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Mrs. Neilsons Classroom

Course Overview

Clothing 1 is a beginners-level course for students to develop knowledge and

understanding of textiles, fashions, and fabrics; in addition, this course will
assist them in basic sewing skills. Broad areas of emphasis include pattern
selection, operating sewing equipment, interpreting pattern instructions, and
choosing appropriate fabrics for different patterns and projects. Each student
will complete four required sewing projects during the semester. All four
projects must be completed in order to receive credit for the course.
*Cost of fabric for all four projects constructed in class will be approximately
$50, depending on the quality selected.

Standard Grading Scale

90-100 A



59 and Below is an F
Semester Course are Weighted as Follows:
Quarter 3 = 40%
Quarter 4 = 40%
Final Exam = 20%
Clothing 1 is weighted as follows:
Daily Work = 40%
Projects = 40%

Fabric in various sizes

will be needed 4 times
throughout the
semester. A letter will
be posted on my
website in the next
week with additional

Classroom Rules and Procedures

1. Please make sure to have something to write
with each day.
2. Cell phones are not permitted in my classroom
for any reason. Those that are seen or heard will
be taken.
3. Students are expected to show respect to those
around them at all times.
4. Materials for projects should be ready on the
day the project is started.
5. Students are responsible for making up
assignments in the case of an absence.
6. Lastly, students are expected to play an active
role in their learning experience; as such, I am
always open to new ideas, projects, and lessons
that can be shared with the class as part of the
learning experience.

Tests and Quizzes = 20%

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