Building of Advertising Program

 Objective

is to understand the major elements involved in creation of an advertisement  We try to answer: How an AD is created?  We try to focus on ingredients of an advertisement.

Elements in creation of an Advertisement
 Message  Headlines  Copy

or body copy  Illustrations  Message Appeal  Layout

Objective of the message  To communicate main points in a best way  To overcome opposing views of audience  To create a persuasive message

How to structure a persuasive message for effectiveness 1. Order of presentation 2. Conclusion drawing 3. Message sidedness 4. Refutation 5. Verbal Vs Visual

1. Order of presentation
Where to place the strong arguments in the message?  Beginning ----Primacy Effect  End ----Recency Effect Recall ability is the basis for deciding

2. Conclusion Drawing
 Advertiser's

own conclusion  Audience’s own conclusion Depends upon education/ awareness and complexity of the topic

3. Message Sidedness
 One

sided: only benefits  Two sided: Good & Bad points More effective when opposite views are also presented

One-Sided Examples

Arbor Mist
Ad Copy: Introducing Arbor Mist: Great tasting wine with a splash of fruit. Just what you've been looking for.

4. Refutation
Special kind of two-sided message  Tell both sides and refute negative

5. Verbal Vs Visual
 Effective

use of visuals

e.g. FAT to FIT ads of Personal Point etc.

Message Appeals
 An

approach used to attract the attention of consumers to influence their feelings toward the product/ service  Anything that create interest

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Informational / Rational appeal: Consumer utilitarian needs Emotional appeal: Socio/psycho needs Humor appeal: Fun Reminder ads: Show presence Teaser ads: Curiosity

 Feature:

focus on dominant traits of product and highly informative  Product Popularity  News appeal: All announcements  Favorable price appeal: Value for money

(Product popularity appeal)

Part of informational appeal showing the popularity of the product.


1. 2.

Focus on consumer’s social/ psychological needs for purchasing a product Personal feelings:Safety,security, love, joy,fear, pleasure etc. AXE Social feelings: Recognition, status, acceptance etc. K Bajaj Endeavor


Social feeling

Humor Appeals
 Best

known  Best remembered  Set positive mood  More used with low involvement products But… Distracts from brand and attribute

Reminder ads
 Just
– –

to show presence in the market

Archies cards Usual Pepsi ads

Teaser ads
 Designed

to build curiosity, interest,excitement about a product  Mainly used while introducing new product or name change etc.

New Hero Honda ad or UBI logo change

Advertising Execution
How appeal is presented to consumer  Factual message: Industrial products  Technical evidence: Colgate  Demonstration: HARPIC  Comparison: VIM BAR Challenge  Testimonial: Own experience BP  Animation: Kellog’s, All Out, Pillsbury  Personality symbol: Dr. Fixit

Advertising & Promotion: Belch & Belch

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