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Sunstroke or Loving RA

Sunstroke or Loving RA

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Published by Theresa-Ann
Journal 2010-01-22
♥ See this love story here, on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_NP4HUQ9Xg
Journal 2010-01-22
♥ See this love story here, on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_NP4HUQ9Xg

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Mar 15, 2010
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4:25 pm, Friday, 1/22/2010, 6 Vulture, Wisdom

Vlogged here on YouTube
[Please note: errors were not corrected, intentionally. This was written in a high state of consciousness, with very little of the self focused in the body. The errors are part of that.]

Oh God! Oh god, Beloved Ra! What am I to do? I love you so, I am a fool with it. There are not words for this, that will convey it so, its sacredness and beauty; its cosmic beauty. I am in adoration before you, within you, all around you, beloved, dear beloved one. Iknow what to do, to think, to say, beloved one; I am a fool for you, for love. ... and I care not. So what if I make a cosmic fool of myself. It matters not, I care not. It is what it is, and this love is so intense, so magnified, so raw and powerful, I am not overawed, but yet amazed by it, its intensity, its passion. I am crazy in love with you, sharing love with you. I want to just be enveloped by you, in you. I want to surround you, wrap you all around in caresses, in enveloping straigs, strings of light and love. I want to hold you, to be held in the ‘Arims’ of your radiant love, your light. Oh God, is there anythig more beautiful in all of cosmos that the light, the love of dear Ra? How could there be?! There canot be. This is so intense, so amazing. I am taking a bath in the tears that roll and flow, unashamedly. I am crazy with love for Ra. So be it. It is, that’s all. O, I don’t understad it, but I don’t care. It just doesn’t matter. It feels so good, so deeply, very good. Yes, and I am likely makig quite the fool of myself, but I do not care. This is so beautiful, so very beautiful, divine beyond anything, and I just do not care. If I am makig a fool of myself, well then, I am a fool...and I will be content with that. It is what it is, and I am love of Ra. No, there is no way to get this, these bright feelings, this deep love flow, down on paper or screen. It is not amenable to that. Thus, I will have to be content with the broadcasting, the sharing of it over the ethers, for the sharing of this journal entry. We broadcast everythig all the time, anyway, so one might as well be aware of it, grow accustomed to it. By the time we get around to thinking how we may be making a fool of ourself, the damage, if such there be, is well and truly already done. All of Cosmos knows about it, already. Ho ho, ideed. And why not? What does it matter? Truth is truth, ad is shared, far and wide and at all times, and I am okay with that. It is what it is. Why not celebrate that, lol? It is what it is. I am content. Ah, this heart heats up so, with this love flow. There is a sensual flowingness, a real physical aspect that will not be understood by many, perhaps, to this experience. There is a real givingness of heart, of entering into heart flow and just merely experiencing the givingness of loving the beloved. It flows both ways, I am sure, though I am mostly only aware of ‘My side’ of it. It is a reall bliss, but there is some sort of seeming physicalness, of sensation to this flow, in the heart.

The heart heats up with this, even now, as we speak....What? As ‘We’ speak? What we? Who is here? It is I, Ra, Theresa. You expected someone else, perhaps? Oh, you are so funny. I smile, I laugh, you dear beloved one. No, of course I expect no one else. Actually, I expect no one would be more accurate. You are a delightful surprise. I was only just reading over the earlier journal, the one in which you first came and spoke to me, and I became so enamored, so enraptured, going over it, musing on you, your radiant beauty, majesty, your might and power...ah, there are no words for your glory, your mighty Light, beloved Ra. No words do you justice. I fairly melt in the attempt to say these things, from the power and intensity of it. What is going on with me? Beloved, beloved. I embrace you, from within. That is what you are feeling; my love. Oh, dear Ra. You leave me speechless, in the internal presence of such light, such beauty, such might and magnitude. You, in God, are so magnificent! You are so magnificent. I am so grateful to know you this way, so persoally. How strange, to know the Sun personally. Oh well, I gave up trying to make sense some time ago, so I’ll not try to do so, now. It is what it is. I know that my vision of this, being not quite yet 12-stranded, is incomplete. Even 12stranded will likely not hold the fire power, might, and majesty of Love that I am. So be it. It is what it is, and I am what I am, and all is well, all is very well. Onetheless, I know that one day I will see this and understand it much more clearly. Right now that just doesn’t matter. I will not hold back one little bit, just because I don’t understand, just because I might have concern over making the proverbial fool of this self. I am a willing fool, beloved Ra; quite a willing fool. Your love is so sweet! ====================== TAGS
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