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Title 1 First Name 1 Middle 1 Last Name 1 Suffix 1 Job Title1 Company1

Mr. John Doe VP, Marketing Kingsley Bank

Mr. Scott Evans Councilmember City of Los Angeles
Mr. Michael Johnson
Mr. Jack Munro Director of Operations
RDT Transit
Ms. Jane Smith Dir. of Human Resources
TriState Insurance
The Read Family
Dr. Ashton Williford General Manager Treasure Island store
Title 2 First Name 2 Middle 2 Last Name 2 Suffix 2 Env. Addressee(s)
Mrs. Mary Doe Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
Mr. Scott Evans
Ms. Julie Jones Mr. Michael Johnson and Ms. Julie Jones
Mr. Jack Munro
Ms. Jane Smith
The Read Family
Island store Dr. Williford
Salutation Work Address 1 Work Address
2 WorkState WorkZip
Dear John and Mary 2345 Santa Clara St. WilmingtonCA 96521
Dear Mr. Evans 76879 Elm Street City Hall Los Angeles CA 98562
Dear Michael, Julie, Zoe and Katie
Dear Jack 980 Market St. 24th Floor Cleveland OH 12345
Dear Jane 1234 Broadway 7th Floor New York NY 2158
Dear Tom, Barb, Kirsten, Tommy and Michelle
Dear Dr. Williford
HomeAddress 1 HomeAddress
2 HomeStateHomeZip HomeCountry
123 Main Street San Francisco CA 94121 USA
7899 Central Ave. Chicago IL 54695 USA
USA 1234 Jackson St. Cleveland OH 12345 USA
USA 456 Oak Street New York NY 2598 USA
7879 Cherry Tree Lane Reno NV 86954 USA
123 Main Street Dublin CA 94605 USA