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Palabras que se confunden fcilmente 2

1 Complete the sentences with the correct words.

assisted / attended
1 Paul a private school when he was
a teenager.
2 The secretary the manager with
her meetings.
degree / career
3 As soon as Clare finished her university
, she got a job.
4 Dave dreamed of a in fashion. He
wanted to be a designer.
professor / teacher
5 Patton is Head of the Linguistics
Department at London University.
6 My history at school is very
library / bookshop
7 Tom went to the to borrow a book
about the paranormal.
8 Pam bought Stephen Kings best-selling
novel from her local .
embarrassed / pregnant
9 Karen felt when Karl asked
her out.
10 Did you know that Sarah is ? The
baby is due in December.
suburb / slum
11 The family live in a large house in a smart
London .
12 Calcutta has got the worlds biggest
. Most of the citys population
lives there.
stranger / foreigner
13 Sue is quite shy. She would never talk to
a .
14 We use the word to describe
someone from another country.
advice / advise
15 I strongly you to give
up smoking.
16 Paul wasnt sure about which university
to apply to, so he asked his teacher for