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W O M E N ’ S N E T W O R K

3rd Annual Filipina Summit
Filipina First:
Reinventing Ourselves

Filipina Women
Who Could Be President

Celebrating Filipina History

Filipina First in the U.S.

Flying High in Silicon Valley Evelyn Dilsaver:
A Woman For All Nations
The Face of the New Filipina

Others Message from the Chair of the Board

call it diversity. I recently found an essay that I wrote in
1992 for a social work class. It is reprinted
here because the questions I asked 13 years
world events; worst of all – in the internal
upheavals of the “organized left”. In the
tumultuous events that led to the downfall
We call it collaborating for a healthier world. ago still resonate with me today. of Marcos, the Filipino community that
turned out in protest of U.S. support was
WHY I AM WHERE I AM TODAY members of the educated “petit bourgeois”
I don’t really know why I left the (burgis) and minimally, the “working class”
Philippines. In 1969 my parents traveled that was the target of our 15 years of
abroad without taking me; I was enrolled organizing.
in a “not-of-my-choice university; and I was People in the 60’s grow to enter into
learning western sociology/psychology. I a mid-life crisis of “where have all the
guess I just wanted to get away. years gone?” It was then I realized that
The turning point in my life was when I I was a participant to change. Though
was accepted at the University of California, developments and events external to me
Berkeley, to continue my undergraduate were changing and I, a witness to these
For over 29 years, Genentech has been at the studies. Upon looking back, after 25 changes; the internal motion of my life
years, I realized that the decision to leave remained the same or unknown to myself.
forefront of the biotechnology industry, using the Philippines was made solely on that As events change, the people around me
human genetic information to discover, develop, admission. Coming to the United States was did not change. We were for change and
not really a change. In fact, it seems to be yet, when one struggles to understand
commercialize and manufacture biotherapeutics a logical continuum – a product of colonial their situation and in the process begin
education. to alter their inner motion, a supportive
that address significant unmet medical needs. Knowledge of western culture/values environment did not exist. People did not
alone cannot shield one from the greatest know how to support the changes, only to
cultural shock – alienation. I came to struggle for change; the process of change,
Berkeley in the midst of the anti-war and which was more important than change
Genentech named to Fortune’s the Third World/ethnic studies/nationalist itself, was short-circuited to achieve the
list of “100 Best Companies movement. I found myself swept in the end.
Filipino nationalist and the emergent Why was it necessary to relate my
To Work For ” (2005) Filipino-American movement. This life experience? After 35 years, my life
was my introduction to a theoretical seemed to be predetermined: the condition
Genentech named #1 by understanding of why change should be of my birth, the by-product of who I have
The Scientist on its “Top 10 forthcoming; the concepts of imperialism, become, the historical developments (social
Best Places to Work colonialism, feudalism, etc. In 1972 I left movements) I aligned with. I am a product
for the Philippines, not certain if I was of history. And yet, one would argue that I
in Industry” list (2005) returning to the U.S. My return to the U.S. have actively participated towards change.
was contingent on my acceptance to the
graduate program at SF State. It was a – Teresita “Tessie” Zaragoza, 1992
difficult stage in my life for I felt alienated
As we work to deliver the next generation of in my own culture that I thought I knew. Sometimes we make decisions to
I was not fully accepting of the demands change. Often times, change becomes
breakthrough biotherapeutics for cancer and other of the Philippine nationalist movement. inevitable. When we initiate change, we are
As Philippine society was in transition, so in control. When change is unexpected, we
serious diseases, our commitment to diversity was I. Fortunately, I received word that SF sometimes feel like victims.
remains fundamental to everything we do and State accepted my application; and with Where am I now? I am in career
no hesitation, went to the U.S. Embassy to transition and I’m looking for new
everything we are. perfect my student visa. I left in August of challenges. I am grateful for the upcoming
1972 – just 3 weeks before martial law was 3rd Annual FWN Summit: Filipina
declared and all travel banned for months. First: Reinventing Ourselves – an
Diversity. It's in our DNA. Upon my return I got involved in the opportunity to explore, network and build
anti-fascist (anti-Marcos) struggle and the relationships.
Filipino-American identity movement. For Life is a journey and its twists and turns
almost 15 years I was an activist. Active in provide opportunities to reinvent ourselves.
the study of Marxist ideology and active But the key is to seize the the gifts that
in the struggle: anti-martial law, anti-war, come along.
anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-housing
demolition, etc. In other words, just caught up in the turmoil of domestic and

02 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Message from the Publisher
WE ARE FILIPINA WOMEN submissions was enthusiastically received. We could
feel the pride in every email, document, photo, story
» Are you encouraged as a Filipina when you have a submitted.
network of peers to support you?
» Filipina Who Could Be President – this year, we did
» Would you like to be part of a community of Filipina something different. We asked Filipinas to nominate
Tessie Zaragoza women who dare to succeed and help our community themselves. Not their friends. Not their colleagues.
Chair of the Board members get “seats” at the corporate and political Not their co-workers. Themselves. Self-empowerment.
Filipina Women’s Network tables? You want that job? You have to ask for it. You want
that promotion? You go for it. Toot your own horn...
» Are you the kind of person who likes to be you’re on your way to becoming President. And FWN
challenged and learn from others? will support you all the way.
Marily Mondejar
If you said “yes” to at least one of the questions, the » FWN Magazine – celebrating the old-fashioned way,
President Filipina Summit is the place to be. Our agenda “Filipina getting into print. Launching the premiere issue was
Filipina Women’s Network First: Reinventing Ourselves” promises to be provocative quite challenging. We wanted a magazine worth
and introspective. The sessions will stimulate you as a keeping, treasured forever as a testament to who
woman, a leader, and a female member of the global we are and what we are about. So we wrote about
community. Filipina women and this issue is dedicated to all of you
WHAT’S INSIDE who dare.
We developed four educational tracks to support your
23 About FWN world of life and work: FWN’s Filipina History celebration begins at
28 About V-Day » Breaking the Glass Ceiling the Filipina Summit on October 21-23 in
10 FWN Members » Entrepreneurship San Francisco. This gathering is for all Filipina women.
04 Kapamilya Community Partners » Community & Political Empowerment Come to our annual renewal, a place for rethinking,
04 Filipina Summit Sponsors » Personal Leadership Development and reinventing ourselves. Only as one can we make a
F E AT U R E S difference.
25 Filipina Women Who Could Be President Truly exciting is that our pool of speakers are mostly
05 Filipina First in the U.S. Filipina women. Women mentoring women. Peer-to-peer Here is what one of our new members said would make
12 Irene Natividad
13 Freada Kapor Klein networking. Filipinas sharing life skills, career tools, and her give up “a beautiful weekend to play in the park” and
22 Maryles Casto lessons on how to act decisively, think strategically and attend the Filipina Summit.
influence others using real life and business situations.
14 Learning Sessions “I am ready to come out of my shell and be
15 Summit Schedule We convene the Filipina Summit in October because the inspired again, network with high impact
earliest documented proof of Filipino presence in the Filipina women who are leading the way for all of us. I
20 Evelyn Dilsaver Continental United States was in October 1587 in Morro want to be with women who are committed to what
Bay, California. they do. When I saw the FWN commercial on The Filipino
16 ABS-CBN International Channel (TFC) and saw all those Filipinas, I knew I want to
07 Alliant International University So it was important for FWN to create an event that is be around them and renew my spirit once again.”
18 BroadPower Communications meaningful and truly celebrates all Filipina women. An
21 Costless Maintenance Services event that recognizes the contributions and experiences Join us. Tell us your story.
19 Creative i Studio of Filipinas in America. Three significant ways:
21 Edna Murray – Professional Massage Therapist
18 Edward Jones – Meg Roces
07 Fast Easy Divorce » Filipina First – recognizing the contributions and
24 Finance Bureau, Inc. experiences of Filipina women in America. Our call for
02 Genentech
25 Home & Garden Realty
24 Institute for Image Management
18 Manila Bulletin USA

25 Marsha Golangco Consultants
27 May “K”: The Giovannie Pico Foundation
18 MediaFactory.TV
21 Philippine News
13 Piedmont Piano
25 Pre-Paid Legal Services Filipina Women’s Network is a nonprofit association for women of Philippine ancestry. It enhances public perceptions of Filipina
24 Prudential Realty – Vivian Araullo women’s capacities to lead; changes biases of Filipina women’s leadership abilities; and fosters the entry of Filipina women into
24 RE/Max Realty - Arlene Gaspar positions of leadership in corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors. For more info, visit
07 Robert Half International
07 Syndi Seid’s Advanced Etiquette
24 Tancinco Law Offices How to reach the Filipina Women’s Network • P. O. Box 192143, San Francisco, California 94119 • Phone: 415 / 278. 9410
16 The Philippine Center Fax: 415 / 840. 0655 • The views and opinions of advertisers and contributors expressed in this publication do
not necessarily state or reflect those of Filipina Women’s Network.

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 03
“Kapamilya” Community Partners
The FWN Editorial Team
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DeVoted Publisher
O RG A N D O N O R Loving Mother of
R I G H TS NETWORK Bobit and Franklin Ricarte
Angel Art Director
Loving Son of Al & Fely Perez
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Loving Daughter of
William & Margaret Stimmler
San Francisco’s Loving wife of Fred Jungmann
@ Genentech Dedicated Volunteer of FWN
Loving wife of Rich Carter
Loving mother of
Lilla, Danielle & Monique
Loving Rusty and Fernando
Friend of FWN
I F Institute for
Image . . . . . . . .
I M Management ♥

FWN Board

Filipina Summit Sponsors
I F Institute for LAARNI SAN JUAN
Image Director
I M Management
VP, Member Relations
VP, Youth & Community Advocacy
VP, Communications

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All Rights Reserved. No part of this
publication may be published without
the expressed written permission
of the publisher.

04 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Filipina First in the U.S.
Recognizing the contributions and experiences of Filipina women in America.

