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Passion, to me, is defined as something which causes you to take action, to move
and to act. It is what makes you move when nothing else does. However I do not
believe that passion can be singular, for interests of a person are many and
varied. After all it is said that genius comes in many forms. Hence if I had to
choose a singular passion, it would be numbers. Numbers and their infinite
amalgamations to me represent something which I am good at. I cannot say that
I am better at it than other people, but I can say with enough confidence that
this is where I can surpass people with enough effort. Its the simple flow of
numbers which attracts me to it. This can be further extended into programming.
Hence to sum up I would state that my passion is coding and numbers.
So What?
The way my passion developed is still uncertain to me. I still remember in grade
school, how I used to be unable to recall the simplest of multiplication tables. In
fact I developed an intense hatred for my teacher because of this. I decided I had
to change that. I gave it my all and lo and behold within two months I managed
to master it. This represented something very important to me. No matter how
hard it may have seemed at first, given enough time it turned out to be easy.
This might be why my passion lies in numbers, because it is also one of the first
teachings of my life. Programming to me has always been and will always be
something very dear to my heart. I began programming in eighth grade and was
instantly drawn to it. As in numbers, coding also has vital rules which define it.
These might be why I find them appealing. In a world where a singular truth is
almost impossible to attain, coding and numbers are absolute. They always
follow a certain set of rules. Hence if one knows the rules, there is no way of
going wrong with them. Finally the last thing which both maths and programming
represent to me are creation. Its the abstraction of planes of existence and
creating something new out of nothing. When programming, code just flows out
of your mind in order to create a program. Where nothing was before, you have
managed to create a masterpiece. Its power is astounding. Hence these are the
reasons both math and programming captivate my interest.
Now What?
The exploratory options of my passion is infinite. Math is eternal. This was
something which was drilled into me by my teachers. There will never be a time
where the world functions without math. Hence I can always find something to
do with it. Programming too, as above, will never cease to be a field which
cannot find something new. There will always be a new program, a new problem,
and a new answer. Hence I have decided to pursue a bachelors degree in
computer science. I have also thought hard of including a maths minor or even
extending into a double major. However I will hold off on acting on this thought
until later. I was quite disheartened to find that a computer science course does
not require much math, as to me math has always been the basis of coding.
Hence I will be looking into acting upon my passions whilst in college. For now all
I can state with confidence is my passion has been, will be and always will be
numbers and programming. They are synonymous with me as a person.
However, for the rest of my ambitions, they are not set into stone. They are ever

changing but I can say for sure that they will include my passion as an integral
part of them.