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Performance Planning

The DECD Performance and Development website provides fact sheets on SMART goals and advice regarding preparation for performance
and development conversations.

1. Work priorities
Which four to six goals will I focus on in my
work for the next 12 months? Consider
professional standards and site, team or
organisational goals.

2. Performance objectives
Identify specific strategies / objectives / learning activities
that will help me to achieve my goals.

3. Performance indicators
How will I measure improvement / achievement of my
performance objectives? ( eg identify timeframes, targets,
quantity, quality, possible sources of feedback)

Use of timer for activities.

Improved transition times between tasks.
Give short, explicit instructions.
Increased time spent on learning tasks.
Use attention grabbers/seek out good ones from peers.
Develop my ability to manage classroom Use proximity to ensure students are on tasks.
activities to ensure student time is spent Check in with students with processing difficulties
on learning.
Relating to standard 2: Literacy and
Attend Empowering Local learners (ELL) Professional
Evidence of use of inquiry based questioning in
Numeracy Strategies (2.5)
Learners Community (PLC) sessions.
Converse with Daniela re: her involvement in ELL
Student handover shows depth in thinking and ability
Develop my understanding of executive Peer observations (demonstrate and observe)
to transfer knowledge across contexts.
Attend Anne Baker Natural maths training
functions and how these are developed
Student handover shows increased mental
by inquiry based mathematics and deep Work with Rosslyn Shepherd
computation skills.
Student work samples
thinking tasks.
Relating to standard 3: Plan, structure
Look at peer planning/explore different planning
Adjustments in planning across the year as
and sequence learning programs (3.2)
appropriate to identified needs.
Work with Mel (Accelerated Literacy) and Rosslyn
Units of work for AL and maths.
To develop my ability to plan a structured
Incorporation of feedback from Mel and Rosslyn within
Shepherd (Maths)
and sequenced learning program to
Review planning as necessary to modify shortfalls

from Line manager and colleagues.
ensure good student outcomes.
identified during reflection.
Attend Aitsl/Teaching for Effective Learning PD
Relating to standard 4: Manage
classroom activities (4.2)

Relating to Standard 5: Assess, provide

feedback and report on student learning
Develop my ability to plan for
assessment when planning a unit of

Converse with like-year level peers as to how they do

Work with Mel and Rosslyn to develop assessment
tasks appropriate to their respective subject areas.
View Australian Curriculum assessment samples.
Engage with Australian Curriculum implementation
Officer to design assessment tasks.

Evidence of planning for assessment in planning.

Samples of student assessment.
Use of Student self-assessment tools in classroom
(traffic light self check, maths self assessment

Professional Learning
1. Areas for development
Skills, knowledge, behaviours or specific
competencies to
be developed to assist achievement of my work
and goals.

2. Professional learning activities

What learning programs or collaborative
processes can I initiate or undertake to support
my goals? How can I use work shadowing or
observation as professional learning?

3. Responsibility for action

Who, where and when?

Relating to Standard 4: Manage Challenging using MABS and RABs (modelled appropriate
behaviour (4.3)
behaviours and responding to appropriate
Develop my ability to establish clear
positive reinforcement
expectations with students and address
clear and consistent expectations
discipline issues promptly, fairly and
use of proximity
respectfully to ensure a safe and positive
use of non-verbal signals (not now signal,
learning environment.
stop, firm look etc.)
teach children to wait for go when giving
Specific seating arrangements at desks/on
floors. Disruptive children near
Explicitly teach social skills development
through programs (Wilson McCaskill,
Wellbeing classroom, Kimochis).

Myself, daily, in the classroom and on yard


Career pathway planning

My short and long-term career goals have been identified and discussed.

Short term: Develop my understanding of the National Professional Standards for Teachers. Provide evidence of each of these to move
from Provisional Teacher Registration to Full Teacher Registration.
Long term:

Performance Feedback and Review

Attach further information if needed.

1. Reflecting on my achievements

2. Evaluating my work

What have I achieved since my last professional conversation?

What feedback have I sought and received in relation to my work?

Which performance objectives am I particularly proud of

How did I overcome any difficulties in meeting my performance

What areas of strength have been identified through observation of

my practice?
What relevant data is available?

3. Reflecting on areas for further development

4. My overall reflection (attach further information if needed)

What performance objectives were not achieved? Why?

Reflecting on my performance has enabled me to

What could I have done better or differently?

What further professional learning /feedback/skills development do I need?

In evaluating my performance against the agreed Standards for my

work, I found
My next steps

Manager/Leaders Feedback
May be provided on a separate document.

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