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Makayla Hoselton
Ms. Williams
English 2, 7th period
18 September 2015
How Superheroes Relate to Greek Gods
As we learned about the essential aspects of mythology, I have come to the conclusion
that there are a variety of traits that I can relate to the gods within these stories. For this project I
have decided to see how these gods relate to the superheroes that have been created in our
modern day lives. How are superheroes connected to mythological gods? It has been stated that
the gods, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and Hera parallel to the famous superheroes of modern culture,
Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman.
The storytellers that have created todays superheros and their adventures have in many
ways based their qualities and characteristics from the gods of Greek Mythology. These
superheroes have been compared to a certain Greek god. The four main connections between
these gods and these superheroes are, Zeus to Superman, Hades to Batman, Poseidon to
Aquaman, and Hera to Wonder Woman. Superman was one of the most important superheroes
that in many ways portrays the god Zeus because Zeus was a born leader and was the most
powerful of his kind. Superman is also the most significant hero in todays stories. Another
superhero, Batman, is closely connected to Hades because of how they both prefer to act in the
dark, and how they are represented as the darker versions of Superman and Zeus. Aquaman is a
superhero that you do not often see, but he is connected to one of the most powerful water gods,
Poseidon. These two are related based on their ability to command the seas. When they are seen
side by side, they both have the same weapon of choice, a trident. Wonder Woman, the hero that

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every girl wanted to be, is linked, in many aspects to Hera. They are both very protective of the
concepts of family and tradition. This shows that superheroes and their stories are in a way part
of modern mythologies.
To associate Greek gods to modern superheroes, they were named a certain way as well.
Supermans name was created in a way that is connected to Zeus because of his superiority over
all. Batman was named this way based on Hades preference of the dark and his elusiveness.
This also correlates with Batmans relationship with bats. Poseidon, god of the sea, is linked to
the naming of Aquaman because they both rule over the seas and waters of the world. Lastly,
Wonder Womans name is associated with Hera. Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful
female heroes, like Hera, who was the supreme goddess in Greek Mythology. Even though there
are still many more superheroes, there are always certain aspects of Greek gods that are involved
in the creation of their names. Everyone knows that superheroes have their origins in the ancient
myths of Greece, Rome, and other old empires. But the more things change, the more they stay
the same. Today, we worship superheroes in the same ways we once worshipped the gods,
The connections between our superheroes and Greek gods are based on certain
connections between ancient Greek society and our society in todays world. While not exactly
the same, both of these cultures are looking for a mythology and heroes to believe in and relate
to, whether they are real or not. When the heroes were being manufactured, the creators thought
that it would be a good idea to make the heroes similar to the gods because it would help portray
a better understanding of how an audience would see the heroes. This is beneficial because it
allows people to relate to the gods and the heroes and aspire to be like them in a positive manner.
At their base, both Greek heroes and modern superheroes are often known merely as individuals

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who live up to their lofty titles in various ways, (Dorta). This gave ancient Greece relatable
gods that have defended the earth and universe. It also gives modern culture and superheroes
that parallel what the Greek gods have done to protect lives in the past.
The stories of mythological Greek gods have made a recurrence in our everyday lives and
have shown us that there are still mythological themes and qualities represented in modern
culture. These gods characteristics have been transferred to superheroes as a modern symbol of
mythology. It has been a significant part of recent history and will continue into the future. The
connections between Zeus and Superman, Hera and Wonder Woman, Poseidon and Aquaman,
and Hades and Batman, have really proven how these these two different time periods were
brought together to make new stories and a better modern aspect of life. The spell of the past,
the bondage of tradition, was shattered with sure and mighty strokes . . . and modern man
emerged from ancient ignorance . . . Today all of these mysteries have lost their force; their
symbols no longer interest our psyche, (Dorta). This maybe true in many ways, however, the
connections of heroes and gods remarcably show how our modern world has taken mythologies
from its past. As more superheroes are being created, they are all in some certain ways
connected to Greek gods and Greek mythology.

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