THE ARTS been trained in French classical tech-
niques and specializes in ethnic and Vangie Canonizado
Zen Lopez American cuisine and has a bachelor’s Buell
First Filipina to be appointed as Arts and degree in Food Technology from the “I worked at International House at
Culture Commissioner, Glendale, CA University of the Philippines. UC Berkeley from 1984-1992 as the first
Public Events Manager/Coordinator.
In a city with a population of over 30,000 I started and headed the department with
Filipinos, Lopez is the only Filipino in an Faith Rivera 30 students and career employees. We
appointed or elected position. Lopez is an First Filipina to win a Daytime Emmy in organized, planned and implemented
Arts Consultant and Curator of Verbal, the Outstanding Original Song category over 2,000 events a year. International
Visual and Performing Arts. She chaired House is a multi-cultural residence and
the Philippine Heritage month-long Faith Rivera is the first Filipina to win a cultural center on the campus. Its mission
celebration in Glendale and is a board Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding is to promote international understanding
member of Search to Involve Pilipino Original Song category. Rivera was and fellowship among peoples of all
Americans (SIPA) in historic Filipino town. awarded by the National Television nations, races and cultures. Its approxi-
As California Arts Council CORO Fellow, Academy at the May 10th, 2003 Creative mately 600 resident students and
Lopez has received recognitions from Arts Presentation held simultaneously in scholars represent over 80 countries and
California State Senator Jack Scott and Los Angeles and New York for her vocal close to 50 U.S. states. Notable I-House
Assembly member Dario Frommer. A and songwriting work on “Forever Near,” alumni include Oakland Mayor Jerry
graduate of Philippine Women’s University, which was featured on NBC’s daytime Brown, former U.S. Secretary of the
Lopez is a former international member of drama, Passions. Emmy-winning Treasury, W. Michael Blumenthal,
the Bayanihan Philippine National Dance composer John Henry Kreittler had economist and former U.S. Ambassador to
Company and a Karilagan model who has approached Rivera about collaborating to India, John Kenneth Galbraith, just to
traveled extensively to over 60 countries create a song that would be aired on name a few.”
and continues to explore, discover and August 26th, 2002 as a special video
learn from other cultures of the world. montage in tribute to young actor Josh Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley, Inc.
Ryan Evans’ character who had been
missed by fans since his death. “Forever “Another ‘Filipina First’ was my position
Cristeta Comerford Near” had been up against two songs as the Program Coordinator of the
First Filipina-American to become from Port Charles and two songs from Consumers Coop of Berkeley. I served in
Executive Chef at the White House All My Children. The Emmy-win for Rivera the member services, community
and Kreittler had been the first one ever relations, consumer education programs,
After an extensive six-month search and for Passions. training and education areas in a span of
hundreds of applicants, Comerford was 25 years supervising over 20 education
appointed executive chef by First Lady assistants. I wrote a weekly column in
Laura Bush who is quoted as saying Elsie B. Hammond the Co-op News distributed to over
“[Comerford’s] passion for cooking can Executive Editor and Co-Founder of 100,000 member families. The Co-op
be tasted in every bite of her delicious Military Spouse magazine was a consumer-owned chain of shopping
creations.” Comerford had been an centers that included nine supermarkets
assistant chef at the White House for Elsie B. Hammond is co-founder and with annual sales of $82 million with 600
10 years where she worked under the executive editor of the magazine Military employees.”
former executive chef Walter Scheib III. Spouse, which was “created to be the
A naturalized U.S. citizen from the source of inspiration for military spouses.” City of Berkeley Arts Commissioner,
Philippines, Comerford is the first woman Military Spouse is in its first year of Alameda County, California
and first minority to serve as the White publication. The magazine acts as a
House’s head chef. As head chef, celebration of military spouses and their “Mayor Shirley Dean appointed me in
Comerford is responsible for designing many contributions to the nation. “In the 1990 to the City of Berkeley Arts
and executing menus for state dinners, words of Army Spc. Sean Brown, in a Commission. I served as Arts Commis- Clockwise from top left: Military Spouse
social events, holiday functions, recep- letter to his wife, ‘Stay strong, stay tough;’ sioner and Co-Chair of the Commission Magazine, Elsie Hammond, Cristeta
tions and official luncheons hosted by the Military Spouse magazine is here to help for four years.” Comerford, Faith Rivera and Zen Lopez
president and first lady. Comerford has military spouses do just that.”

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 05
H E A LT H S E R V I C E S Ricco for another 4-year term. Ricco is
currently practicing her profession as a
Maria Lourdes F. consulting gerontologist.
Reyes, M.D.
President of the American Cancer Society Maria V. Lazaro-Elemos
for the state of California Awarded Suma Cum Laude in the Bachelor
of Science in Nursing’s Accelerated Program
As President of the California Division of at the State University of New York
the American Cancer Society (2000-2001)
Reyes’ theme was “Bridging the Gaps:
Working to Eliminate the Cancer Burden Melen Gaano Renovilla
Disparities.” Dr. Reyes is a Pathologist McBride, Ph.D., R.N.
and owner of Community Development Nurse who received a doctoral degree in
Communications, a company for philosophy in 1982 from the University of
community growth development, and is Michigan School of Nursing.
part of the faculty staff at San Diego State
University Graduate School of Public Melen Gaano Renovilla McBride is an
Health. Reyes has held many local, alumni of the University of Santo Tomas,
statewide and national healthcare School of Nursing. McBride specializes in
leadership positions. gerontology and geriatric nursing and has
been an active educator, researcher, and
Dr. Reyes was born in the Philippines practitioner in the field. McBride was
where she received her M.D. from the awarded the two-year Robert Wood
University of Santo Tomas, Manila and Johnson postdoctoral clinical fellowship
received Pathology training from St. Louis from 1989 to 1991; McBride is the first
University Hospital in Missouri with a Filipina to complete this fellowship. In
research fellowship at Massachusetts 1991 McBride joined the Stanford
General Hospital, the Harvard Medical Geriatric Education Center (SGEC) School
School, and Georgetown University. of Medicine at Stanford University in Palo
Reyes has pursued a masters in Public Alto, California as a scholar in residence.
Health (2002) and was an outstanding McBride later became the first Filipina to
graduate with an induction into Phi have the position of associate director of
E D U C AT I O N Kappa Phi National Honors. Reyes has SGEC. The majority of her scholarly and
been awarded the National Achievement professional activities focus on the health,
Vilma Helms, Ph.D award in Medicine and Education by aging, and cultural practices of ethnic
Elected to the Jefferson Township Local Filipinas Magazine and has also received minority elders, especially Filipino-
School Board in Ohio (2003) the “One in a Million” award from the American elders.
ACS, California Division.
One of Helms’ projects is to recommend
the best and most qualified teachers and Rosario Lourdes M I L I TA RY
administrators to improve the quality of Carrion-Di Ricco
education in the district. First Filipina in Master of Arts in Gerontology, San Dr. Yolanda B.
the state of Ohio to present papers about Francisco State University Truckenbrodt, Major,
Gifted Education in the World Conference USAF (Ret)
of the Gifted in Hague, Netherlands; At 50 years old Ricco went back to school » First minority woman to graduate as
Toronto, Canada; Taipei, Taiwan and the in 1993 to take the Master of Arts in Weather Equipment Repairman, a
From top: Rosario Lourdes Carrion-Di Ricco Philippines. Gerontology program with an emphasis traditionally male-dominated field.
and Rene Nora in long-term care. At the time there were » First military female assigned to
Gloria Ysmael Adams, only two universities in the Bay Area Weather Maintenance Detachment,
N.C.C., M.Ed. offering the Gerontology Program. While Dyess Air Force Base, Texas
» First Filipina American School a student at SFSU, Ricco was working full-
Counselor, Seattle, Washington (1969) time for the California Public Utilities » First Filipina and American to win the
Commission. On June 30th, 2000 then International Run, Great Wall, China
» First woman commander of Bataan Mayor Willie Brown appointed Ricco as a (1998)
Corregidor Survivors Association and Commissioner to the City and County of
Their Families (2000-2004) » First minority to win the State of Ohio
San Francisco Department of Adult and Summer Biathlons Championship Cup
Aging Services and re-appointed her on (2002)
August 31, 2004. The newly elected
Mayor Gavin Newsom again re-appointed

06 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
MEDICINE Dr. Nora is currently Clinical Professor of

Jei Africa
Psychiatry at the University of Nevada’s
School of Medicine and a retired Lt. Col. Fast Easy Divorce
Openly gay Filipino-born licensed of the U.S. Army Reserve.
psychologist in the Bay Area 582 Market Street, Suite 717
Juliana Sustento
Dr. Jei Africa is a licensed clinical Seneriches, M.D. San Francisco, CA 94104
psychologist and a certified addiction Admitted to the Harvard School of 415. 822-2222
treatment specialist. Currently, Africa Medicine Psychiatry Residency Program Email:
is CORA’s (Community Overcoming (1966)
Relationship Abuse) Clinical Director and
» Diplomate, American Board of
head of its Client Services Program. Prior LDA# 38-000017 (Exp. 07/2006)
Psychiatry and Philippine Board of
to CORA, Dr. Africa was a manager at Psychiatry
Asian American Recovery Services where
she provided overall programmatic, » Fellow, American Psychiatric

administrative and financial oversight Association and Philippine Psychiatric
to youth treatment services. Association
» Founding Fellow, Pacific Rim College of
Africa has been involved with a number Psychiatrists
of different Filipino-based and commu- Rebecca Turner, Ph.D.
nity based organizations: » Visiting Consultant, West Visayas State Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching
» Filipino Task Force on AIDS University-West Visayas Medical Professor, California School of Professional Psychology
(as a Board Member and now their Center, Dept. of Psychiatry Consortium, Alliant International University
Clinical Consultant) Iloilo City, ILoilo, Philippines
Visit the Alliant website for information about the master’s and doctoral
» KAPAG (an informal group of Filipino » Lecturer, U. C. Davis School of Medicine, programs we offer in clinical psychology, organizational psychology, and
mental health and social service Department of Psychiatry educational leadership at the San Francisco campus.
providers in San Mateo county) “In 1966 when 80% of my University
Africa was born in Pasay City, grew up of the Philippines School of Medicine
in Quezon City, and received her BA graduating class availed of the Tydings-
in Social Sciences in 1992 from the McDuffy immigration restrictions,
University of the Philippines. Africa I had stayed behind fired by the youthful
received her Doctorate in Clinical wish “to serve my countrymen.” Later,
Psychology from California School of I was recommended to The Harvard
School of Medicine and was accepted as Y O U C A N O N LY
Professional Psychology, Alameda,
California in June 2002. a second year resident and a teaching
fellow. I became the first Filipino to be in STRETCH
© Robert Half International. EOE

Rena M. Nora, M.D. a Harvard School of Medicine Psychiatry YO U R F I N A N C E A N D
» Chief of Psychiatry Service at the Lyons residency program. AC C O U N T I N G S TA F F
VA Medical Center in New Jersey and
one of the first Asian American Female
Psychiatry Service Chiefs in the VA
When I arrived at Boston City Hospital
campus, I was ushered to the Nurses SO FAR.
system (1975). Quarters. When I asserted that I was a 800-803-8367 •
doctor and wanted to be in the doctors’
» The first Filipina to be appointed as quarters, they put me up in the upper-
Commissioner in the Governor’s most floor. The next year, I was chosen to
Commission for Mental Health and be the chief resident of the Psychiatry
Developmental Services in Nevada Out-Patient Department. The rest of my
(2000). colleagues were men and were much
» The first Filipina to receive the Herman older than me. That same year, the
Goldman Award, the highest award department head published the Lange’s
of the National council on Problem Series handbook of Psychiatry and I
Gambling, given in recognition of authored a chapter. In the 80’s, I
more than 20 years of documented co-authored the first book on psychiatry
work with problem gamblers and their about Filipino-Americans.”
» The first Filipina President of the
Nevada Chapter’s American
Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 07

Jacqueline Lingad-Ricci
Appointed to become Vice President and
later President of the San Francisco
Juvenile Probation Commission.

