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Phonebloks is an innovative idea created by David Hakkens from Netherlands

that uses modular technology in order to build a cellular device that will be longer lasting in
the hopes of sustaining our technological dependency without producing excessive amounts
of waste. A Phonebloks is an open source project for customers around the world to develop
the sustainable and adaptable technology devices that they need.
A Phoneblok comprised of two terms Phone and Blok. A Blok is the base. A
phone is the combined parts of the machinery required by a customer. So, a phonebloks is
the new generation mobile phone which can be modified to its full extent.
Concept of phonebloks works similar to desktop available in the market i.e., for
instance if we are having low memory on our phone we can simple upgrade the specific
component that holds the memory of the device, if we want heavy graphics then we can
replace an unused component with a graphic card and if we need more computation power
then there is no need to replace entire phone we can straightforward replace the processor
In a nutshell, a Phoneblok is modular, much flexible, provides much functionality
and has the fullest advantage of its features to the user. Multiple companies work on single
product unlike single company working on multiple products and hence deliver the purest
product to the customer.