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Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler

Systematic Discrimination
Gender Roles, Stereotyping and Gender Bias
Is gender important in the scheme of every day things? Caren Kaplan says, If you look at your drivers license or the
forms you fill out for college, what kinds of information are you asked to give to identify yourself? Your name, your
mailing address, an identification number of some kind. . . and gender. From the moment one is borne, gender
becomes a relatively important aspect in identifying who we are. But does the aspect of gender go beyond the simple
classification of male and female?
Gender has greater importance than a simple means of identification. In a patriarchal society, gender also becomes the
determinant of the rights and positions one is allowed to have. For women in a patriarchal society, they are identified
through their relationships with a man- their father or their husband. As Kaplan states, Women and men have different
legal rights and privileges. It has always been automatically assumed that men had the right to own property and the
right to vote. Women
had the right t o own property as long as her father was dead or no brothers, and
chose not to marry. But
once she said, I DO, she lost any identity of being a person. Gender defined and still
defines wages, health
care, and career tracks. In a patriarchal society, women depend upon a man to
have an identity and
Some believe

that gender is not an issue. In and of itself, gender is not an issue; there are
and there are males. Gender as an identification marker is not an issue. But the
perception of gender is an issue. The cultural institutions which define gender
roles, is an issue. Gender bias as reflected in language, media, and
advertising is an issue. Gender when defined as cans and cannots becomes
an issue, which has to be addressed before women can be considered as
people. These definitions can be very subtle
but very powerful and
restricting. It is important for women and men
to examine the
prevailing cultural institutions and traditions
for the subtle hidden
restrictions which defines one sex as being
weak and needing
protection, weak and being a second class
citizen who does not
merit the same recognition in wages,
promotions, and social

It is important to realize that by a simple definition an individual can be restricted. The word female conjures up many
stereotypical roles that hinder equality. Female brings forth images of dolls, dresses, wife and mother. None of these
images are bad, but the expectations associated with each can be negative unless we come to realize the underlying
implications and social constructs.

Essential Questions: Is Gender identification detrimental?

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler

Who defines us as women?

Is motherhood and family a prerequisite to being a woman

Evaluate how the roles, status, achievements of women are influenced by gender in a patriarchal society (1-6)

Explore the status of girls and women in American society (1-6)

Analyze how social institutions perpetuate discrimination against women (1-4)

Evaluate the myths about family and how they hinder women equality (2-3)

Compare and contrast the concepts of masculinity and femininity

Discuss gender ranking

Discuss Feminization in politics

Identify/Define the following:

Gender stratification
Glass ceiling

sexual harassment,
pink collar

differential access
old boys network

sexual orientation
comparable worth
sexual discrimination
gender gap


Remember by the end of the LAP you have to complete the following assignments which may ake more than one evening
or open lab to do:

The discussion board which requires you to start a topic as well as respond to two other peers topic.
Review the rubric for the grade criterion. The Topic:

How do women overcome gender stratification or do they need to?

First Submission due Sept 28 by midnight
Second submission due oct 5 by midnight

LAP project

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler

Class Meeting

Cycle Day and


Class Focus

Assignment Due


A Day Sept 15
Beauty Ideal

Differences Between
Men And Women


Where do we learn
what is a girl and
what is a boy?


B Day Sept 16 Male


B Day Sept 16
D Day Sept 22 Male


D Day Sept 22
E Day Sept 23 Male

Discrimination and



E Day Sept 23
G Day Sept 25 Male

Discrimination and



G Day Sept 25
J Day Sept 29 Male

What is family



H Day Sept 28
K Day Sept 30 Male

Doing surveys in OL

2-4 and 2-5

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

A Day Oct 1 Beauty


Ms Rothweiler

Are women hindered

or enhanced by the
concept of family


Activity- what is in
my life . . . . .

2-7 and Project

Test Review

In class test over


B Day Oct 2 Male



B Day Oct 2 Beauty

D Day Oct 6 Male


C Day Oct 5 Beauty

E Day Oct 7

2.1. Handout 1

Due Date
Class Meeting 3

2.2 Read pages 105 to 120 in text

Take notes submit via google classroom

Class Meeting 4

2.3 Read 2 of the following take notes

Submit via google classroom

Class meeting 5

2.4 Read Readings 10, 11, 12, 13

Take notes. Submit via Google Classroom

Class Meeting 6

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler

2.5 Read readings 16 and 18

Take notes submit via Google Classsoom

Sixth Class Meeting

2.6 Read pages 372-386.

Take Notes submit via google

Seventh Class Meeting

2.7. Read Readings 53, 54, 55, and 59

Take notes submit via google

Eighth Class Meeting

Test dates TBA

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler


Interview 5 males and 5 females. Make sure to get a variety of ages with each gender.
Fold the paper on half. Ask them to first fill in the side of the paper which says Act
Like A Man. Request that they give to you 7-10 characteristics of what it means to Act
like a man . Then flip over the paper and ask the person to do the same or Be A Lady .
Make sure each person gets a clean sheet.
At the end compile a list which you will submit via Google Classroom In addition
answer these questions as part of your reflection write.

Where do we learn these gender roles? Give specific answers and examples
Where do women learn these messages? Give specific answers and examples
What names or put-downs are directed at boys when they don't fit the box?
What names are women called if they step out of the stereotype box?
How do these labels and names reinforce the stereotype box?
How does it feel when we are called these names?
What do you think the person who is using these put-downs is feeling?

Bring the individual sheets to class.

Act Like A Man

Be Lady-like

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler


Choose one of the following:
A. Show 15 children (under the age of 10) the following pictures asking whether a
male or female would be the worker

Record the childs response. After they answer, ask them why they answered as they
did. Write a report on your findings. Email your project

Lap 2

8 Class Meetings

September 14-October 8, 2015

Ms Rothweiler

b. Take 2-3 children cartoons, or 5-7 comic strips and analyze how women and men
are portrayed in each. Follow the basic format of the following:
Email in your paper
For enrichment create your own gender bias-free cartoon. You may use the 50 points
c. Select fifteen ads, 5 with only women in it, 5 with only men in it, and 5 with men and
women in it.
According to these ads, what are the characteristics of an attractive man and woman?
--How do these ads reflect "who is successful" in our culture. How do the ads measure
--What are the characteristics of ads with men in them?
--What are the characteristics of ads with women in them?
--In the ads with both men and women in them, how are the two portrayed together?