Lingad-Ricci was first appointed by former
Mayor Willie Brown and was given a
second term to serve another four years
by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Recently Lingad-Ricci has been co-hosting
at a Filipino-American radio talk show » First Filipina woman appointee to Thelma Garcia In 1980, Buchholdt initiated the
called “Filipina First and Foremost” Alameda Police Department to assess Buchholdt formation of the Asian Alaskan Cultural
produced by Caroline Suleiman Ocampo. racial climate in the county Member of the Alaska Bar Association Center, a nonprofit, tax exempt organiza-
and elected to a state legislature in tion that nurtures, promotes, and shares
Rozita Villanueva Lee » First Filipina president of Business
the U.S. Filipino and other Asian music and dance,
» First Filipina producer and on-camera Professional Women (Alameda)
customs and traditions with the people of
co-host of television program, » First Filipina to serve on the Children’s An attorney, Thelma Garcia Buchholdt is Alaska. Elected president of the Filipino
“SPECTRUM” on Channel 10-TV, PBS Interest Commission (Alameda) the first and only Philippine-born member Community of Anchorage, Alaska, Inc. in
in Las Vegas, NV. The program was a of the Alaska Bar Association and the first 1973, Buchholdt became the first female
» First Filipina to serve as member of the Filipina-American woman elected to a
half-hour segment each week during president of this organization and
Health Board Commission (Alameda) state legislature in the United States.
the years of 1981-1983. remains an active member to this day.
» First Filipina to serve on the Human Buchholdt has been a member of the
» First Filipina elected president of the Board of Trustees of the Filipino American
Women’s Democratic Club of Clark
Relations Board (Alameda) Cheryl B. Moss
National Historical Society (FANHS) since » First Filipina and first Asian American
County (1995); one of the oldest 1987, and is currently the national
women’s organizations.
Elena Gonzales elected to the Judicial District Court
Elena Gonzales was the first Filipina president of FANHS. Buchholdt is also Family Division in Nevada ( 2000).
» First Filipina appointed special Deputy District Attorney in California the author of Filipinos in Alaska: 1788 –
assistant to Governor of Nevada, (1978). Gonzales is now an Administra- 1958, an identification of Alaska’s Filipino » Moss was elected in 2000 and re-elect-
Bob Miller from 1989-1991. tive Law Judge with the California pioneers. ed in 2002 to the 8th Judicial District
Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Court Family Division and is currently
» First Filipina and founding chairwoman Buccholdt was born in Claveria, Cagayan serving a six-year term.
of the Asian Chamber of Commerce Prior to that Gonzales had been assistant province, northern Philippines. Buchholdt
Board in Las Vegas (1994-1996) chief trial counsel of the state bar, the first earned her Juris Doctor degree from » Moss is the first judge in Nevada to
Filipina in that position as well. the District of Columbia School of Law, institute a pilot program in the 8th
» First Filipina producer of Polynesian renamed David Clarke School of Law, Judicial District Court, referring parents
Revue at a Las Vegas Strip Hotel, Marie-Lorraine Mallare which is now part of the University of the in child custody cases for problem
Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, Maria-Lorraine Mallare is the first Filipina District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. gambling assessments.
which is in its 14th year. appointed to the Immigrant Rights
In 1974, Buchholdt was elected to the » Moss is an active community leader,
Commission S.F. (1998), the first Filipina
Charito Benipayo Alaska State House of Representatives in working with organizations such as the
member on the S.F. Sunshine Ordinance
» First woman president of United a predominantly white working class Task Force on Gang Prevention, the
Task Force (1999), and the first Filipina
Pilipinos of Alameda (UPA) who co- district in Anchorage. She was re-elected Nevada Council on Problem Gambling,
Associated Students Vice President at San
founded the Battered Women Shelter three times, serving her constituents UNLV Boyd Law School, the Clark
Francisco State University (1997).
for a total of eight years. Since 1972, County Bar Association, the Clark
» First Woman President of Pilipino Buchholdt has been the only Filipina on County Library District, and many
American Political Association (PAPA) Eleanor Nisperos Filipino organizations.
First Filipina admitted to the California the Alaska State Advisory Committee of
who registered hundreds of voters and the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights; and
received a Votingest Award (1976) Bar (1971). First Filipina Deputy Attorney » Judge Moss was elected in November
General in California. since 2002, the only Filipina on the 2000 defeating her opponent by a
from the former mayor of Alameda Alaska Supreme Court Judicial Outreach
County, Chuck Corica. nearly 60% to 40% margin and she
Commission. was re-elected in November 2002 for
» First president of FilAm Council of 6 more years.
Alameda County – now NAFAAA.

08 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
From far left: Rosario Lourdes
Teresita Bautista, Lorna Dietz,
Cheryl Moss, the “Patemm Pad,”
Grace Rodriguez Welch and
Chris Robertson

Judge Cheryl B. Moss attended college » 1973-78 – First Filipina to serve the Vida Benavides Chris Robertson
at George Washington University in Oakland Public Schools as the District » First Filipina to serve as a political The first Filipina, or more importantly –
Washington, D.C., then went on to law Filipino Liaison. Organized the Filipino and finance strategist by consulting woman, hired as a cablesplicer for utility
school at Catholic University, where she Youth Development Council, the first National Democratic Presidential company PG&E in the state of California.
was a student at night and working Filipino Bilingual program in Oakland, campaigns.
full-time by day. Moss graduated Magna Oakland Public Schools’ Filipino
Cum Laude in the top 25% of her law Teachers Association with over 50 » First Filipina to consult any presidential
school class in 1994. members, and created “Asians Now” campaign – Democrat and or
Moss does 24-hour fax duty for Tempo- for KTVU (FOX), a first-time bilingual Grace Rodriguez Welch
news and magazine program with a » First Filipina to serve at a senior level First Filipina Mom Inventor, founder and
rary Protective Orders in cases of
Filipino segment. In addition, Bautista position at the Democratic National president of Patemm & Company
domestic violence and is a member
served on the board of the Asian Committee- Director of Public Liaison.
of the National Council of Juvenile and Grace Rodriguez Welch is the inventor of
Library, Filipinos for Affirmative Action,
Family Court Judges, the American » First Filipina to establish national the award-winning patented round diaper
Oakland Museum Cultural Guild,
Judges Association, and the Nevada public service campaigns in the area of changing pad called the Patemm Pad –
and the Filipino Peoples Far West
District Judges Association. civic engagement such as Get-Out-The named after her two children: Patrick and
Vote and Day of Remembrance PSA’s- Emma. Parents across the country are
Teresita Bautista » 1990-04 – Appointed Community Japanese Internment Experience. raving about Welch’s Patemm Pads,
» 1964 – First Filipina at Notre Dame Relations Director and Director of including “Friends” actress Courteney
High School in Alameda, CA to be Medical Interpreter Services of a large » First Filipina to intern on Capitol Hill;
interned in mid-80s for Senator Carl Cox-Arquette. Welch’s Patemm Pads have
elected Senior Class President, MVP of county hospital. In addition, founded been featured in People, Parents,
the varsity volleyball team, and “Most the California Healthcare Interpreting Levin (D-Michigan).
Parenting, Real Simple magazine, the
Likely To Succeed” at graduation. Association (CHIA). Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the
» 1971 – First Filipina to organize and UTILITIES AND TECHNOLOGY San Francisco Chronicle, and the Seattle
build a community institution, Filipinos Lorna Dietz Times. The Patemm Pads were also named
Lorna Dietz became the president of the 2005 Product of the Year by Fit Pregnancy
for Affirmative Action, now an essential
San Francisco Rotary club in 1999-2000. Dittas A. Formoso
community-based organization for President of the Philippine Computer magazine and most recently iParenting
Dietz is the first Filipina American to have Media Awards recently recognized
services and advocacy to the Society. Formoso was the first Filipina
become the president of a Rotary club in Patemm™ Pads as an Outstanding
San Francisco Bay Area community. president of the Filipino computer society
the Bay Area. Product of 2005.
» 1972 – First Filipina to receive who organized the first IT Professional’s
UC Berkeley Minority Scholarship in Congress in 1996 where the Code of
Education. Ethics of IT Professionals were presented
to then President Fidel Ramos. Formoso
also organized the first Philippine Summit
on Women and Technology in July 2005
along with the Women’s Business Council
of the Philippines.

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 09
Abad, Debbie
USS Hornet Museum
P.O. Box 460
FWN Members

Pier 3, Alameda Point
Alameda, CA 94501
510.368.0580 cell
Media, documentary film and
television, journalism
Ashley, Ruthy Catolico
Member, Board of Governors;
State Bar of California
Public policy; management,
small business services;
community and economic
Buell, Vangie
International House
UC Berkeley
Filipino Bar Association
of Northern California
268 Bush Street, #2928
San Francisco, CA 94104
Cortez, Polly S
Regional QA Manager
Department of Treasury
West Region
925.876.7695 phone
582 Market Street, Ste 717
San Francisco, CA 94104
Alternative medicine,
real estate, paralegal
Edralin, Stella M.
Attorney at Law
Law Office of
Guillermo, Tessie
President and CEO
Community Technology
Foundation of California
One Rincon Center
101 Spear St., Suite 218
San Francisco, CA 94105
415.371.8808 work
510.749.4168 Stella M. Edralin
Assistant Dean, Career & Berkeley, CA 220 Montgomery, Ste 1109 Guingona, Dina
debbie.abad@ {D} Accountant Professional Development 510.528.8177 San Francisco, CA 94104
University of the Pacific De Castro, Socorro “Kit” 415.399.9900 phone dinaguingona@
Abriam, Rosie McGeorge School of Law 510.528.8177 phone Musical Director
Engineering Applications 3200 5th Avenue Author, speaker, performer Landsberg Productions Estate planning, employee Corporate accounting,
Manager Sacramento, CA 95817 Piedmont Piano Company benefits law, ERISA and human resources
New Focus, Inc. 916.739.7099 phone Bueno-Johnson, Beverly 4382 Piedmont Avenue
District Public Records HIPAA compliance. Guingona M.A.,
2584 Junction Avenue Oakland, CA 94611
Act Coordinator 510.547.8188 phone {F} Teresa Ferrer
San Jose, CA 95134

408.919.1536 work Atanacio, Shelene Dept. of Transportation Fernandez, Nerissa Actor 111 Grand Avenue Marketing Services {H}
Kali guru, engineer Oakland, CA 94623 ABS-CBN International Hipolito-Estilo, Eileen
shelene.atanacio@ 510.604.9419 phone De Jesus, Melinda 859 Cowan Road
Professor, Asian Pacific Asian V/P, Manager Projects
Afan, Susan Burlingame, CA 94010 Banking Group Support
Regional Vice President 415.572.2474 phone Public outreach, event Pacific American Studies 650.652.6691 office
Arizona State University Northern California-Nevada
Robert Half International coordination, public relations 650.921.7002 mobile Bank of America
50 California St., 10th flr {B} Tempe, AZ 85287-4603
Barton, Babe Bustos MPA, Ana Marie 650.697.1736 cell 415.436.3456
San Francisco, CA 94111 480.727.7340 work
Recreation Therapist Guinto
415.434.1900 phone Delen, Sonia Center for Elders 4617 Country Hills Drive {G} Antioch, CA 94531 Principal Garcia, Charina P.
Human resource recruitment Bank of America Leasing Hondrada, Maria
510.653.4946 phone 925.777.0757 phone Principal President
Aglipay, Elaine Yan 415.203.8111 cell Cornerstone Law Group
Bautista, Terry 415.765.7372 work Island Huts, Inc
Harvard Business School 595 Market St., Ste 2360 3377 Veer Valley Rd #308
Kennedy School of Gov. Principal {C}
TCB Consultants Calub, Vicky Servillon San Francisco, CA 94105 Antioch, CA 94531 415.357.2096 phone
510.533.8781 phone CFO 925.754.3580 phone
617.230.6877 Devis, Sony Hyatt Regency Subway
Financial Consultant

