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Child Development

Instructor: Mrs. Neilson

Hours Available: 6th
Course Objective:
To emphasize learning experiences that help students gain knowledge and develop their
understanding of children from conception to early childhood; including their social,
intellectual, physical, and emotional development. This course will also cover family
planning, prenatal/postnatal care, and all aspects of what to expect as a parent.
Course Resources:
Text: The Developing Child by Holly Brisbane
Educational videos, books, magazines, medical models, speakers, computerized newborn
simulators, and on-site field trips to area preschools/elementary schools will also be
provided as supplemental materials for the course. Students should always come
prepared to class with a notebook and writing utensil. Textbooks will remain in the
The following concepts will be emphasized during this course:
Academic theories related to children
Families today
Prenatal and postnatal care and development of the child
Developmental milestones throughout the ages
Providing for the enhancement of all areas of child development through all
Guiding and caring for children
Children with Special Needs
Grading Policy:
Grading will be determined by total points based on the following:
90-100 = A

80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
59 or below = F
Quarter 1 = 40% of total points
Quarter 2 = 40% of total points
Final Exam (Comprehensive) = 20% of total points
In-class assignments, class projects, and exams will make up the points for the class. If I
have posted a grade incorrectly, the student must present the assignment, graded, in

1. ATTENDANCE Each student is expected to attend class on a daily basis. It is the
responsibility of each student to find out what work was missed for every absence.
(Example: Missed Assignment Folder). This work must be made up according to the
guidelines set forth by the school district (Example: Unexcused absence results in a
zero for the assignment/test/lab. Excused absences will be able to makeup all work).
Missed labs (an excused absence) will result in an out of class project. Failure to make up
work will result in a 0 for the assignment. Excused absences may result in a lower
overall grade for the course.
2. TARDIES Students are considered late for class if not seated prior to the bell ringing.
Each student who is late for class will be reported as tardy to the attendance office.
Exception to the rule will be passes issued by other teachers/administrators.
3. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR Each student is expected to follow all the rules of the
- When the bell rings, be in your seat and quietly working
- No profanity, rudeness, or being inconsiderate of others
- Be respectful of teachers, students, and guest speakers who are
addressing the class.
- In case of an absence, check the absence folder for make-up
work. Make-up work is your responsibility!!!
- You are to remain in your seat until the bell rings. There
will be no standing in front of the door waiting for the bell to ring.
- No grooming in class. (Brushing hair, applying make-up, etc.)
- No Hats, Coats, Walkmans, Cell Phones, or IPODs
- Dress Code is enforced