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We are just small when it comes to the big event which has happened all over the
world yesterday. Though its first experience with Pratham Books, we enjoyed
each and every bit in this event. We had a small group of 7 kids from our society
(Karishma enclave) with age group between 6-10 years.
We divided the event into parts. On the first day session, we had a story telling
time and in which I helped the kids to give an outline about the story and then they
themselves started with reading the story as per the

Our next session was on 5th September 2015. It included fun
activities like word puzzle, Illustrations drawing from the Book
“The Boy and the Drum” and rehearsal for the role play (We are
planning to have a role play on Ganesh chathurthi celebrations in
front of large group)
Some of the snaps from yesterday’s event
Thanks to Pratham Books for taking up such a huge initiative
among kids on reading habit. Hoping that we will take this event
to a large group in forthcoming years.
Thanking you,
Karishma Enclave Kids.