Alegre, Jossie 5 Embarcadero Center {J}
Vice President, Borromeo, Linda P. San Francisco, CA 94111 Lau Financial Services Immigration law
Director 650.401.4672 work Jallorina, Jessica
External Affairs 415.986.4622 phone Gaspar, Arlene C Account Manager
HeartBridge International International Museum
of Women Casteel, Edna Mabanes Realtor Telogy, Inc.
Foundation RE/MAX Accord
323 Geary St., Ste. 317 Fiscal Officer & Pre-Award 3200 Whipple Road
510.590.2028 phone Dietz, Lorna Lardizabal Danville Branch Union City, CA 94587 San Francisco, CA 94102 Manager (Former Director
plantacion_asia@ and Manager) Strategic Business Consultant 111 Provence Road 510.675.9500 phone
Accounting & Finance, Danville, CA 94506
non-profit, management California Pacific Medical
Center Research Institute 2390 Powell Street, Ste 402 650.465.0393 cell
Alikpala M.D., Agnes Brion, Lilian Alcantara 123 Farallones Street San Francisco, CA 94133 800.519.3001 office Sales and marketing,
1580 Valencia St. #601 Vice President San Francisco, CA 94112 415.235.9884 cell 925.838.4100 RE/MAX telecommunications, wireless
San Francisco, CA 94110 Labco Inc. 415.585.7927 925.736.3066 phone and electronic test equipment
415.285.6210 work Regulatory Economist
Minnesota Public Utilities Public relations, marketing Real estate, mortgage loans Jopanda, Genevieve Accounting and Finance Operations Manager
Commission Federal, State, Private, communications, strategic and business management
Araullo, Vivian Z. 6310 Stillwater Blvd. business consulting Hertz Corporation
Grant Management – Gibson, Kathleen Prado 510 #D E. El Camino Real
Realtor Oakdale, MN 55128 Pre and Post Award
Prudential Realty 651.297.7864 phone Dunham, Christina Office Manager Sunnyvale, CA 94087
180 El Camino Real Carrion-Di Ricco M.A., Associate Publisher Real Estate Services genevieve@

San Bruno, CA 94066 Rosario L “Puchi” Filipinas Magazine UC San Francisco
650.892.1863 Briones-Ubalde, Agnes President / Owner 1580 Bryant Street 415.353.4750 work
Executive Director Daly City, CA 94015 Kathleengibson999@ {K} Operation Wishing Star Kagawan-Lucas, Anne
Real estate, video production, San Francisco Small Business PO Box 460176 415.341.5812 cell
Commission; Office of Small contact@christina Sales Representative,
public relations San Francisco, CA 94146 Golangco, Marsha VWR International
Business Affairs 415.370.9448 phone
Aroy, Marissa San Francisco City Hall President Vice President – Internal Marketing strategy, business MG Consultants
Producer 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett development/sales, loyalty Affairs, JMDIAA
Gerontology, community P.O. Box 1088 1482 7th Avenue
The Media Factory / Place, Room 448 relations, public relations/ marketing
Wide Angle Pictures San Francisco, CA 94131 Alamo, CA 94507 San Francisco, CA 94122
fund raising Dwyer, Genevieve 925.946.1006 phone
372 Euclid Ave, Ste 105 415.554.6134 phone
Oakland, CA 94610 Choy, Carmen President
510.295.4305 phone Executive Director Genevieve’s Corporation

10 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Kerwick, Christina
Asean International
767 Pradera Way
San Ramon, CA 94583
Leano, Christina
Macababayao, Imelda
General Manager
5th Avenue Financial
1553 Bennington Court
Stockton, CA 95209
866.587.2719 phone
Residential, commercial, &
equipment leasing loans
Malay MFT, Paulita L.
Oakland, CA 94618
510.316.8543 phone
Megino, Baylan
Independent Associate
Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc.
3020 El Cerrito Plaza #183
El Cerrito, CA 94530
510.526.1575 phone
Civil Rights – Employment
Pallas, Consuelo “Chelo”
SEC and GAAP Compliance
URS Corporation
2440 Bush Street, Unit #C
San Francisco CA 94115
415.744.2758 work phone
415.716.7280 cell
415.334.4547 phone

Sáles, Evelie Delfino
Babaylan Emerging
Apprenticeship & Mentoring
510.233.1343 phone
Sanchez, Maria Rowena
Villahermosa De Guzman,
Anne Marie
Office Manager, Dixon
Landing Family Dental Care
1786 Milmont Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
408.942.7791 phone
Office management, dental
Executive Director Mendoza
Ayala Foundation, USA Mills Park Plaza megino care operations, customer
715 El Camino Real #211 Access to legal services, small Accounting and Finance, Consul General SF service
255 Shoreline Dr., Ste 128 447 Sutter St.
Redwood City, CA 95065 San Bruno, CA 94406 business consulting, and human resources,
650.548.0468 employee benefits management information San Francisco, CA 94108 Villavicencio Schmid,
650.598.3126 phone 415.433.6666 phone Rita
Christina@ Paulita_malay@ systems Mendoza, Tisa rmsanchez@ VP, Sales & Marketing President Parina, June Frances The Lodge at Blue Lakes Mangahas, Elena Being Real Media, Inc. Manager, Media Relations 5135 West Highway 20
Legaspi, Liza Co-Chairperson 650.483.9757 cell The Blueshirt Group Upper Lake, CA 95485-9513
San Juan-Geronimo,

5 6
Account Executive Little Manila Foundation 415.217.4968 phone 707.275.2181 phone Laarni
Intertrend Communication Public Health Nurse
555 East Ocean Blvd. 9th Flr 209.351.2428 phone Mesina, Charmaine San Mateo County Public Sales & marketing, public relations
Long Beach, CA 90802 Attorney; Managing Director, Parmelee-Cabrera, Pearl Health Department
562.733.1852 phone Marania, Vilma Corporate Legal Services Community Relations & 107 Huron Avenue Villena, Maria 426 27th Street, Suite 204B Applied Materials Development San Francisco, CA 94112 Personal Banker Oakland, CA 94612 2881 Scott Blvd. M/S 2062 Philippine Childrens Fund 415.608.9979 phone Wells Fargo Bank
Lingad-Ricci, Jacquie 415.262.2093 work phone P.O. Box 58039 510.858.4215 1800 Solano Ave.
President, HeartBridge 415.760.9612 cell Santa Clara, CA 95054 Maternal child health, Richmond, CA 94804
International Foundation 408.463.2153 work parenting workshops 510. 558.2800 work Acquisition, disposition and charmaine_mesina@
development commercial Pico, Giovannie Schmid, Maryann Actor Owner
real estate transactions;
Commissioner, residential investments 429 Elm Avenue The Lodge at Blue Lakes {Y}
San Francisco Juvenile Mondejar, Marily San Bruno, CA 94066 5135 West Highway 20 Yap, Bettina Santos
Probation Commission Marilla, Lovejoy Executive Director 310.869.4993 cell Upper Lake, CA 95485-9513 Marketing Consultant
Information Services and Institute for Image 707.275.2181 phone Sun Microsystems
President & Managing Data Processing Services Management 408.276.6239 work
Director, Travel Industry

jkl mno
121 Lindbergh Street PO Box 190007 Acting, voice over
Professional Services, LLC San Mateo, CA 94401 San Francisco, CA 94119 hospitality management, real estate
dba CruiseTipsLLC 650.580.9505 cell 415.863.2573 phone Puno-Juliana, Rachel
445 Washington Street Attorney at Law {T} Yuchengco, Mona Lisa
San Francisco CA 94111 Sales & Marketing, retail 1135 Park Pacifica Avenue Tancinco, Lourdes Founder, Chair and
415.956.0228 phone sales & merchandising, Organizational development, Pacifica, CA 94044 Attorney, Partner Executive Director broadcasting executive career coaching, 408.563.9098 work Tancinco Law Offices Philippine International Aid
Cruise travel, juvenile issues, change management One Hallidie Plaza, Ste. 818 5226 Diamond Heights Blvd
non-profit foundation Maristela, Tricia Contract and Intellectual San Francisco, CA 94102 San Francisco, CA 94131
CEO Murray, Edna Biscocho Property Law 415.397.0808 phone 415.401.7157 phone
Lloren, Connie Futurity, Inc. Clerk, Alameda County
Staff Accountant and Stock California Professional Massage {R}
Plan Administrator Therapist Remigio, Lorraine Ethnic Media, Non-Profit
Willis Lease Finance Financial services, community 510.261.2265 phone Asst. Vice President Tintiangco, Virna
Corporation development murray@ Heffernan Insurance Brokers Director, Business {Z}
2320 Marinship Way, Ste 300 1350 Carlback Ave. Ste 200 Development Zaragoza, Teresita
Sausalito, CA 94964 Mathias, Peachy Walnut Creek, CA 94956 Jeeba Solutions “Tessie” TV Reporter {O} 925.295.2569 Community Advocate ABS-CBN International Ocampo, Blesilda Organ Donor Rights
The Filipino Channel Child Support Officer Tursi, Carmelita M. Network
Accounting, financial Associate State Director

8 9
analysis, stock plan 150 Shoreline Drive San Francisco Department of 510.229.8216 phone
Redwood City, CA 94065 Child Support Services Robertson, Chris L. AARP California
administration Electrical Systems Operator, 200 Pine Street, Suite 700
650.580.3443 415.867.2544 phone
Luluquisen, Evelyn blesilda_ocampo@ PG&E San Francisco, CA 94104 Zenarosa, Carmela
Human Resources Manager, News gathering, news President, JMDIAA 415.986.3324 work Architect, Interior Designer
Communications & production, public relations 4801 Oakport Ted Moudis Associates
Network Services Ordonio-Dixon, Linda Oakland, CA 94609 305 East 46th Stree
Mausisa, Victoria Senior Trial Attorney 510.653.4946 phone {U} New York, NY 10017
UC Berkeley Uichanco, Christina
Berkeley, CA Project Manager Equal Employent Opportunity 212.308.4000 x142 work
Kaiser Permanente Commission (EEOC) Fernandez & Associates, LLP
ilocanavagabond@ Rodis, Edna Austria 1047 El Camino Real, Ste 201 34 Sonia Street 350 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94105 Registered Nurse Menlo Park, CA 94025
510.642.1159 phone Kaiser Medical Center 650.325.4999 phone
415.625.5654 phone

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 11
A Woman for
All Nations

Margaret Thatcher once said, “In
politics, if you want something
said, ask a man; if you want
something done, ask a woman.”
She should have added that if you
want something done, the woman
to ask is Irene Natividad, whose
life’s work is empowering women
politically and economically.
can’t believe there has been
such a brouhaha lately about
an American woman serving
as president on television. The
Philippines, Bangladesh, United
Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka and
many other countries have been
led by women, but not the United
States. Women haven’t been
considered for the presidency in
“I’m not into whining,” Natividad this country because we haven’t
said. “That really bores me. You had role models in women’s
have to look at problems head on political leadership. If we look
Natividad’s Filipino heritage has into politics, at the very least, to
and be part of the solution. You around the world, we see the
guided her toward international exercise their right to vote; or at
have to have a positive attitude. stereotype is wrong.”
work. “Filipinos have a strong most, to run for office.
In other words, you must not only
envision change, but you must see Natividad knows the struggle for desire for community and I have
As Chair of WomenVote USA,
yourself as the agent of change.” women’s equality is global and tried to bring people together
Natividad has also worked to
Natividad, who is a native of has traveled the world speaking from around the world,” she
increase American women’s
the Philippines, has acted on her and organizing women’s groups. said. “I don’t look like a typical
participation at the voting booth.
belief that the key to political She is the president of the Global American. I have a Latino
Currently, only half of American
progress is the empowerment Summit for Women – now referred sounding name and look dark
women vote. Natividad bemoans
of women. She served as the to as “the Davos for Women – all of which makes it easier for
structural barriers that prevent
first Asian American president of by past participants – which me to be accepted abroad as a
all voters, male and female, from
the National Women’s Political brings together women from global citizen.”
casting their ballot because of
Caucus, a national bipartisan around the world to share best conflicts with work and family
Natividad has often worked
organization dedicated to electing practices in advancing women’s schedules. “Whose idea was it to
for political progress through
and appointing more women to economic status worldwide. The schedule voting on a workday?
economic advancement. “It’s
public office. Before heading that most recent Summit, which took Because it’s on a Tuesday, women
politics that drives me,” she said,
organization from 1985 to 1989, place in Mexico, was visited by are sometimes faced with the
“but politics and economics are
she was the Deputy Vice Chair Mexican President Vicente Fox choice of going to work, picking
very much intertwined. When a
of the Democratic Party’s Asian and international leaders from up the kids after school or voting.
woman brings money home to
Caucus. 75 nations. Previous summits Often voting doesn’t come first.”
her family, she acquires power.
have been held in Seoul,
“Women have not had access Studies have shown that when a
Marrakesh, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Natividad also co-chairs Corporate
to leadership roles because their woman’s earning power increases,
Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Women Directors International,
work is devalued and stereotypes the family’s welfare improves
London, Miami, Taiwan, Dublin which promotes the participation
abound as to what women can as well. Having her own income
and Montreal. of women on corporate boards
or cannot do,” she said. “I also allows women to venture
around the world. “The budget

