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The concept of documents

A document is a "concrete or symbolic indication, preserved or recorded, for rec
onstructing or for proving a phenomenon"
Traditionally, the medium of a document was paper and the information was applie
d to it as ink, either by hand (to make a hand-written document) or by a mechani
cal process (such as a printing press or, more recently, a laser printer).
Through time, documents have also been written with ink on papyrus (starting in
ancient Egypt) or parchment; scratched as runes or carved on stone using a sharp
apparatus (such as the Tablets of Stone described in the bible); stamped or cut
into clay and then baked to make clay tablets (e.g., in the Sumerian and other
Mesopotamian civilisations). The paper, papyrus or parchment might be rolled up
as a scroll or cut into sheets and bound into a book. Today short documents migh
t also consist of sheets of paper stapled together.