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MP Everist Language Arts
Reading Focus: LAFS 8.RI.1.2; 2.6 Informational Text: Evaluating Arguments, Claims, and Support (Relevancy/Sufficiency of).
Writing Focus: LAFS 8.W.1.3 Building an Argument, Using Multiple Texts in Evidence/Support.
Monday 10-05
ELA Collections TEST

Tuesday 10-06
SpringBoard HW Due

Wednesday 10-07
Rev Unit 2 TEST

Thursday 10-08
Parent University

Friday 10-09
IXL Practice

Content Goal

Using multiple texts,

formulate an opinion,
debate the topic, and
support with text

Predict authors
argument/claim based
on supporting

Summarize central
ideas about text.

Identify and analyze

claims/support across
multiple text media.

Increase proficiency
in word usage by
reducing common
errors in spelling and

Language Goal

Show understanding of
content vocabulary
used in target text.

Review content
vocabulary: exploited,
illiterate, analogies.

Paraphrase key ideas

(in your own words).

Recognize various
kinds of rhetorical
appeals: ethos, pathos,

Debate topic: When

are kids ready to take
on adult responsibilities? Cite TE.

Discuss predictions
based on images,
quotes, etc. in text.

Pair-share; switch
summaries and give
constructive feedback.

Collaborate with table

partner on supporting
evidence used.


* Bell RR #26
*Rev- p. 33 Writing
*Hook- Debate clip.
*FL Collections test on
When do Kids Become
*ATT Debate p. 244

*Bell RR#27
*Rev- Picture Review
*Model think aloud
analogies. P. 61 SB
*FC Close Reader:
pp. 83-84
*SB pp. 61-62

* Bell RR#28
*Rev Unit 2 TEST
*Model paraphrasing
*Hook child labor
* *FC Close Reader:
pp. 85-86
*SB pp. 63-64

*Bell RR#29
*Rev Read pp.34-38
*Hook: Schmoop (LP)
*Model: Rereading
*FC Close Reader:
pp. 87-88
*SB pp. 65-71


Observation of student participation; class work; research, reading & writing practice, quizzes and tests.
For ESOL and ESE: clarify and reduce class work and homework assignments, give added time.
Differentiated learning, small groups, peer study, vocabulary building, home reading programs.

Team Task

Use context clues to

help identify usage
and meaning of
Work with each other
in identifying correct
usage of words.
*Bell RR#30;
complete & submit
* Rev- p. 39 #1-5
*IXL - Commonly
misused words 9th
grade V.6-V.8