12 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
of some corporations,” she said, creativity,” she said. “No matter
“is larger than that of some
countries. Corporations make
decisions that affect thousands
what barriers women face, they
find a way to manage. They
become entrepreneurs even
of lives, so it’s important to know
the composition of corporate
boards and whether women’s
voices have been included.
without access to credit from
banks worldwide. They are now
almost half of the workforce
all over the world, even when
Women are the majority of
consumers in products ranging
discriminatory practices are still
in place even in the U.S. They
A Level Playing Field
from cars to health care. Their have run for political office in
presence on boards can provide increasing numbers, even when
valuable insight into this financial support still lags for
Looking to the both highly committed to
important market.” That is why most women candidates. Women
Future: A Level work-life quality, decided to
CWDI has issued reports on have remarkable courage and Playing Field will do something about it. Freada
women directors in the largest persistence and they use it to be the keynote founded the Level Playing Field
companies in Australia, Canada, survive and thrive. I’m very proud address given Institute. Mitchell Kapor is
Japan, Spain, and South Africa. of them and they are what keeps by Freada Kapor best known for creating Lotus
It also released in 2005 the first- me going.” Klein, Ph.D., Founder and Development Corporation and
ever report on women directors Natividad has been awarded Board Chair of Level Playing the designer of Lotus 1-2-3.
of the largest companies in several honors including two Field Institute as the closing
Latin America. In CWDI’s 2004 honorary doctorates from Long message to the “Filipina First: In 1976 Freada co-founded the
report on Women Directors in the Reinventing Ourselves” – first organization in the United
Island University and Marymount
Fortune Global 200 Companies, 3rd Annual Filipina Summit on States to offer training and
College for her work on behalf
it found that only 10.8% of board Sunday morning, October 23. consultation on the topic of
of women. She has also been sexual harassment and became
seats are held by women in recognized by the media and
the 200 largest companies in Her special presentation will the leading expert witness and
has been named Women’s use a powerful combination sexual harassment/diversity
the world. eNews “21 Leaders for the 21st of film, song, story and consultant for Fortune 500
Given the wars in Iraq and Century” in 2004; one of Working critical thinking about companies and professional
Afghanistan and U.S. economic Mother Magazine’s “25 Most workplace equity, strategies services firms.
doldrums, Natividad admits Influential Working Mothers;” on reinvention, and ways
that keeping a positive outlook and one of Campaigns and Filipina women can fully Freada has been interviewed
Elections Magazine’s “74 Women participate in the workplace by for numerous publications,
while being an activist and
Changing American Politics.” In understanding the processes including: Business Week,
confronting inequalities everyday
1988 she was named as one of and attitudes in business the Chicago Tribune, Forbes,
can be a challenge. “However, Fortune, the Harvard Business
I have infinite faith in women’s Ladies Home Journal’s “100 Most environments.
Powerful Women in America.” Review, the Los Angeles
A level playing field is the Times, the National Law
American dream – individuals Journal, Newsweek, the New
advancing in the workplace York Times, the Wall Street
based on their capabilities: no Journal, and the Washington
hidden barriers, no obstacles, Post. Television appearances
no unfair advantages. It should include: “The Today Show,”
be about what you know, not “NBC Nightly News” with Tom
whom you know, or where you Brokaw, “Prime Time Live,”
grew up. Sadly, it’s more myth “Nightline,” “The MacNeil-
than reality. Lehrer Newshour,” “20/20,”
“CBS This Morning,” and
With this in mind, Freada “Good Morning, America.”
Kapor Klein and Mitchell Kapor,
both serial entrepreneurs and

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 13
Filipina Women’s Network
Third Annual

Celebrating Filipino Filipina Summit C. Community & Political E. Celebrating Filipina
History Month in Learning Sessions Empowerment Women Artists at
October! FWN Theatre
C1. Filipino Pop Culture: the (fundraiser to benefit Filipina
A. Breaking the Glass Development of the Filipino Women Against Violence)
The Filipina Women’s Network (FWN)
Ceiling” Image in America (truths, lies,
brings together Filipina women, corporate
secrets and legacies) E1. Special performance by
America’s untapped source of leadership
A1. Opening Keynote by Irene Faith Rivera
at a time when economic, social and
Natividad: “Filipina First: C2. Run, Filipina Run:
political challenges demand new levels of
Re-inventing Ourselves” Campaigning to Win E2. A special presentation from
talent and innovation.
The Vagina Monologues
A2. Remarkable Filipina Women: C3. YouthSpeak: Growing Up
FWN strives to meet this demand by
Developing Organizational Bi-Cultural in the U. S. E3. Underneath the Smile
providing Filipina women the knowledge
and resources and by building a network Savvy
C4. Developing Our Community E4. Dead Woman Home
of women who dares to change the
A3. Own Your Future: Strategic of Influence
landscape of the leadership in today’s
workplace. This year’s theme “Filipina Mentoring (how to leverage
First: Re-inventing Ourselves is about the power of mentoring F. Career Fair @ the
fostering new thinking, stimulating new circles) D. Personal Leadership FWN Expo
actions, and creating new results. Development Featuring resume critiques,
A4. How to Get Published for career coaching, conducting
Instant Credibility D1. Kali, Filipino Martial Art of a job search and corporate
At this three-day gathering, Filipina
Self Defense: Calm in the recruiters will be on hand to
women will articulate a progressive
A5. Business Dining Etiquette Storm attract Filipina women into
agenda to develop new strategies,
(tutorial lunch) joining their organizations.
expand and enhance current personal
D2. Clear Eye for a Filipina Style: Bring a batch of your
and professional situations, and share
A6. Filipinas in Motion What Your Image Says resumes!
ideas about re- invention as a vehicle for
Roundtable Discussions About You
social change.
(Mirror, Mirror on
the Wall) D3. Emotional Intelligence
The following learning and development
tracks will take a holistic approach to “People get trapped
D4. Closing Keynote by Freada
examining the different factors affecting
Klein - Looking to the Future: into thinking
the Filipina woman’s ability to lead B. Entrepreneurship
productive and meaningful lives: A Level Playing Field about just one way
» Personal Leadership Development B1. Coming Home: Doing Business in
D5. The Power of Feng Shui:
of doing things.”
» “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” the Philippines
Achieving Fulfillment and
» Entrepreneurship
B2. Road to Entrepreneurship Success in Your Life
» Community & Political Empowerment
B3. Smart Financing for You and Blind Rock Climber
Your Future

14 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
F R I D AY, O C T O B E R 2 1 – 2 3 , 2 0 0 5
Crowne Plaza Union Square, 480 Sutter St. @ Powell St., San Francisco

D AY O N E : F R I D AY, O C T O B E R 2 1 D AY T W O : S AT U R D AY, O C T O B E R 2 2 D AY T H R E E : S U N D AY, O C T O B E R 2 3

8:00 am – Check-in / Registration 7:30 am – Check-in / Registration 8:00 am – Check-in / Registration
9:00 am 8:30 am 9:00 am
9:00 am – Concurrent Sessions 8:30 am – Full Gathering 9:00 am – Full Gathering
12:00 pm Clear Eye for a Filipina Style 12:15 pm Welcome 1:00 pm
(Summit Weavers) Filipinas-in-Motion
Kali, Filipino Martial Art of Roundtable Discussions
Self Defense: Calm in the Storm Panel Discussions @ Sunday Brunch
Remarkable Filipina Women:
12:00 pm – Career Fair @ the FWN Expo Developing Organizational Savvy Panel Discussions
1:50 pm Visit exhibits. Bring your brown bag YouthSpeak: Growing Up Bi-cultural
lunch to the Career Fair Strategic Mentoring: How to Leverage in the U.S.
the Power of Mentoring Circles
Business Dining Etiquette Developing our Community of Influence
(tutorial lunch, additional fee) 12:15 pm – FWN Expo
1:15 pm Visit exhibits and Career Fair @ Lunch Keynote
2:00 pm – Concurrent Sessions Looking to the Future: A Level
3:30 pm Smart Financing for You and Your Future Playing Field
1:15 pm – Full Gathering (Summit Weavers) Freada Kapor Klein, Ph.D.
Getting Published: Authors, Agents 6:00 pm Panel Discussions
and Publishers Road to Entrepreneurship Closing Remarks
Marily Mondejar, President FWN
3:30 pm Break Run, Filipina, Run: Campaigning to Win
2:30 pm – Audition Call
3:45 pm – Concurrent Sessions Coming Home: Doing Business 5:00 pm V-Day San Francisco
5:15 pm Emotional Intelligence in the Philippines The Vagina Monologues
Spotlight 2006: Justice to Comfort Women
The Power of Feng Shui 6:00 pm – FWN Expo
7:00 pm FWN Members Reception
5:15 pm Break
7:00 pm – Filipina Women Who Could be As a special celebration of our Filipino heritage, we will
5:30 pm – Full Gathering 9:00 pm President Awards honor the rich tradition of the T’boli tribe with a special
7:00 pm FWN Expo exhibition of rare and beautiful handwoven T’nalak
Sponsor & Exhibitor Reception Celebrating Filipina Women Artists
@ FWN Theatre fabrics. These fabrics are sacred weaves passed from
generation to generation of skilled weavers with many
7:00 pm – Celebrating Filipino History in the U.S. A special performance by Faith Rivera meanings and spiritual uses. The principal task of
9:00 pm (Summit Weavers) My Vagina was My Village from weaving are performed by women of royal blood,
supported by the entire community from extracting the
Featuring Faith Rivera “The Vagina Monologues” raw abaca fibers, to the dyeing and final ironing of the
Launch Filipina Womens Network Magazine by Giovannie Pico and Edna Rodis finished T’nalak. T’Boli weavers are guided and inspired
“Dead Woman Home” by dreams. The colors used coincide with the elements
Opening Remarks from the afterlife as designated in T’boli cosmology:
Marily Mondejar, President FWN by May Nazareno, of the
Pamana Theatre Project red symbolizes hulo, the land where the souls of the
Keynote murdered rest; black symbolizes hitem, the destination
Filipina First: Reinventing Ouselves of the souls who died of natural causes; white
Irene Natividad represents bukay, the repository of suicide victims.

