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DUE DATE: End of week 10

ART UNIT 1: OUTCOME 2 Art making and personal meaning. Folio of work: a developmental folio of visual responses to a selection of set tasks.
PROJECT 1: Choosing your images beginning to understand your artistic preferences

Minimum required

Task 1

Pick 10 images from National Geographic that spark your interest and paste it onto your folio.
Decide on the image from National Geographic Magazine

Experiment with your image on Photoshop

Task 1

Begin experimenting with your composition for Project 1.

List and explain the qualities you are exploring

Task 2

Begin making your own artwork in response to your National Geographic composition. You can use whatever method or medium you like.
Refer to slideshows for examples.

Development of ideas

Making Task 2

PROJECT 2 Begin project 2

Your folio needs to have

Your mono prints

Your original arrangement of a portrait

At least 6 examples of experiments

Making Task

This section of your folio should show that you are gradually refining your ideas until you have arrived at a method for your Project 3

Make sure all annotations of your experiments are up to date

Complete your Finished Artwork Project 3

Completed (yes/no)

You must show that you have experimented with a range of

subject matter, artforms, media, techniques, and
combinations of formal elements, or have explored one or
two of these in depth.
Your trialing and experimenting should be extensive (at least 6
trials); it is the way that you can show that you have thoroughly
explored a range of approaches to creating your final artwork,
project 3.
Annotation supporting this process and analyzing each stage using
correct art terminology. (A good way of approaching annotation is
to analyse and explain what it is about each trial/experiment that is
successful (or unsuccessful) in advancing your theme/topic towards
the resolution you are aiming for.)

Minimum required

Completed (yes/no)

At least 6 different experiments

Annotation supporting this process and analyzing each stage using
correct art terminology.

Minimum required

Completed (yes/no)

Document this process in your folio.

Annotation supporting this process and analyzing each stage using
correct art terminology.

Minimum required

PROJECT 3: Refine your experiments towards a finished artwork

Minimum of 10 pages from National Geographic in visual dairy

Minimum required

Completed (yes/no)

Completed (yes/no)

You must show that you have refined your experiments towards the
combination of formal elements and technique/methods.
At least 10 pages in your folio
Annotation supporting this process, using the language of the
Formal and Personal Framwork.

Minimum required

Completed (yes/no)

Task 3

Hand in final piece of Project 3.

Finishing off final artwork (Project 3) and make sure folio is up to date
Making Task 3

On completion of this unit the student should be able to present visual creative responses that demonstrate their personal interests and ideas
through trialling techniques, materials and processes. 
(VCAA Art Study Design)

Clearly label your finished artwork as a FINISHED ARTWORK,

Annotate by analyzing each stage using correct art terminology

Minimum required

The effective communication of thinking and working practices in the

refinement of ideas and concepts must be documented with visual and
written material. This may include:
grouping, numbering, dating and/or commenting on specific aspects or
sections of work from initial concept to the resolution of ideas
progressive annotation, explanation and evaluation of ideas, concepts and
visual directions

Completed (yes/no)