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A man came to see me later. He was the manager.

A man grabbed my arm. He was a store detective.

Andy is a famous sportsman. I have just met Andy.

Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories.

He took me to see a man. He was their boss.

I dont know the woman. She spoke to me this morning.

I found a cat near the house. The house is made of red brick.

I read the report. The report raised a huge controversy.

I sent you a postcard. It was written on the summit of Ben Nevis.

I spoke to a shop assistant. She was very polite.

Loch Ness is 37 km long. People know it for its friendly monster.

My cousin Tina loves shopping. Tina got a rise last week.

Paul is driving the car. The car is going really fast.

People live in Scotland. They are called Scots.

Peter has a new house. The house is a present from his parents.

Picasso was born in Spain. He was a famous painter.

The book is fascinating. You lent me it.

The book is on the table. It has a red cover.

The mountain is the highest mountain in Great Britain. It is called Ben Nevis.

The politician resigned. She had refused to support her party.

Then we visited a lake. It is in the Highlands.

There we met an old man. He told us that he had seen Nessie.

Theyve caught the criminal. Everyone was talking about him.

This is the new president. We all voted for him.

This is Tony. Youll be driving with him next week.

We first went to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.

We spent our holiday in Scotland last year. Scotland is in the north of Great Britain.

We visited Fort William. The mountain was there.