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Palabras que se confunden fcilmente

1 Complete the sentences with the correct

journey / trip
1 The train to Liverpool took over
three hours.
2 They went on a day to London.
private / particular
3 I usually like cats, but I dont like that
4 Mark goes to a school
in Manchester.
friendly / sympathetic
5 I like Mallorca. The people there are
very .
6 Helen was when she heard about
my accident.
habit / custom
7 Its a traditional in our country
at New Years Eve.
8 Rachel smokes a lot. Its a bad , but
she wont give it up.
lent / borrowed
9 Tim some money to Kate.
10 Clare a book from the
school library.
agreed / accepted
11 Sam to play in the tennis
tournament this weekend.
12 Pam finally that she
was wrong.
checked / controlled
13 Gill her make-up before she left
the house.
14 If John his temper, hed have
more friends.
eventually / possibly
15 After hours of searching, Sue
found her keys.
16 People will live longer in the
next century.