Panel Discussion Lovingly curated by Fides Enriquez and Rafael Musni
Filipino Pop Culture: The Development of of the Pacific Ethnographic Research Society
the Filipino Image in America (Truths,
Lies, Secrets and Legacies)

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 15
The Philippine Center in San Francisco is The Center is an intelligent building venue that
composed of two adjoining buildings located on showcases the best in the Filipino. Improvements
Sutter Street, a block away from prestigious include a fully renovated and modern Consulate
Union Square and within a mile of San Francisco’s lobby, a Business Center, Executive Suites for Lease,
financial district. a Dynamic Website, Art and Culture Exchange
Galleries, A Movie and Screening Room, Upscale
Because of their extensive history, the City of Filipino Restaurant and Café and ultimately the
San Francisco has defined the Philippine Center conversion of the 447 Lobby into the Cultural
San Francisco Buildings as historical landmarks. The buildings were
purchased by the Philippine government in 1974 and
Center of the Philippines in San Francisco. Wealth
of information about the Center can already be
are managed by the Philippine Center Management accessed at
Board. It is the mission of the Center to:
For more information about the center please contact:
• Nurture, promote and propagate
Philippine culture The Business Office
• Promote investments to the Philippines The Philippine Center
• Expand the foreign market for 447 Sutter Street, Suite 518
Philippine products San Francisco CA 94108
• Encourage foreign tourists to visit Email:
the Philippines Telephone: (415) 982-6153
• Enhance the image of the Philippines Fax: (415) 982 1232

16 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Filipina Summit Learning Sessions
OPENING KEYNOTE (A) BREAKING THE GLASS Ruth Asmundson Ph.D., Casimira Gorce, Owner,
Irene Natividad CEILING Mayor of Davis, California XOX Truffles
Susan Afan, Regional Vice- Alice Ignacio, U.S. food
Global Summit of Women A1 Opening Keynote – Filipina
President, Professional Staffing importer and distributor
First: Reinventing Ourselves
Services, Northern California,
Irene Natividad will talk about how Irene Natividad, President, Robert Half International Tricia Garcia, Marketing
Filipina women can create a Global Summit of Women Manager, LBC Mundial

demand for their leadership abilities Evelyn Luluquisen, M O D E R ATO R :
A2 Remarkable Filipina
Human Resources Manager, Nini Alvero, Philippine Trade
and talents by seizing opportunities Women: Developing
Communication & Network Commissioner, U.S.Western
Organizational Savvy
within their organizations and by Services, U.C. Berkeley Region
Evelyn Dilsaver, President
calling for a revolutionary shift on and CEO, Charles Schwab A4 How to Get Published for B2 Road to Entrepreneurship
how Filipinas live and work, Investment Management Instant Credibility
Al S. Perez, Principal,
manage their careers, and create a Charmaine Mesina, Esq., Martin Delahoussaye, Creative i Studio
Managing Director, Corporate Senior Editor, Pfeiffer
competitive advantage in the Rena Down, screenwriter and Maria Honrada, President,
Legal Services, Applied
workplace. Materials Emmy Award-winning director; Island Huts, Inc.
Faculty, New School University
Agnes Strandberg, National Norma Edar, Owner, Costless
Vice President, Product M O D E R ATO R : Maintenance Services Co., Inc.
Development & Network Terry Bautista,
CLOSING KEYNOTE Elaine Villamin, Wine Gypsy
Strategy, Senior Products TLB Consultants, Educator,
Freada Kapor Klein, Ph.D., (Winemaker, Thirsty Traveler,
Division, Health Net, Inc. Advocate, Activist
Founder and Board Chair Vineyard Pixie) Eden Canyon
The Level Playing Field Institute (invited) Vineyards
A5 Business Dining Etiquette
Margaret Lapiz, Vice (tutorial lunch) M O D E R ATO R :
Freda will talk about workplace President, Strategy and Agnes Briones Ubalde,
Implementation, The Syndi Seid, Founder &
equity, strategies on reinvention Executive Director, Small
Permanente Medical Group Director, Advanced Etiquette
Business Commission, City and
and ways Filipina women can fully County of San Francisco
M O D E R ATO R : A6 Filipinas in Motion
participate in the workplace by Sonia Delen, Principal, Roundtable Discussions
Banc of America Leasing B3 Smart Financing
understanding the processes and (Mirror, Mirror on the Wall)
Attendees will join small Kathy Fettke, President,
attitudes in business environments. A3 Own Your Future: Strategic discussion groups of Filipina International Wealth Builders,
Mentoring women in similar fields and East Bay Chapter
professional areas of expertise.
Bev Strand, Business Meg Roces Finones,
Manager, Supplier Diversity Investment Representative,
Program; Chair of Mentoring Edward Jones
Circles, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Denielle Palomares, Quality B1 Coming Home: Doing
Jessica Jallorina,
Assurance, Genentech; Filipino Business in the Philippines.
Vice President,Communications
Americans Coming Together @ FWN; Account Manager,
Clara Lapuz, Founder,
(FACT) @ Genentech Telogy Inc.
Marigold Commodities
Erica Javier Samoranos, (Mama Sita brand)
Cisco Systems, Inc.

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 17
Don’t Tell Them. Show Them.
With High Quality Corporate Video.

Our production staff includes broadcast
professionals who have worked for HBO,
BBC and PBS.

We are specialists in producing corporate
video for web and dvd.

The Media Factory
Saul Zaentz Film Center
2600 Tenth St., Berkeley, CA 94710
510. 294. 4305

Investment Representative
1001 Sneath Lane, Suite 107
San Bruno, CA 94066
Bus: 650. 952. 2877
Fax: 866. 619. 1978
CA Insurance License OC24309
serving individual investors since 1871

18 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Filipina Summit Learning Sessions
(C) COMMUNITY & POLITICAL candidate for Vallejo City D2 Clear Eye for a Filipina (E) CELEBRATING FILIPINA
EMPOWERMENT Council Style: What Your Wardrobe WOMEN ARTISTS @
Says About You FWN THEATRE
C1 Filipino Pop Culture:
Stella Edralin, Esq., Suzie Woodward Morris, Fundraiser to launch V-Day
the Development of the
Law Office of Stella Edralin CIO, Strategic Imaging, Inc., San Francisco: Spotlight 2006 –
Filipino Image in America
nationally known author, Justice to ‘Comfort Women’
Bambi Francisco, Editor, C3 YouthSpeak: Growing Up wardrobe and image
Columnist, Correspondent, Bi-Cultural in the U. S. consultant
Filipina Women Against
MarketWatch, CBS Radio
Nikki Santiago, President, Violence, Pamana Theatre
D3 Emotional Intelligence
Pilipino Student Union, Skyline Project, Bindlestiff Studios
Benny Evangelista, Host,
Chronicle Podcasts; Staff Writer, College Rebecca Turner, Ph.D.,
» About “The Vagina
San Francisco Chronicle Professor, California School of
Kristein Delen Briones, Monologues” Intro by
Professional Psychology, Alliant
Student, City College of Lourdes Santos Tancinco,
May Briosos, General International University and
San Francisco Esq. Perfomed by Giovannie
Manager, Prime Image Organizational Consultant
Pico and Edna Rodis
Media Group M O D E R ATO R :
Genevieve Jopanda, District D4 Closing Keynote – » “Dead Woman Home”
Regina Reyes, North America Looking to the Future:
Operations Manager, Hertz Written and performed by
News Bureau Chief, ABS-CBN A Level Playing Field
Corporation; Vice President, May Nazareno, The Pamana
Youth & Community Advocacy Theatre Project
Freada Kapor Klein, Ph.D.,
M O D E R ATO R : @ FWN Founder and Board Chair, » “Women of the World,”
Tessie Zaragoza, Organ Level Playing Field Institute; a musical presentation by
Donor Rights Network; Chair of C4 Developing Our President, Klein Associates, Inc. Faith Rivera, a pop
the Board @ FWN Community of Influence
songwriter, 2003 Daytime
Marilyn H. Fowler, Founder D5 The Power of Feng Shui: Emmy Award winner
C2 Run, Filipina Run: Achieving Fulfillment and
Campaigning to Win & President, Women’s
Success in Your Life FWN Theatre Host: Bettina
Intercultural Network
Santos Yap, Marketing
Alice Lai-Bitker, Supervisor, Marsha Cheung Golangco,
Vida Benavides, Political Consultant, Sun Microsystems
District 3, Alameda County President, MG Consultants
and Public Affairs Consultant
Gloria Megino Ochoa, (expert on Asian Pacific
Assistant Chief Counsel, Senate American electoral politics);
Judiciary Committee; former Member, Democratic Party
California State Senator; former Presidential Primary Timing and
candidate for U.S. Scheduling Commission MARKETING MATERIALS
Representative (against LOGO DESIGN
Michael Huffington) CORPORATE IDENTITY
Janet Reilly, Democratic DEVELOPMENT
Candidate for the State WEB SITE DESIGN
Assembly, District 12 D1 Kali, Filipino Martial Art of
Self Defense – Calm in the
Rachel Puno Juliana,
Storm WA N T T O R E AC H T H E F I L I P I N O A M E R I C A N M A R K E T ? C A L L T H E E X P E R T S :
Attorney; Trustee, Jefferson
Union High School District Rosie Abriam, Gura, Al Perez | 415. 334. 9170 |

Rozanna Verder-Aliga,
Engineering Applications
Board Member, Vallejo City
Manager, New Focus Inc.
Unified School District, CA;
3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 19
The Face of the
New Filipina

velyn Dilsaver has gotten far for a was happening in other departments. My Dilsaver has overcome several challenges distribution for mutual funds at Schwab.
woman who claims she “fell in” knowledge became broader and broader in her career, but balancing her personal At the time, taking this risk, seemed like a
to her career. Although she says, “I and eventually this helped me have a life with her career has been the greatest. backward step in her career, but it gave
didn’t have a clue what I wanted sense of my company and industry as a “How are you supposed to make time her the opportunity to gain insights into
to do,” Dilsaver, a Filipina native to whole.” for yourself when the only hour you another function of the business. This
San Francisco, has worked her way have free each week is spent grocery knowledge was instrumental in preparing
to the top of her career path to become Prior to her current position at Charles shopping?” she asked. Nevertheless, her her for her executive position. “My
executive vice president of Charles Schwab, Dilsaver was chief financial commitment to her family has shined Filipino heritage has sometimes been an
Schwab, a member of the Executive officer and chief administrative officer at through. “My children are my greatest obstacle,” she said, referring to the
Policy Committee and president and U.S. Trust, controller at 1st National Bank accomplishment,” she said. “I have culture’s aversion to risk.
CEO of Charles Schwab Investments, a and controller at Schwab. Her ability to raised three amazing, well-rounded boys
position which gives her considerable accept change is rooted in her childhood. who treat others with respect and that Being a Filipina at the top ranks of
sway over Schwab’s $145 billion portfolio Growing up in a military family, she was gives me so much pride. Being there portfolio management, Dilsaver says
of proprietary funds. Her career journey often shuffled around to new homes, for them as they grow up has brought she does not feel like a pioneer. Instead,
began when she took an internship after states and countries. “I learned to make me incomparable joy.” Dilsaver said her she points to several other women who
college with Ernst and Ernst (now Ernst new friends quickly,” she said. “I have family also works as a team and she is had led companies and forged a path
and Young), which put her on the track to done the same in business. It is the grateful for the support of her husband, for her. “I haven’t thought of myself that
accounting. relationships that make a team work.” who has not resented her success. way,” she said. “Instead I look at what
my job has enabled me to do. I am in the

Dilsaver’s path was not always straight. Dilsaver brings her ability to build ilsaver admits that her indepen- business of helping people achieve their
“Too many people,” she said, “get hung relationships to her community dence and ability to take risks dreams financially.”
up trying to achieve certain goals at commitments as well as her work. She has enabled her to excel at both
certain times. I hear young women say coached volleyball at Assumption School, work and home. At one point in Dilsaver also chairs the board of
they want to be married by the time they her three sons’ school, and co-chaired the her career, when she was the directors for the Women’s Initiative for
are 21, have kids by the time they are Oakland Diocese Sand Volleyball League. chief financial officer and chief Self-Empowerment (WISE). Over 750
24, and be president of their companies “In sports, building a team is almost as administrative officer at U.S. Trust, she women have graduated from the center’s
by the time they are 30. It doesn’t work vital as athletic capability,” she said. was required to spend one week each entrepreneurship training and started
like that.” Dilsaver’s career has often “Being able to coach girls at a young age month in New York. When she was their own businesses. Of the graduates
required her to make lateral changes to is especially rewarding because sports routinely asked to stay longer and spend 75 percent double their income within
different roles or new companies, rather gives them self-esteem. When they win more time away from home, she had the 18 months of completing training. “It’s
than simply stepping up the ladder. “This a game or practice, it teaches them to courage to make a career change in order inspiring to see women take the lead and
has been key for me,” she said. “At times, take pride of themselves and to take care to balance her family commitments. change their lives,” Dilsaver said. “It’s
I even moved backwards, but the changes of themselves at a very difficult stage in Dilsaver returned to Charles Schwab to be great for them and for their community.”
allowed me to learn more and see what growing up.” head of product development and
Email Mary Kate at

