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» Masterplan Land Use Consultants January 19, 2015 Mr. David Cossum Department of Sustainable Development and Construction, City of Dallas 11500 Marilla, Room SDS Dallas, Texas 75201 RE: Variance for restaurant without drive-in or drive-through service to sell alcoholic beverages for on- Premise consumption at 2708 N. Henderson, Suites 200 and 200. ay M0 0 Dear Mr. Cossum: Pie Tap Henderson LLC. has been working to develop the property listed above. They submitted a bullding permit to construct a new restaurant in March of 2014. The property is located in POD 461 sub- district 2 and permits a restaurant by right, There are no alcohol overlays on the property, The property is located across the street from James 8. Bonham Elementary school, This campus is still listed as an elementary school despite the fact that it was closed for student instruction in 2013, ‘Students that attended this campus receive educational instruction at Robert E. Lee Elementary at 2911 Delmar Avenue. DISD does not offer any educational services on this campus. However, itis stil listed as a protective use, This creates an undue hardship for the property owner in their attempts to secure the proper licenses to sell alcoholic beverages. We do not believe itis in the best interest of the City to continue to count this elementary school as a protective use as people attempt to develop the last vacant commercial properties along this segment. of N. Henderson, This 3.8 acre property creates an impediment for proper development in this area. Although the applicant and property owner have invested almost two million dollars in new construction, it has been halted until a resolution can be made regarding this spacing requirement. Since this campus has been officially closed, and there are no current attempts to re-open the campus for instruction, we believe itis in the best interest to move forward with a variance request. We have included a TABC field survey, lst of officers, and application for this variance request. Ordinarily, we would identify the distance between the front door of the protected use and the proposed use. However, in this instance, we did not show that specific measurement since the protected use Is closed. We are happy to provide this additional detall if needed for this request. Please feel free to contact our offices if you need any additional information regarding this application, Santos (GS Authorized representative for Ple Tap Henderson, LLC. From Stat ta Stisfuction” 900 Jackson St, Suite 640, Olas, 175202 (a 214.76.919 214.168.7114 mostrplancanssanscm