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Emma Broom

Mobile: 0403235205 Email:

Personal Statement
I am a passionate, dedicated and motivated graduate teacher seeking fulltime employment
within the Catholic Education system so that I can teach within a system in which I share
common beliefs and values. My passion for working with children is reflected in the satisfaction
I gain knowing that I have the opportunity to make a difference in childrens lives. A way in
which I aim to achieve this is by building respectful relationships with students. These relationships
underpin my philosophy and practice as a teacher because I strongly believe that they build
the foundation for knowing your students and how they learn, managing behaviour, and
motivating students to become confident and creative learners.

Academic Background

Bachelor of Primary Education (2011-2015)

University of the Sunshine Coast
Due to complete 6th November 2015

High School Certificate (2004-2008)

Xavier Catholic College, Hervey Bay

Primary School Certificate (1996-2003)

Star of the Sea Primary School, Hervey Bay

Professional Qualities
Strong passion towards the Catholic Religion, with the willingness to develop and extend my
Professional conduct
Possess a high level of understanding and practice towards the Australian Curriculum and
the Professional Standards for Teachers
Engaging in reflection to continually improve my teaching
Building a positive rapport with all students
Developing engaging learning experiences that cater to the needs of a range of learners
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Utilising and making a range of teaching resources, including ICT

Strong communication skills with students, parents and colleagues

Teaching Experience
Siena Catholic Primary School (2015)

Taught Literacy, Mathematics and Religion learning areas of the Foundation Australian
Curriculum and Brisbane Catholic Education Curriculum

Developed engaging rotational activities to develop students reading, writing and

numeracy skills

Took a group of higher ability students through PAT Maths testing, analysed data from the
results and differentiated learning activities to support and extend these students

Developed respectful relationships with parents and colleagues

Implemented my own positive behaviour management strategy

Created a Maths display wall for the concept of days of the week

Extra-curricular activities:

Marched with the Prep students at the Anzac Day March in Buderim

Suncoast Christian College (2014)

Taught Mathematics and Science learning areas of the Year 4 Australian Curriculum

Planned and taught the Science Unit, Forces all around us, with created assessment
and rubrics to foster student understanding and skills

Catered for a range of diverse needs including special needs, learning difficulties and
behavioural problems by implementing inclusive strategies and planning differentiated
lessons, utilising cues and routines for classroom management, and reinforcing classroom
rules, expectations and consequences for behaviour

Extra-curricular activities:

Refereed a game of Year 4/5 boys touch during Sunshine Coast Independent Schools
Sports Association (SCISSA)

Regularly attended morning devotions, staff meetings and Professional Development


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Palmwoods State School (2012)

Taught Literacy and English learning areas of the Year 6 Curriculum to Classroom

Appropriately modified and differentiated the English Curriculum according to the

different learning styles, needs and abilities of the students

Planned, developed and conducted Literacy Lift rotations for all three Year 6 classes

Successfully integrated the learning from the English Curriculum into the literacy rotations
to provide connected and meaningful learning experiences

Extra-curricular activities:

Attended a Year 7 excursion to the Science Centre in Brisbane

Employment History
School officer role at Siena Catholic Primary School (Week 10 Term 2 & Week 1 Term 3)

Assisted in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms

Supervisor role at Dan Murphys Kawana (2009-current)

Manage front end staff, counting of safe, change collection

Provide friendly and efficient customer service to people of all ages



Mrs Kylie Middleton

Prep Teacher Siena Catholic Primary School
M: 0488 011 881

Father Leo Coote

Retired Catholic Priest
M: 0408 600 544



Ms Sandy Hinton

Mr Kerry Swann

Year 4 Teacher - Suncoast Christian College

M: 0438 783 589

College Principal Xavier Catholic College

M: 0438 754 084

Mrs Ingrid Clarke
Assistant Principal Siena Catholic Primary School
P: (07) 5445 3399
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