20 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
W E A S K E D E V E LY N :
FWN: How has mentoring been stepped in and said the same thing.
a factor in your personal life or
career? Have there been certain F W N : In the next ten years,
people who have guided you in there will be many changes to the
your development? If so, how did role of women and Filpinas. What
they help you? What did you learn? trends do you see?
I’ve had many mentors who have taught I believe there will always be the issue of
me how to approach business problems, balancing a career with family, primarily
who trusted me enough to give me a because men can’t have babies (though
chance at a new job that I had never I’d love to see that happen!). I am
done before. Even if one doesn’t have a starting to see the pendulum swing
mentor, observing the behavior of other where many college educated women
managers and leaders you admire is very are deciding they will stay home for 5–6
instructional. Also, observing behaviors years during their children’s early life and
that help you understand what you then return to work, rather than try to
should never do (if you really want to achieve it all at once. That means it will
lead) is just as important. At a personal be harder to get women into positions
level, I have many couples as friends who of power (the board room or members
are older, so I got a chance to see how of executive decision making teams)
they fostered a healthy relationship with because of that time lag. Having said
their children as they became teenagers that, I believe we will have a president
and adults. who is a woman and more
entrepreneurial businesses will be
FWN: You mentioned many ways women owned, since they can fit
that you have given back to your that into the life of their family.
community, but what role has
community played in your life? F W N : What has been a source
What kinds of community do you of inspiration for you?
connect with most?
Early in my career and raising a young
Community is very important in my life. family, I read the book “How to talk so
I get rejuvenated by my circle of friends,
business and church, non-profit and
your kids will listen & listen so your kids
will talk” by Adele Faber and Elain Edna Murray
sports. I don’t have just one that I Mazlish and a subsequent book, “Sibling Professional Massage
connect with the most – in fact, many Rivalry.” They are fabulous books that
areinterconnected. My business friends have great applicability in the corporate Therapist & Health Educator
become personal friends, become sports world when it comes to understanding
and non-profit friends. Having exposure behavior. As for business books, I enjoy
to people from different walks of life those that help me understand what Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology
gives me such tremendous perspective happened (such as Conspiracy of Fools,
(Stress Reduction, Pain Relief, Relaxation,
that I can apply to business and complex
the Enron story).
(510) 261-2265 Body & Mind Awareness)
F W N : If you could have lunch
FWN: You mentioned that being with one person, dead or alive,
a Filipina has been a challenge. Can who would it be?
you think of one specific example
Leonardo DaVinci. He was so ahead of
of a time you felt hindered or
his time and very creative.
judged because of your identity?
How did you resolve it?
F W N : If you weren’t in the
I was the senior manager on the audit financial industry, what other job Costless Maintenance Services Co., Inc.
job (when I was with a big-eight would you most like to have? What
accounting firm) and had several men did you want to be as a child? P.O. Box 884823
working for me at the time. The CFO
I’d probably be in design. I’m an avid
The definition of clean. San Francisco, CA 94188-4823
of the company walked in and started Tel: (415) 550-8819
knitter (it’s my form of relaxation) and
addressing his concerns to the men in the
I like designing. As a child, I wanted to
Fax: (415) 550-8831
room. His bias was that women and HRC / SFRA Certified as WBE / MBE / LBE
be a nun (that lasted a year) and then
certainly a Filipina could not be in charge.
I thought I’d marry someone in the Navy
The guys turned to me and said, “Evelyn’s SERVICES: JANITORIAL / MAINTENANCE / FLOOR CARE
(since my dad was a Navy man).
in charge... she can answer your concerns.” STEAM / PRESSURE WASH / CONSTRUCTION CLEAN-UP
If that hadn’t happened, I would have POWER SWEEPING / SHOPPING MALLS / PARKING GARAGES

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 21
Flying High
in Silicon Valley

Maryles Casto is Chairman and CEO
of Casto – The Travel Company, the
second largest woman-owned business
in the Silicon Valley based on a survey
conducted by the San Jose Business Times.
Gordon Moore and Andy Grove, the
founders of Intel. At the time Intel only
had 100 customers. The second month
Apple became a customer. And so it
went for the first year, when we made
FWN: Did you ever have a moment
when you were unsure whether the
business would make it through?
Casto: After 9/11 the travel business
stood still. There was no business for a
extension of their home. It is important to
be nurturing.

FWN: According to the census,
women are starting businesses at
She began her career as a flight attendant $500,000. We made $1 million dollars twice the national rate and people
month. I knew there had to be a way
for Philippine Airlines. After moving to the second year. I believe in providing the of color are starting businesses at
to make the business work and that the
California and marrying, she managed a highest level of customer service and am four-times the national rate. Why
downturn was a business opportunity.
major travel agency in San Jose. In 1974, committed to excellence. It makes all the do you think entrepreneurship is
So I decided to move some functions of
she and a friend each invested $1,500 difference. growing?
my business to the Philippines where we
and founded Casto Travel. Within two
had offices. Casto: I think people are frustrated
years the company became a $1-million- At that time everything was happening so
with the corporate ladder. You can only
dollar business. Today Casto Travel has fast. I didn’t have time to ask, “What if?”
FWN: What role has your Filipino climb up so far. When we start our own
annual revenues of over $120 million. I never asked myself what would happen
heritage had on your career? businesses, we are able to manage our
if it didn’t work out. I love change and
own destinies. People want to be able to
FWN spoke with Casto about how she risk. It keeps you on your toes and gives Casto: It has taught me patience. I’m not
see the impact of what they do. In large
does it all. you a fresh perspective. a reactive person. I think things through
corporations your impact is quite small.
and don’t rush toward specific goals.
But as a business owner I am able to see
FWN: How did you come to start FWN: How did you learn to take My international background has also
the impact of what I do everyday. It’s so
your own travel business? risks? taught me how to be sensitive to different
cultures and different ideas, so I can
Casto: I moved to this country after I Casto: I had no other option. I never
adapt more quickly.
got married. I was a stewardess in the think of failure. I really don’t. Failure FWN: How have you managed
Philippines, but at the time airlines didn’t never occurred to me. I never even to balance your career and your
FWN: Do you think being a woman
allow flight attendants to be married, thought about my success. I was in the personal life?
has been a factor?
so I needed to find a new job. I worked business ten years before it sank in for
Casto: Being in my own business, I could
with a travel agency for a while and me. I was driving up to the office on a day Casto: Women tend to be detail-oriented.
manage that a little better. I made sure
had a lot of ideas as to what a company they were installing a new sign. I knew In the travel business, I work with details
my son always came first. I always spent
should do, what it should look like. This they were putting up a new sign, but everyday. There is also the maternal
the morning with him. If I had to work
was in Silicon Valley, but before Silicon it still shocked me when I saw the sign instinct to take care of people, which is
late, that was okay. There are doors in my
Valley was Silicon Valley. My friend and that said, “Casto Travel.” Then I realized, important in travel. I have customers who
brain. When one opens, the other closes.
I each invested $1,500 to start our own “That’s my name.” I realized what I had have been with me since the beginning
I am very focused. When I am with my
company. We were in the right place at created and what I had done. because I try to make their travel like an
family, I’m not thinking about work. When
the right time. Our first customers were

22 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
I am at work, I am only thinking about
work. A friend once taught me to take
time everyday to ask myself, “What have
I done for my family today? What have SPONSORSHIPS AND NAMING OPPORTUNITIES
I done for my business? And what have I
done for my community?” Everyday I try Partner with the Filipina Women’s Network and
to do all three.
support Filipina women, America’s untapped
FWN: How often do the three work source for leadership and talent.
Casto: All the time. My business is
P. O. Box 192143 | San Francisco, CA 94119 | Website:
part of my community. There is so much Women’s Network Phone: 415.278.9410 | Fax: 415.840.0655 | E-mail:
excitement in my work. I love being
able to watch people grow. Sometimes
people start as a receptionist and become Mission Statement FILIPINA WOMEN 4th ANNUAL FILIPINA SUMMIT
managers. I love to see them work their FWN’s mission is to enhance public AGAINST VIOLENCE October 27-29, 2006
way up. People take pride in what they perceptions of Filipina women’s Campaign to stop abuse against San Francisco
do and enjoy doing it. Sometimes we capacities to lead, change biases Filipina women and girls.
hire people who eventually leave and against Filipina women’s leadership Attention Corporations:
that’s okay too, because I know they have abilities and promote the entry of
V-Day San Francisco Spotlight 2006: Plan Your Participation Now! Send your
learned from their time in my business Filipina women into positions of
leadership in corporate, government, Justice to ‘Comfort Women’ Filipina employees to the Summit.
and are ready to move on. Call (415) 278-9410
and nonprofit sectors.
All-Filipina women production
FWN: In what ways have you of Eve Ensler’s The Filipina Summit is convened
FWN achieves its mission through
been able to give back to your public education forums that heighten “The Vagina Monologues” in October because the earliest
community outside of your Filipina women’s visibility, research on performed in Taglish. documented proof of Filipino presence
business? Filipina women’s issues, leadership, in the Continental United States was in
skill building and career development Sunday, February 26, 2006 October 1587 in Morro Bay, California.
Casto: I’m on so many boards. I’m
programs for Filipina women, and Sunday, 6:00 p.m.
on the board of Junior Achievement, influencing popular culture.
Commonwealth Club, and Parkinson’s Herbst Theatre COUNCIL OF REMARKABLE
Institute and a member of the Committee 401 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco FILIPINA WOMEN
Goals 2006-07 Tickets (after Dec. 1) Mentoring Circles – creating a
of 200. If have some knowledge in an Increase financial assistance
(415) 392-4400 community of Filipinas helping each
area, I want to be able to share it and capabilities to ensure that FWN
educational programs and events are other succeed and cultivating future
give back. I love being involved in Junior
accessible to Filipina women of all Call (415) 278-9410 for sponsorships community leaders.
Achievement and working with youth.
socio-economic backgrounds. Call (415) 278-9410 to sponsor a
The Commonwealth Club is a great public
FILIPINA WOMEN WHO mentoring circle.
forum for issues of government and
Increase FWN’s network of Filipina COULD BE PRESIDENT
economic development. At the Parkinson’s
women business owners and those Leadership program for Filipina women. FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK
Institute we cover issues of science, employed in corporations, government Building the Filipina community’s MAGAZINE
stems cells, and research. In all of these and nonprofit organizations and pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase Annual publication about the nuances
positions I learn so much. utilize the database as a pipeline for the odds that some will rise to the of Filipina culture, empowerment
opportunities for corporate visibility president position in all sectors. articles, career strategies, and
FWN: If you had to choose only one and professional development. Call (415) 278-9410 to sponsor a highlighting the accomplishments
place to travel to where would it be? presidential candidate.” of Filipina women in the U. S.
Endow the Filipina Leadership
Casto: Buenos Aires. I love the people, Development and Mentoring Program Publication date: October 2006.
the culture, and the food. “V-DIARIES” Call (415) 278-9410 to place an ad.
Generate operating funds for ANTI-VIOLENCE RESOURCE GUIDE
FWN: What is one place that you the establishment of a national Annual publication designed to provide
haven’t been to that you would like headquarters and research library a voice for domestic violence survivors KAPAMILYA COMMUNITY
to see? to house our historical collection and Filipina women and girls in abusive PARTNER FUND
documenting the achievements of situations including a resource list of Endow research projects and
Casto: Russia. I just haven’t had the time Filipina women in the U. S. domestic violence agencies, shelters, educational programs about the
to go there but have always wanted to legal and counseling services and law Filipina American Experience.
see St. Petersburg. enforcement offices. Publication date: Call (415) 278-9410 for naming
Year Established: 2001 March 2006. Call (415) 278-9410 to opportunities and sponsorships.
Email Mary Kate at Organization service area: National place an ad.

