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Press Release by the Governments of Indonesia,

Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Drafted by the Government of Indonesia. Approved by the Governments of Bangladesh and
The Governments of Indonesia, Bangladesh and Myanmar having understood the need for positive
change and development in terms of human rights and taking into consideration the plight of the
Rohingya Muslim Community, after proceedings in this Session of the United Nations Security
Council, would like to make the following observations along with its solutions.


The main matter here is of the present situation of the Rohingya Muslim Community. The
Myanmar Government does not recognise the 'Rohingya' Community as an ethnic group,
considering them Bangladeshi Refugees and does not grant them citizenship as members of
the community do no or are not able to produce evidence to match the criteria for
Citizenship on the 1982 Citizenship Law. Indonesia recommends and urges both Bangladesh
and Myanmar to cooperate and Bangladesh has agreed in session to provide Citizenship to

It has been agreed therefore that a joint Committee of Inspectors comprising of officials of
both Myanmar and Bangladesh be set up to investigate the situation and on the basis of
various evidences gathered from the Rohingya Community living in the North of the
Rakhine State, Myanmar and determine the validity of the claim of Myanmar that these are
Bangladeshi refugees. Indonesia agrees to bear the cost of any financial or logistical burdens
which may arise in the conduction of activities the Committee of Inspectors formed.
Bangladesh has agreed and pledged to allow a limited number of persons or refugees inside
their territory and grant them citizenship if it is verified and proved they are of Bangladeshi
origin. This limited number will be decided as and when the verification process is finalised
by the Committee of Inspectors.
Indonesia infers the Council here to be in fierce discussion about the nature of a war crimes
tribunal to be set up and established to try those, in particular the Myanmar Military for
charges of war crimes, particularly as it seems the current legal framework seems unable to
deliver justice to the alleged victims of such crimes. Indonesia believes that the situation in
Myanmar is particularly very delicate and that the establishment of any tribunals would be a
sense of retributive justice and only backward looking. It will not be in the interest of a 'new
start' which Myanmar desperately needs and what the international community should give
to her and such problems will only increase in number with the establishment of such courts
or tribunals in particular for those persecuted such as the Rohingya Muslim Community
living in the North of the Rakhine State, Myanmar.

The Government of Indonesia would like to thank and show profound appreciation to the
Government of Myanmar and Government of Bangladesh for the support shown here and does
believe that this agreement will serve to better the plight of the refugees, internally displaced
persons or unrecognised persons here and will be a step for a better and more positive future.