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Dissertação de Mestrado sobre a implantação da norma BS 8555 em pequenas empresas
Dissertação de Mestrado sobre a implantação da norma BS 8555 em pequenas empresas

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Published by: JRafalopes on Mar 14, 2010
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The author recognises that empirical research on SME environmental support services

in Northern Ireland is lacking since Hooper et al (1998). In addition, why the

majority of businesses registered to BS8555 Acorn Register (IEAM 2006) are from

Northern Ireland warrants investigation. It is apparent that the STEM project has had

an influential part to play in the number of SMEs in the region engaging in

environmental management through use of BS8555 phased implementation approach.

The project warrants investigation, since it is believed to be the largest of its kind in

Europe (STEM 2006), with somewhat limited success in other regions of the UK.

The project may be become an important case study of how a support service

framework can be most effective at engaging SMEs in environmental management. It

is also fundamental to determine if in any way the STEM support framework could be

improved further. Also it is equally important is to investigate the portrayed merits of

BS8555 and suggest possible improvements to the standard. Research on the

effectiveness of BS8555 is particularly timely because the International Standards

Organisation (ISO) has agreed to begin the process of developing a new EMS

standard based on phased implementation (Baxter 2006).

The primary objective of this research then is to investigate how support offered by

the STEM project has been influential in the process of implementing BS8555 in

Northern Irish SMEs. A further objective is to understand the process of

implementing BS8555 and how the standard could be improved further. This will be

achieved through investigating SMEs who have implemented BS8555 to phase 3 and

received support and guidance from the STEM project. These objectives will be

achieved by the following specific aims of the project:

1. Determine how the SME support services offered by STEM project have

influenced uptake of EMS's in SMEs in Northern Ireland;

2. Identify measures, if any, that could improve support services in the



3. Determine how BS8555 phased implementation process could be

improved further, particularly in terms of costs, workload, drivers and


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