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Scene 1

Friday night, 10:45pm. A rainy street.

FX: High heels running along the pavement.
FX: Car irregularly pass by.
FX: Mobile phone rings.
Laura: Shit.
FX: Phone beep.
Laura: Hello. (short pause.) Mum, Im fine. I moved away, like, a few
days ago and you are still calling me every hour to see how Im
surviving. Im Twenty-one, not five. (short pause) What am I doing?
Checking the local surroundings. (very short pause) Yes in this weather.
(short pause) [sigh] Fine. I will look for shelter till the rain stops. Yeah, I
love you too. Give my love to dad and tell him to lay off the pies; lord
knows he doesnt need another heart attack.
FX: Phone Beep.

Scene 2
Friday night, 10:52, An empty bar.
FX: Wooden door creaking.
FX: High Heels on wooden flooring.

FX: Squeak of leather.

Taurus: Bar tender! Ill have whatever shes having.
Laura: Can I have a
Taurus: Well have Vodka shots. Taurus.
Laura: What?
Taurus: Im Taurus.
Laura: Like the zodiac sign?
Taurus: I think my parents were going along the lines of the constellation
but yes. They are pretty much the same thing.
Laura: Oh, ok. Well, Im Laura.
Taurus: Nice to meet ya. What brings you to this classy establishment?
Laura: I needed to get out of the rain, I guess. What about you?
Taurus: Drinking! Another failure of another show.
Laura: A show. So are you a performer, like a singer or something?
Taurus: Or something, Im a magician.
FX: Sound of glasses being placed on a bar.
Taurus: Thank you, Bartender. Now tend to your bar.
FX: Drinking and putting down the glass.
Laura: That was strong.
Taurus: Yeah, thats why we got it.
Laura: So, what kind of magic do you do?
FX: Rustling.

Taurus: Voila.
Laura: Blue Roses, my favourite.
Taurus: I thought so. Its cause they match your eyes. Have you ever
thought of selling them to a voodoo witch?
Laura: No, it hasnt really crossed my mind.
Taurus: Good, you shouldnt. They can can be real tricky. I fell in love
with one once but then she just wanted my DNA for her doll. Never mess
with Voodoo; it is some scary shit. (Pause) Moving on... what do you
Laura: What do you mean?
Taurus: Well, my day job is a magician. Cause I am that amazing at it.
What is yours?
Laura: Oh, well, Im kind of inbetween jobs at the moment, you know
how it is. But I just got into town so I need to find something.
Taurus: To the bullet hole in our life plan.
Laura: Cheers.
FX: Glasses clinking together.
FX: Glasses being placed down on the table.
FX: Electrical surge.
Taurus: Jesus, Gary. Did you forget to pay the electric bill, again?
FX: Light bulb explosion.
Laura: Shit.
Taurus: And yet this room is still brighter than my future. [snickers]

FX: Glass smashing.

FX: Rain hitting the pavement.
Laura: What was that?
Taurus: I dont know. Im not an encyclopedia.
FX: Monster/ bug like clicking.
Laura: What are those big bug like weird alien things?
Taurus: Give me the roses.
Laura: Why?
Taurus: Just give me them.
FX: Flowers rustling.
Taurus: Florie onti sea-l. Stand back. This is about to get way uglier than
they already are.
FX: Metal clashing with metal.
FX: Monster/ bug like clicking and grunting.
Taura: You know, [grunt], you could help. Gary, get her a beer in a bottle.
Laura: What am I supposed to do with this? Oh
FX: A beer being gulped down and a glass bottle smashing.
Taurus: [grunt] One left.
Laura: Then lets do it together. (short pause) What?
Taurus: That was really cheesy.
Laura: Doesnt really matter. [grunts]
Taura: [heavy grunts] *sighs*.

Call a painter. We need to document the prestigious winner of this

daring battle.
Laura: Ok, [deep breath] What the hell were they?
Taurus: What did it look like?
Laura: Weird big bug like creature.
Taurus: Thats exactly what they were. Well done, gold star.
Laura: I meant do they have an actual name?
Taurus: Yes, they do in 50 different languages but I cant pronounce any
of them.
Laura: Ok, that reasonable. I suppose, not really. Second question: How
did you turn the roses into a sword?
Taurus: I told you, Im a magician. And I wasnt kidding about the painter.

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