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 23
Image Builds
Prudential California Realty
The Institute for Image Management has » Corporate Savvy
developed a unique approach to helping » Dressing to Influence
indviduals and organizations define » Seven Aspects of Image
themselves and commmunicate with » Career Management V I V I A N A RA U L L O
relevance and credibility to important » Executive Coaching Serving Filipinos in the SF Bay Area
internal and external audiences. » Life Planning
» Culture Image 360 Assessment Representing: » Sellers
The Institute for Doing Business in the » Buyers
U.S. was formed to address the lack of » Investors
understanding of the cultural nuances » Change Management
affecting international executives » Scenario Planning
Real Estate Information at:
and teams operating in the U.S., and » Workforce Consulting and
international businesses wanting to
expand operations in the U.S. » Facilitation and Training

I F Institute for E-mail:
Call for a career image consultation Image Phone: (650) 892-1863 | 415. 863. 2573 I M Management

Arlene Gaspar, Realtor
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24 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
Filipina Women Who Could be President 2005

sociation. I was also chosen as a team
leader to oversee a team of six profes-
sionals to serve people in Kyrgyzstan,
a former Soviet Republic. This past
summer, I was chosen as one of ten
fellows as ambassadors for the Pilipino
Youth American Leader Program for a
hands-on experience to imagine all the
possibilities for a better Philippines.
Stephanie Marie Romana Velasco, Ed.M.
In 1997, I was invited to join a team to
Director, CAPAS (Center for Asian Pacific
teach English in China. Later, I joined Ernie T. Jopanda
American Students) Pitzer College, Realtor / Loan Consultant
a team in 2000 from Azusa Pacific
A Member of the Claremont College
University to Japan to share in drama
Consortium Tel: 925. 973. 0923 3223 Crow Canyon Road, Suite 130
and music. In 2002, I participated with Fax: 925. 355. 1262 San Ramon, CA 94583
WHY I SHOULD BE PRESIDENT a team to Trinidad where we visited Cell: 510. 209. 4207
I, Stephanie Marie Romana Velasco, homeless shelters, elementary schools,
should be president because I am a jails and other places to serve. In 2004,
servant leader with a passion for serv- I led a team from Newsong Community
ing the global community rooted in a Church to partner with a Kyrgyz-Russian-
commitment to the Pilipino community. Uzbek team in Kyrgyzstan to serve the
Through my education, work and com- college students. This summer, I commit-
munity involvements, I believe I am the ted two months to a fellowship to serve
visionary with the heart and skills to the Philippines.
work with others to achieve a common
goal for the greater good.
LEADERSHIP Since high school, I have been involved
From my undergraduate years at with a Pilipino organization. My interest
University of California Irvine where I began with my membership in the
held several positions, most notably two Maharlika Pilipino club in Cerritos. In
of which my peers elected me include: college, I participated in numerous
Vice President of Student Services and activities such as student government,
Homecoming Queen for a campus of residential life, intramural sports and
over 17,000 students. During my gradu- religious fellowships, but the one activ-
ate studies, I was elected Vice President ity that remained consistent throughout
of Diversity for my class. As a young my five years was my involvement with
professional, I was elected as Staff the Kababayan Pilipino Organization.
Council Representatives for all staff It was here where I committed much
in my college and am an appointed of my time and energy to serving and
member of an Asian American Advisory building the “once largest Pilipino
Board for the five Claremont Colleges. American student organization” in the
Within the community, I serve as on the United States.
Board of Directors for our Kababayan (continued on page 26)
Alumni Chapter of the UCI Alumni As-

3 R D A N N UA L F W N S U M M I T: F I L I P I N A F I R S T 25
Filipina Women Who Could be President 2005
to remain at the top of her class. A care of our country and to stand up on private, not-for-profit, academic medical
E DNA M ABANES master of multi-tasking, her biggest important issues. We need to get away centers in California. I was hired as an

Casteel accomplishment was simultaneously
completing a Master’s degree while
raising her young son and successfully
from the antiquated phrase that a
woman is the strength behind every
successful husband or manager. Women
Accounting Manager and then
subsequently promoted to the Director
of Research in Finance. I currently serve
landing a Director’s role at her company. deserve credit for their accomplishments as a Fiscal Officer and focus my efforts
Inspired by her grandmother’s and to be in the frontline. We need to on Pre-Award Management / Research
philanthropic activities and never have a smart, competent woman Budget Development.
forgetting her humble roots, Edna president who operates on a proactive Dear to my heart is my investment
established a foundation in which she rather than a reactive mode. in philanthropic activities including the
has provided her own resources as well My name is Edna Mabanes Casteel inception of Panday Corporation, a
as successfully fundraise to in order to and based on my leadership Subchapter-S-Corporation based in
raise money for scholarships to provide accomplishments achieved during my San Francisco and a minority owned
to indigent children. Edna best educational years and in my career, I business focus on construction
summarized her achievements and believe I could be President. I earned a development and consulting and
goals in her statement, “Nothing is BA in Accounting from Golden Gate a business partner of Marcasteel
impossible when your heart is in it.” University and an MA in Non-Profit Enterprise. Resources earned for these
Administration from the University of businesses help support scholars for
“Why I want to be the President San Francisco. While attending Golden underprivileged children on their
of the United States.” Gate University, I served as Vice educational tuition, uniforms and other
Could I be President of the United President of the Business Club. At Heald school expenses.
Edna Mabanes Casteel is a dynamic States? Yes I think so! I think the United Business School, I made the dean’s list Through the years, I have learned
woman who since childhood has always States is ready to have a Filipina and was the student speaker during our that “power” doesn’t necessarily mean
exhibited great leadership capabilities President! It is about time that the graduation ceremony. I currently serve being a president of a company or a
though her passion, her achievements, women’s leadership in this country is as an executive member of the country but what you can do as an
her take charge attitude and her ability recognized. In fact, the results of a Nonprofit Management Alumni Society individual. I am the first Filipina, who
to balance the important things in life. national poll released in May of 2005 Board of the University of San Francisco. has held the highest position at
Edna was only 11-1⁄2 when her mother proved that most voters are ready for a The board consists of elected officials California Pacific Medical Center
died. Her mother’s death forced Edna to woman in the Oval Office. who oversee the activities of over 500 Research Institute. I am the first Filipina
assume the role of a mother to her In the past, women have stood graduates. elected as president of the Society of
younger siblings and deprived her of a behind their men to take care of I proudly work for the Research Research Administration. I, Edna
real childhood. Regardless of all her business. I feel that things have changed Institute Division of the California Pacific Mabanes Casteel, could be President.
adversities, Edna always managed and it is now time for women to take Medical Center, one of the largest

(Stephanie Marie Romana Velasco) degrees (B.A. Asian American Studies & I interned at an International Center included the time I was requested as
B.A. Social Sciences) where I graduated where I hosted and coordinated the the keynote alumni speaker for the
As an alumnus, I continue to serve and with cum laude in both disciplines. My annual multicultural festival for the Kababayan Pilipino graduation at my
connect with the younger generation as knowledge expertise and network from Harvard Graduate School of Education. alma mater where I received a stand-
one of the Board of Directors. Beyond each of these areas could assist during Presently, I am the Director for the Cen- ing ovation from the graduates with
that, I have spoken on various occasions both hands-on experience and work- ter for Asian Pacific American Students my speech to be published in our KAC
with different Pilipino associations and shops where critical thinking, decision- (CAPAS) at Pitzer College, advocating, newsletter. My networking skills are
strive to stay connected through my making and inquiry are needed. celebrating and serving the students attributed to my membership in ten
involvement with other Pilipino-based of diverse pan-ethnic Asian American organizations, three career-related, three
networks. WORK EXPERIENCE IN MULTI-ETHNIC identity, including Pilipino Americans. community-related, and four academic-
related which I remained involved with.
One of my greatest strengths and joys My public speaking ability and network-
I obtained my Masters in Higher At U.C. Irvine, I was involved and
includes public speaking and people. ing bridges could serve as places to
Education Administration from Harvard interned at our Cross Cultural Center. I’ve been invited to speak on topics such advocate in a common vision for the
Graduate School of Education in less This led to my interest in a multi-ethnic as the Pilipino American experience, greater good.
than a year while serving as the Vice programs where I worked with students Asian Americans, and Higher Educa-
President of Diversity for my graduat- of color to promote diversity across
tion. My most unforgettable experience
ing class. I completed two bachelor’s cultures. In my graduate experience,

26 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. f f w n . o r g
May “K”: The Giovannie Pico Foundation
When Giovannie Pico, Hollywood actor of the
multi-awarded television series E.R., returned to
her homeland in July 2005, she held a two day
medical mission and gift giving in her home-
town of Tondo, Manila with the help of Manila
City Mayor Lito Atienza, the Philippine Charity
Sweepstakes Office, the GMA Network Inc.
and Gaitor Ideas. Hundreds of families who
would not have had access to medical care were
seen by a group of doctors, nurses, dentists, and
eye specialists.

But it still wasn’t enough. The children’s

antibiotics were the first to run out. There were
still families who needed on-going care. And

there were also the neglected streetchildren Pico is a woman whose personal life endears
that didn’t have families to care for them. her to street children and victims of domestic
violence. Her sense of advocacy is built on
Pico, who is also a young mother with a 5-year- these life experiences. “I admire Angelina Jolie,
old son of her own, confides: “I can’t imagine not because she’s got Brad Pitt, but because
my son being in that same situation…It’s so she gives back so much. As a United Nations
common here, people forget it’s a problem. ambassador, she’s a role model,” she gushes. She
Sometimes apathy is worse than hate.” believes in doing her part in making the world
a better place – and that each person has an
obligation to help out, even in some small way. May “K” Foundation is also in the process
setting up a house in her hometown of Tondo,
This is why she is laying the groundwork for where victims of domestic violence can seek
The May “K” Foundation. refuge and counseling.

The “K” stands for many things: Filipina actor Giovannie Pico earned her
May Karapatan: Everyone has the right Hollywood merits via her role as medical intern
to a better future. Ludlow in America’s long-running hospital
May Katungkulan: We have the obligation drama “E.R.” She has appeared in four “E.R.”
to help those that are less episodes last season. This 26-year-old, Tondo-
fortunate. born petite morena has also been cast in various
May Kakayahan: Together, we can make a internationally-produced independent films.
difference in this world. Most recently, Giovannie played the female lead
in the movie “American Yearbook” which won
Even though the foundation is still in it’s infant the 2004 Dances With Films Audience Award
stages, the May “K”: The Giovannie Pico and “Counting the Days” which just premiered
Foundation has several projects already in at the 2005 SF World Film Festival. For more
the works: besides partnering with the CFO in information about her acting career and her
endorsing its program for street children, the foundation, please visit
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Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues
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spotlight 2006: justice to “comfort women”

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