. Abbott


Page 17, Pbs. 1.7 and 1.8: The atmospheric-pressure values should be 101.78 kPa and 29.86(in Hg), respectively.
Page 37, Subheading 2.9: Font errors.
Page 62, Subheading 3.1: Font errors.
Page 120, Pb. 3.56(b): The equation number at the end of the last line should be (3.38).
Page 137, Section heading 4.6: The symbol preceding

H should be  .

Page 152, Pb. 4.27(b): The first word is Determine.

Page 186, Replace the line following Eq. (5.42) with the following:
<Boltzmans constant k equals R/N A . The entropy difference between states 1 and 2 is:>
Page 215, First line below Eq. (6.65): Delete and h.
Page 236, Pb. 6.12: The equation number should be (3.40).
Page 287, Delete the 8.1 at the end of Eq. (8.1).
Page 311, Footnote 2: The kJ per hour value should be 12,660.
Page 349, Example 10.2 has no unique solution without the specification af an additional
intensive variable. (Application of the phase rule yields F = 2.)
So specify x1 = 0.01, and solution is direct.
Page 419, Second line below Eq. (12.2): Figure number should be 12.3.
Page 428, Footnote 5: Replace no. 6 with pp. 10401048.
Page 461, Pb. 12.22, Parts (a) & (b): Replace BUBL P & DEW P with BUBL T & DEW T.
Page 475, Eq. (13.12): Delete the minus sign.

Page 475, Boldface item: The symbol preceding G should be  .

Page 515, Line following Eq. (13.45): Delete the square brackets around Fig. 13.6(a).
Page 544, Second line below the small table: For parameter a the exponent should be 105 .
Page 544, Fourth line below the small table: Numerator of fraction should be (Z ).
Page 545, Second line below Eq. (14.53): The equation number should be Eq. (14.52).
Page 557, Boldface item: The symbol preceding G should be  .
Page 560, Eqn. at top of page: Add subscript 1 in numerator of first term.
Page 572, First of the 3 eqns. at bottom of the page; left side should be G E /x1 x2 RT .
Page 659, The chemical formulas for n-Heptane and n-Octane are C7 H16 and C8 H18 .