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Good afternoon its Friday October 2, 2015 at 12 o'clock and you're listening

to 90.3 WKNJ Union, New Jersey, and Im Antonio Ferreira with the news.
In local news
A priest took more than 250k from grandmas at a wealthy church
authorities say. Rev. Alex Orozco befriended the elderly women after his
assignment at St. Rose of Lima parish in Short Hills. Orozco was taking
money for his excessive bills including a car, a big-screen TV, a house in the
Poconos, another house in his native Colombia, credit card bills, a second
car, plane tickets, furniture, and dental work. This has been happening since
2013 accepting both cash and goods from his so called grandmas.
A Plainfield man was charged in a fatal New Year's Day shooting. We have a
20 year old man being held on a 800,000 bail. Gregory Croom was arrested
in Plainfield on Monday and charged with murder, a first-degree crime, for
the death of Fatin Hunt, who was also 20 years old. Hunt was pronounced
dead at the scene and Croom was in Plainfield on Monday his sentence
carries a maximum penalty of 30 years to life in prison upon conviction.
Croom also faces two second-degree weapons charges.
In national news
At 9 o'clock today we have found out that the man involved with the Oregon
shooting had white supremacy leanings and was obsessed with guns, source
says. There was an attack on a community college. Chris Harper Mercer the
shooter in the attack left 10 dead , himself and injured another 10.