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7 29420277 18416: “fen 990 | * Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax igee 1 ceca ‘Under section 501(¢) of the Internal Coda (excupt back ung be See ie eee eet insect nab pope SeeAE ET" ste Te esetcatn ay hae sea ey of reba satel sit et a Bet laspeion fore 156 creda yet Or tx yearpeedbegaiog Hay 1 1996 andedog_Apr_30 “1997 | abc Sr omer : eae rn SSE eat aoa 10838 $, ROBERTS ROAD SE [Gace ep te aa eae PALOS ILLS _ tons and: TG) igs group ren Hed for affates? Tear sna a e758 | sgn | qe ttt tie den J ieomngenee RTC eset Ce) this space retry 20 rnin covered by a goog lg. [Ne “| _[Jotrer posit .. ” Tear [ft stars ga eae mart ar tan 0. wsatn neal Re 3a To | “atta Perms saasln Bo m,tenal an ito rr, Se cere ce Ta Fan #0 ay Boa ra yeu ata bay S000 aod em Ravers Eopenses ted chanted net Recos or ud Glance Gx ck TP Grito fa ows a entrant ere: 4 _, 2 Diet itl spect 1,639,288 | oe pate apd {Gorn ees a) ‘rat atone eugene sien) (| fact tamaeass 2 fepan sna ts ay ere TOTS Gn Pt 1,639,285. 13 Membership dues and assassins ov = 4. Interest on Sales ar! tepoary cash investnens .. Tar: 5 -Dividends al felarest kom secures, 8a Gross ents ‘ Less renal expenses « Netrental Income or oss) Gutta tna 6b 7. Ober investment Income (escribe © sa 0 Snetanna nan emt Sie crs) SEB , 9 Speco evers ant atuvves (tach schedule) 2 Gross evenue (pot ineung ... 5 of contributions reported on tine 13) : b Lest deat epences ater than hndeaing expenses .... le Gs) fps ees its re bo ne 3) 108 Gross sales of iverdar, less rete and alowances «2... ‘Leas cash of 90088 Sold. aesetreeseeeesen 703 1 ns ts) i liye (tet 0 ter. Tone IOe 111 Other eoverue Grom Pert Vi, ne 105) sRCENED-FROM-DO Tae, 1,234,728. 91,747. 167,137 32_Tola revenue (odd es 4, 2,8, 4 £6, 7, 8, 9,105, sr 3 Prowam sences Gem fine 4, cokumn €) 1 aogenent ad gear to i een 18 Fundraising Grom tine 44, eatin). 16 Payments to affiliates (alah schedule ce 17_ Total expences (odd ines 16 rd $4, calurn (A) 1H Ereses or (fie fare year (ubtact line 17 trom tine 12) 119. Nel asses or fund balaness a bagog ‘of year Grom fine 73, colin (9) 20 Other chsnges in nat assalsar fund balances alach explanation), at” it asses or fund balaness af end of yar (combine ies 18,18, a 20). i 248,700. = Foam 990 9996) 7455, 65T, 145.775, 102,925. i Form 990 BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIO 36-3823186 ES ae Soren DRM Ton. aon OS. Saka ze Pe ea peas sca tetes ABMS recoil chara bese i Epa ar, | rs | oaiegemcerie” BL one | Ome | Ste | orn Z eaalca pana , ahaa tt moneash $ _ 289,099.) +s] 22 1,137,747. 37, 747..| 2 Sonne aT a hereon 3 Sete 3B 36 36,650, 36, 680 : s 3 a 3 Ht Z barat 32 2 a of 38 S373 6,378. ote ) ves EbN if-Yexentor) te aggregate amaintof hese flicasts 5 5 7610 fe amount allocated to managemend and general 5 se taisng 5 7 Statement of Pro ‘Accomplishments ARI Wa beep pny sete? Sorgen coe peacirean et iain | ae 1,234,728. r [ane 7 ‘Feem $90 (1996). _BENEVOLENCE SRNATIONAL FOUNDATION 36-3823136 acura Te =e [onto | | enw 3 Cash — ron-inierest-bearing 96,954.) 45 451 Se ca = aes pene fae zl Sem eet 2 # 3 0 i 7 $2 | z z 3 ic ee crc see fel AEE sealed a. ae ttre : [X] ad complete Boes 67 {PP entosseanedh i eee . Ae een Sa a} leis - 2 4 Swan not SAS chines» (we tin im 2 7 2 Ur te te [Jn peumuemeerceommegersacsmnciny® | wz.nelm| zeae See ee mates sea gst | __za tee [Reconciliation of econ Statements with Expenses per Ratu ' = Tot. an oases, ‘Taub oct lane on | * Take Yrancat statement Inde on ne a bal rat ‘Amounts reed eniga a but Amounts ‘Patontine 12, For 950: ‘afine 17, om 990: (1) Net eat | 1 Benes © potent 5 Oeaee ‘Aa eur on tines (1) Breuth Conon Line 8 ira fine Begeeeenn ' Amounts Iced on Be octused on tine 17, Persea Pam Bso barat on tina 22 3,490,127. eal cher ‘lowaness TARRTA KIUDIRS BURBANK It 60459 5,250, 9. FE ARMAOUT, icKony wHC(S"TL 864 lve _AS_nEoo 9. 9. 9. TTT 7 }sec AS REGO oO. _. o. Fom990 0996). BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIO 36-3823186 ___ Pages [Other Information (See speci insrvelons) engage in acy eciy rat previously reported tothe IRS? "Yea attach a debated desarpllon J} "76 tigi earzaton | TT Mere any changes made ate cranizing or goverigdecumes but ot reputed ta he FS? | “wees atach @canformed copy f te charges. 