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Nikolaj Lund
I have chosen Nikolaj Lund as he is well accredited with
some of the major front liners of classical music such
as classic fm. He takes a range of photos including
instruments from someone simply holing an instrument
to someone playing an instrument, spinning round and
having water poured over them. His pictures have a
cool effect, which make them different to other
photographers and he makes classical music seem
exciting and abstract rather than boring and ordered. I
want to replicate this style in my images making them
seem more exciting than ordinary/ generic.

Denise Burt

I have chosen Denise Burt as she has done

many classical CD covers and she makes
them look modern and exciting at the same
time as showing what the CD is about. Her
style is one I would like to replicate to give
the layout and look of my magazine a
different feel to other magazines in the genre
to show the reader that it is still the same
genre but a different magazine, not one of
the others. I like her use of colours as in
most of works she doesnt over use colours or use too bright colours.


Kimon Daltas

I have chosen Kimon Daltas as he is an editor

for classical music magazine so he already
has knowledge in magazines of this genre.
His articles dont tend to be in first person
which is typical of this genre and also is a
style I would like to replicate. In Q&A articles
he asks precise questions that he can learn
more and this will give the reader lots of information. He uses key terms which
are also something I would like to replicate.