† 9th of March – Mucenicii – All Saints’ Day.

Religious tradition: a special food is prepared, is recommended to drink 40-44 glasses of wine (one for every saint martyr) and in this day the gates of heaven are opened and the souls of the ones who passed away are among us. Popular tradition: this is the day of the vernal equinox (after the old calendar) and fires are set in every yard in order to purify the land and the lights help the sun to defeat the darkness.In folk tradition, "mucenicii" are actually "Mosii" ("The Old Men"), symbolizing the spirits of our ancestors.In the Orthodox Calendar, they are the 40 saints from Sevastia Fortress, who were burnt alive.It is said that in this day, Mosii beat the earth with "maiuri" (big wodden hammers) to take out the heat and grass from the earth and chase away the cold. The custom of hitting the earth with "maiuri" (having as a purpose bringing health and good luck among the people), is also practiced by children, who, while hitting with sticks, shout: Get in cold and come out heat/ Good weather should come/ Around our houses!Every year, on 9th of March, women make "mucenici" of dough (also called little saints), in the shape of a man (the figure 8) or in a shape of a bee or dove. They put honey on them and crushed nuts.In some places, "mucenicii" are put in a sweet juice of honey, sugar and crushed nuts(like a soup). Part of them are taken to church and others are given to poor people.In this day all the garbbage from the yard is burnt and young people jump over the fire to be healthy all year. These old customs are a symbol of burning the winter at the beginning of spring. Fires protect people and animals from evil spirits (the house is fumigated ritualy, with a burnt cloth to be protected from snakes; women also spread ash around the house).9th of March (Agricultural New Year in the folk calendar) is a very good day to start spring ploughing.It is also said that in the day of "Mucenici" storks arrive, and the weather for all the spring will be like in this day.

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