1 gga a ths orgntzlien have uerelsted Busines groxs ince of $1,000 or mor dig the year covered by tis rebum? bir¥ess has I fled a tne return on Fer 8057 lor ti yea? i 7 ing ta anon, sour aminaton mbna corencton ing Repent ea! ae 0a te eantston eae Ber han by ansaid frankie rizafe) rcugh commen seeey ae sel Sica oo my aie ert or hnesaot aganaten? bitrves, enter he name of the oractclon * ‘a Erker Go arsoenk of politcal expenditres, ‘BOWd he oranizalen fle Farm ¥120-POL for this you? 7 ‘s2a0id the cxgantzaon receive donated services or the ues of materials, equipment, rfcles al no cherge or ot Tea ar fren valoa? nanos “ Jeate the value ct eee las here, Do not ocade| a : aan arama ens ee SS those eprtg Pe . Lae 15,000. Oe ees tnacgera repre eri seni Sane a eequenee naratgiepe moon ogee tae preteen creredbasgmntae en mie we byete ns 85 S014) (or (6) organizations — aWere substantially all dues ee Oe ory tthe etre a wi ee oy tagtooga hoa Ne eran eae sg seem a fo ene Step Ntoihiy euenctopeane ena en ett ten ti a estat melon oes nga teocn io entn ei sv uy msn graeme Ee Fe ens arcsec fbhyng er polo! xperibres orb aonng te tne prin nar so root rs tote we ind ni pc dai 2 tes eatonsenes ae “bGross income from other scurces. (Do nat net amounts due oF copes cca owe pepe ste opt. ra nar {as 88 Abany fe es complete Part Bx ‘83a 501(2\@)ergantzaiane ~ Ener benrd of tax pald dhrng te Yea under + secon 4912, 1 secton 4855", section 4917 ™ 1b £01(X3) ond SOTTOND exgarizatos —' hing the year? Wee, asc a statement expsning each tansacién ee: ftp by runt raraers dead panes rd a dEnler: Amour of x in Be, above, rebused by the ergarkzain «.. 190 Ut the States wth which a py of ie elu is fed > ILLENOTS ‘The books arein cae of ~ ENAAN ARNAOUT. PALOS_AILE! id he organization enaege Th ary seon 4958 excess benefit ransacton sox TX BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL, DATIO 363823186 my om, SGAUM Atal of ncome-Produd es (en Beto) iectled Gores bone [Eicedby aces asia] = lr goss aus ee 9 Sa aca re ae ee eee 93 Program service revrue: +s NOT_APPLICABLE { Fed nied on pra apc 94 Mendes i west 95 nln endgs emoray e . 96 Dens drat to pe. 97 etl bez os) tora ele ‘a dabt anced property. brat dedinanced property. 3 00 or v2 103 9 Meret cme God) fom pape =. 0s RIGO EO ae ceed ore bemoan Une Ee eee Torneo MSO TED Sublets Cone is Par bn Var one a9 cote) nang, eee we Sr erg | ie} paunes ies eae al z x = x onse [eee at Ruma Irauemamen enter aneoee ag | alias > _OPERRTNS_ malig ER. Fal a res, [Saat > os/2svo7 [Sane » (1 [353-56-5852 jen >» 36-3963343 eed + 6052 | “ebedule A or jantzation Exempt Under Section 501(c)(3) a 1200, = SS ae eat ceca et : taf 1996 1 See separa | Serer = Nuit complied hy he show orgalzatens sd attached to Ferm 399 er SENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIO I35~3823186 | “Compensation of hast Paid Employees Other Than OMficer, Olrectors, and Trustees Ust each ones tf era ace none, enter ‘Nave’ Care Sookie Diarra Sader a] BD a : i a coe pcs ce “Tat earber of oer employers pald Bega i st Contractors for Professional Services 7 Gempanation of the Five Highest Paid independ Compensation Sone (cervical hea) arr ona nar Ne) OyTypeet sence fe Compensaon (Goa and aderess ofeach Independent contractor pad mere than $50,000 ONE fat tn, se he srt to For 00 (or Ferm 92-ED), ‘Schedule A Fm $30) 1996 Schedule A Gorm 999) 1998 BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIO 3623823186 __ Page? yee] no [Statements About Activities 1 5 riven atempted io znce rll, tle, or tocl eaten, icing CO ta ical tre «Wes ene the fl expancespld or cred ia connection wih fhe lbiyng actides ions that made an glecfon under section $0} 5768 VLA, Otho crete cpan Lea ae tetany ‘tn whieh sry such person i aftialed as rac, taste, majo owner, oF praca Sale, exchange, oc leasina of pepe? Grates takaenete oS ne eran an ‘bLending BFinoney’ox ober exlesion of ere?

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