Blessed are the Children of Today

Blessed are the Children of Today. Listen carefully to what they have to say. Feel the shame; Feel the fear Then listen; See the tears. The young must live on: The old depart. Throughout the land, the old will be sought. For the young live on: The old must cease. For when the old are gone: There will be peace. But if we laugh, or if we doubt; I fear they’ll blow the candle out. And then, begin the bleeding That can only lead to the killing. But, oh, the children; bound in an apathy. Few know, all are bound for the deadly: “All must grow old, as all will be born.” And throughout time, the children will be alone. So, when you; the child past, begin to show your age. And your children come and lock you in a cage, And the slaughter begins. “Remember “! and say: “Blessed are the Children of Today”!

For Tomorrow will become your past.

Randy Rowe Copyright: 1972, 1996, 2009

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