Diversity and Discrimination

1. Discrimination is treating someone unfairly or ‘less favourably’ because they happen to belong to a particular group of people. There are two types of discrimination: Direct and indirect 2. Direct discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably and is obvious such as advertising a job which only accepts males. Indirect discrimination occurs when a rule, policy or law is used to treat someone or a group unequally. For example when a club uses a rule to allow no hats, which indirectly affects religions which might require hats. 3. There are many types of discrimination. They include age, disability, race, religious, homosexuality, sex-based and pregnancy. Most of these were experienced in the movies Remember the Titans and Philadelphia. There was sexual, racial, and appearance based direct and indirect discrimination. For example, in the movie ‘Remember the Titians’: there was a division between the whites and blacks because the whites thought they were better than them. That was direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination occurs when the black and whites try and go to a restaurant which only served white people. When they went in, they were refused service because “the tables were full” when in reality, it was an excuse to give them the message to get out”. In Philadelphia, direct discrimination occurs when the lawyer doesn’t take Andy’s case clearly due to Andy’s condition. However, indirect discrimination occurs when Andy is asked to move to a private room (in library) “for more comfort.” 4. Greystanes high school is a diverse community, and all throughout Australia, all sorts of diversities exist. Greystanes high has welcomed many different cultures and races. But wherever diversity exists, discrimination exists, as the big variation in cultures causes a conflict one way or other. Even so, Greystanes high school maintains an equal and fair go for any culture and all everyone needs is education.

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