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ATX Motherboard

ISA and PCI slots, AGP slot, Integrated audio chipset, Joystick port, 25-pin parallel port connector plus 29-pin
serial port connectors, PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors, USB connector, Slot 1 connector, DIMM sockets,
ATX power supply, Lithium backup battery, Floppy drive connector, UltraDMA EIDE connectors, UltraWide SCSI
connector, Ultra SCSI connector, Adapter AIC-7880 SCSI chipset, Flash BIOS, Intel 440BX chipset

ATX Motherboard

PCI Express x1 slots, PCI Express x16 slot, PCI Express x1 slot, Rear I/O panel shield, 4-pin CPU Power
Connector, CPU socket : LGA 775, Memory slots : dual channel DDR2, 24-pin ATX Power Connector, FDD,
Connector, SATA Connectors : 3Gb/s, IDE/PATA Connector, PCI slots.

Personal Computer s Motherboard

Socket 478 Connector, 12V ATX Power Connector, Back Panel Connector, AGP 8x Slot, Intel ICH5R Southbridge
Chipset, Modedm Header, CD-in Header, AUX-in Header, SPDIF Header, PCI Slots, WiFi Header, Power LED,
FireWire Header, Intel 82865PE Northbridge Chipset, DDR DIMM Memory Slots, ATX Power Connector, FDD
Connector, Serial ATA Headers, IDE Connectors, BIOS, USB 2.0 Headers, Game Header, Serial Communications

Hard Disk