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George Gillem

Assignment 1: Information Literacy

A) The keywords I used to find the articles were emerging technology, clean water, forward
osmosis, and new tech.
B) I used the ProQuest Science Journals database to find my articles.
C) I chose this database because I thought it would have the most relevant scholarly journals on
new or emerging technology.
D) MLA format
Su, Jincai, et al. "Forward Osmosis: An Emerging Technology for Sustainable Supply of Clean
Water." Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 14.4 (2012): 50711. ProQuest. Web. 20 Sep. 2015.
E) MLA format
Ondrey, Gerald. "Forward Osmosis Moves a Step Closer to Commercialization." Chemical
Engineering 117.6 (2010): 16. ProQuest.Web. 20 Sep. 2015.

F) Scholarly Journal #1

George Gillem
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Scholarly Journal #2


George Gillem
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
A) The title of the article is A New Efficient Filter Helps Astronauts Drink Their Own Urine. The
article details the difficulty and cost of getting water into space for astronauts. The current
system is too bulky and inefficient for the amount of use it gets over long periods of time. A
new filtering system is being developed and tested using the concept of forward osmosis for the
filter. Aquaporin A/S's Forward Osmosis water filter is currently being tested in space by
astronauts and being developed to help countries that don't have easy access to clean water.
B) MLA format
Hansman, Heather. "A New Efficient Filter Helps Astronauts Drink Their Own
Urine." Smithsonian. N.p., 11 Sept. 2015. Web. 18 Sept. 2015.
A) The keyword I used in the search was forward osmosis.
B) MLA format
Niler, Eric. "One Way to Fight Californias Drought: Desalt the Ocean." Conde Nast Digital,
03` Aug. 2015. Web. 18 Sept. 2015.
C) I used Google and Bing for my 2 search engines for part D.
D) I didn't think either search engine was better than the other except that Bing came up with more
results than Google.
Search Engine
Number of Results

Forward Osmosis



Forward Osmosis


A) Time- The article was written on September11, 2015 and it has not been updated.
Relevance- The article does relate my topic because it has to do with the implementation of new
forward osmosis technology in filters to clean water.
The author is Heather Hansman. Despite being a good writer and having contributed to multiple
sites and won awards I don't think she is necessarily qualified to write about forward osmosis
because she is not a scientist or engineer. She does not work on or with forward osmosis directly.
I believe the information is trustworthy. The article has quotes and references from NASA to
support the new technology is being developed and tested currently.
The article was written to inform us about a new technology being used for astronauts in space
to get water through an easier method. The material is objective.
A) In terms of ease of access Internet article 1 was easier to find since all I had to do was type in
forward osmosis and I was able to find the article on the website. DB article 1 was only a little
harder to find because I had to look for a scholarly article instead
B) When considering timeliness Internet article 1 is very timely since it was written less than 30
days ago and is more recent than DB article 1. DB article 1 was written in 2012.
C) In terms of authority on the subject DB article 1 has more authority than Internet article 1. DB
article 1 was written by professors that actually study and research forward osmosis. Internet
article 1 was simply written by an online writer/editor.