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Panganugraha, Izacha Hatma. 2014. Relationship of Hypertension and Incidence of Diabetic

Foot Ulcer in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient at Soedomo Hospital, Trenggalek. Thesis,
Medical Education Program, Faculty of Medicine Muhammadiyah Malang University.
Menthor : dr. Meddy Setiawan, Sp.PD. (2) dr. Rubayat Indradi, MOH(c).
Background: Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is increasing in worldwide population,
with type 2 DM as the most common form. Development of hypertension in DM comes from
many complex pathogenesis. The increasing of DM prevalence will be followed by some
chronic complication, such as diabetic ulcer.
Objective: To determine the relationship between hypertension and incidence of diabetic
ulcer in type 2 DM patient.
Method: Data was collected from medical record in type 2 DM patient during July
December 2013 at Soedomo Hospital, Trenggalek using total sampling technique and we
recruited 78 samples based on inclusion criteria. We used SPSS for windows version 15 for
analyzing data and presented this data in frequency distribution tables. In order to determine
the relationship of hypertension and diabetic ulcer incidence, we used Chi-square test.
Results: Results showed that most of DM type 2 patient at Soedomo Hospital, Trenggalek
have hypertension, 54 patients or 69,2% while the incidence of diabetic ulcer in type 2 DM
patients showed that patients who developed diabetic ulcer were higher than patient who did
not develop diabetic ulcer, 42 patients or 53.8%. Chi-square test results showed p value =
0.004 (p < 0.05), then 2count = 8.496 and 2table = 3.84, so 2count > 2table.
Conclusion : There is a significant relationship between hypertension and incidence of
diabetic ulcer in type 2 DM patient.
Keyword: Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, diabetic ulcer