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FREE TOPIC - Informational Speech - 25 points

NAME:__________________________________ SCORE:______/30

______10 cw grade

-VISUAL AIDE:_____/10 cw grade

TOPIC :__________________________________

Clear, organized structure
_____ Content/Organization

(10 pts.)

Includes intro, body and

Appropriate topic selection

Attention-grabbing intro
Logical order of ideas

Detailed, factual information, not opinions

Smooth transitions between

Sources cited within speech

Strong conclusion includes summary and clincher
_____ Delivery (15 pts.)

Maintains eye contact

Effective use of vocal variety
Appropriate, vivid word choice

Controlled, effective nonverbal movement

Sense of enthusiasm about topic is evident
_____ Requirements (5 pts.)

Meets the 5-10 minute time limit

Visual aide

Appropriate dress and NO GUM

Listens attentively to peer speeches (separate also)

Non-electronic visual aide


Open Topic!!! Speeches begin Wed. 10/7

Objective: To continue practicing research, organizing, outlining an informational
speech. To practice determining what topics are interesting to your audience and how
to eliminate unnecessary information.
Directions: Choose a topic that will be interesting to your audience and that you are
interested in as well.
1. Get your Topic approved by Mrs. Hildreth. Choose something that YOU know
some about but that the audience might not. It needs to be school appropriate
and be INFORMATIVE! You arent trying to convince the audience, but to
share information with them.
2. Your speech needs to be AT LEAST 5 minutes, but NO MORE than 8 minutes.
3. You MUST have a visual aide that IS NOT electronic. (no google slides, no
powerpoint, no youtube, etc.) Think outside the box!!! Be creative!
4. Organize your research notes. ONLY print if necessary. You will turn in an
outline by ______________________.
5. Must have at least 2 sources. *Make sure to cite your sources in your speech
6. You will turn in your outline to be checked NO LATER than
1. Have an interesting introduction and strong conclusion (NOT: And thats my
speech). I strongly suggest that you memorize your introduction. DO NOT
READ IT!!!! When grading you, I will really be focusing on your delivery!
2. Choose a topic that is easy to research. We only have 2 days in the lab.
3. Write an outline directly after you have completed all of your research. Then,
complete a note card.
4. PRACTICE and TIME YOURSELF. If you talk longer than 8 minutes, you
will lose significant points.
5. Be interested in your Topic. Speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY.
6. Refer back to the rubric to ensure you know what is expected of you in this last
informative speech.
Outline due by 10/6 TUESDAY by the end of class!
Speech day:_______________