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Welcome Letter

Dearest Parents & Guardians

Asalamu Alaikam,
Welcome to our Kindergarten at I.F.S! For those of you who have a child entering the
school for the first time, get ready! You will be amazed at the amount of learning
that takes place.
Insha Allah our goal is to promote the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and
language development of your child by providing experiences to enhance learning
and to foster the development of each individual to their maximum potential.
We are excited about our strong Kindergarten team. We have a great combination of
talented teachers with qualities that complement and bring out the best in each
other. We enjoy working together, sharing ideas, and helping students become
leaders and learners for life.
As a Kindergarten team and individual teachers, our first priority is your childs,
education and well-being. We know from experience that parent involvement is
essential to maximize the benefits the child gets from his or her school experience.
Regardless of the experience and expertise of the teacher, research shows that the
biggest and the most important factor in students school success is the
involvement of the parents in the daily school experiences.
We would like you to become involved by helping your child with homework,
attending school meetings, talking with your child about his or her school
experiences, and participating in your childs education daily.
We look forward to working together as a team: student, teacher, and parents, and
having a successful year in kindergarten, Insha Allah!

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Welcome Letter
Please take time to read to your child or have an
older sibling read with him or her on a daily basis.
Your child may have many experiences at school
that they may wish to share at home; encourage
him or her to talk about school activities and
happenings. You can ask questions to help with
understanding what your child is doing at school.
The following are examples of questions you may
wish to ask:
What activities did you do today?
What was your favourite activity today?
Who did you work with?
Do you have anything to show me?
What do you think you will do tomorrow?

information in mind:
Clothing and Shoes

We request that your child

be provided with a full
Such communication with your child will develop
their language and oral skills of recalling what they
(including undergarments)
have learned!
in case of an accident. We
must insist you send
Remember to be positive and enthusiastic in
clothing in a ziplock bag
your reactions!
clothing labeled.
Indoor running shoes with
Velcro straps are preferable, especially on days with wet or snowy weather
conditions. Please ensure that your childs name is on all articles of clothing
brought to school (uniforms and extra clothing), winter hats, gloves, boots, and
even their lunch bags!
snack to school each day. The school
will no longer provide snacks due to
If your child has any food allergies, it is
critical that you inform us as soon as
Leader Day

This year there is a change to our
snack program. Your child will be
responsible for bringing their own

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Each month a leader schedule will be

sent home with your child. On this day
children are allowed to bring in an
item to share with the class. Show and
Tell is a great opportunity for each
child to practice public speaking and
to share what they like.

Welcome Letter
Every Friday we have lunch for sale. The cost is $5.00 for any ONE of the 4 options:
Two slices of pizza
One chicken burger
One container of biryani
One box of chicken and fries
If you would like your child to participate in this, please send money with them on
Friday at the beginning of the day. Please send the money in a ziplock bag labeled
with their name.
Also on Friday, we allow the children to bring ONE of their toys from home to share
with the class and play during free play (if your child has an older sibling in the
school, we request that you send the money with our S.K. student, as we begin
lunch earlier).
Parent-Teacher Communication

Please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail addresses:

S.K. 1:
S.K. 2:
You can also call the school office to set an appointment at (416) 321-3776.
Upcoming Events
Tues. Sept 22nd/15 Hajj Re-enactment
Thurs. Sept 24th/15 Eid Holiday
Mon. Sept 28th/15 Eid party
Wed. Sept 30th/15 - Meet the teacher night

S.K. 1 Teachers

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Welcome Letter
Ajaz S. Sultan

B. Sc. ECE. Montessori
Teaching Experience:
Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,
Gym, Art, and Islamic Studies at I.F.S.
(J.K. & S.K.)
Previously taught S.K. in Jeddah.
Worked for UNICEF developing play
school methods.
My name is Sr. Ajaz Sultan. I look forward to
helping your child develop a life-long love for
learning. I enjoy being able to build a strong
educational foundation for the little ones in
my class each year.
Shazia Zahoor
B.Sc (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry)
B.Ed (Biology, Chemistry)
Additional Basic qualification (ABQ)
Intermediate (U OF T)
Teaching Experience:
Science, Social Studies, Islamic Studies,
Art and Language.
My name is Shazia Zahoor. I look forward to
mentoring young intellects, help students to
articulate and follow their values, and help
students to develop knowledge about
curricular contents.

S.K. 2 Teachers

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Saddaf Qureshi (OCT)

B.A. Honours (Sociology): York University
B.Ed (Primary/Junior: Urban Education):
University of Windsor
ESL 1: Seneca College
Kindergarten 1: U of T
Teaching Experience:
Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,
Gym, Art, and Islamic Studies at I.F.S
(S.K. & Gr. 1)
6th year at I.F.S
4th year in the K.G. Department
My name is Sr. Saddaf Qureshi. I am excited
to work with each and every child in the
classroom to help them reach their full
potential and enjoy school.
Ayesha Raoof (OCT)

Geography) India
B.Ed Queens University
Preschool Education Diploma
Teaching Experience:
Homeroom teacher for Gr. 5 & Gr. 7 at
9th year at I.F.S
7th year in the K.G. Department teaching
Language, Mathematics, Science, Social
Studies, Gym, Art, and Islamic Studies at
Worked at British Curriculum Schools in
Dubai teaching Elementary Grades for
15 years.

Welcome Letter
My name is Sr. Ayesha Raoof. I have a
passion for teaching young children and

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helping them grow up to be practicing