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Gas & Steam

Turbine Generators
4-Pole Synchronous Generators

KATO generators operate

efficiently, reliably and can
be designed your way.
High efficiency = lower operating costs
Core losses, friction and windage account for efficiency
losses in alternators. Kato Engineering uses a high-grade
magnetic steel with optimum design to minimize hysteresis
and eddy currents losses in the core. An experienced
engineering staff, using the latest analysis tools, ensures
that losses due to friction and windage are kept at a low
level. All of this increases efficiency to lower turbine genset
operating costs and increase package return.
High reliability = lower maintenance costs and
reduced downtime
Both mechanically and electrically, Kato Engineering
alternators are designed for long, trouble-free use.
Reducing vibration is a key way to lessen part wear,
increasing generator reliability. Kato machines use
extremely stiff construction and sleeve bearings to
meet low vibration requirements. Sophisticated test
equipment and state-of-the industry seismic test bases
verify low vibration requirements are met or exceeded.
Sleeve bearings along with a circulating oil system also
boost reliability and ease of maintenance.
Preventing winding failure is vital to a long generator
life. Kato Engineerings insulation system is second to
none. Mica turn-taped magnet wire in Kato generators
provides nearly twice the instantaneous surge capacity
as glass-covered magnet wire to prevent shorted or
grounded windings. A global vacuum-pressure epoxy
system also protects against premature winding failure

caused by harsh environments. Kato Engineering has

dedicated engineers and testing to ensure the highest
quality of its winding and insulation system.
Output Range: 1,000 - 25,000 KW
400V (up to 5200Amps) 15,000 Volts
Speed: 1500-1800RPM
Standard Power Factor:
0.8 lagging to 0.95 leading
Special Power Factor: Upon Request
Frequency: 50/60hz
Enclosures: Up to IP56, ODP, TEWAC,
Insulation: Class H epoxy VPI insulation system
Excitation: Brushless Excitation with PMG


Marine Agencies
API 546
Class1 div2
ISO 9001

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Phone: 507-625-4011
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