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2014 The College Board

The first administration of the redesigned SAT will

be in spring 2016.
The redesign primarily impacts those enrolling in
college in fall 2017.
Todays tenth graders will be the first to take the
revised SAT.

2014 The College Board

*Please note: All time limits are tentative and subject to research.

2014 The College Board

Score Highlights
The SAT will have a 400- to 1600-point score scale.
Scores for the Essay section are not included in the 400-1600
and will be reported separately.
Rich score reports will provide a more detailed view of student
achievement in specific skills.

The redesigned SAT will make it easier for students to

show their best work.
More closely aligned to classwork so students are

prepared by their daily practice

Free test preparation materials offered online through a

partnership between Khan Academy and the College Board

2014 The College Board

More focused on the few essential things that research

shows matter most for college readiness
Assessment and instruction will work together
Open and clear, so students and educators know what
to expect

2014 The College Board

Students will need to:

Interpret meaning based on context
Understand the meaning of relevant
vocabulary (not obscure words)
Engage in close reading

2014 The College Board

Students will be asked to:

Interpret, synthesize, and use evidence

found in a wide range of sources
Support the answers they choose with
evidence from one or more sources
Integrate information conveyed through
both reading passages and informational

2014 The College Board

The redesigned essay will:

More closely mirror college writing

Cultivate close reading, careful analysis,
and clear writing
Promote the practice of reading a wide
variety of arguments and analyzing an
authors work

2014 The College Board

2014 The College Board

Current research shows that three key areas of

math most contribute to readiness for college
and career training:
Problem Solving and Data Analysis

(quantitative literacy)

Heart of Algebra (mastery of linear


Passport to Advanced Math (familiarity with

more complex equations)

2014 The College Board

Students will engage with questions that:

Directly relate to the work performed in
college and career

Include charts, graphs, and passages likely

to be encountered in science, social
science, and other majors and careers
Feature multistep applications to solve
problems in science, social science, career
scenarios, and other real-life contexts

2014 The College Board

Students will apply their reading, writing,

language, and math skills to answer
questions in science, history, and social
studies contexts.

2014 The College Board

The redesigned SAT will include either:

An excerpt from one of the Founding
Documents, or
A text from the ongoing Great Global
Conversation about freedom, justice, and
human dignity.

2014 The College Board

One point for each correct answer

Zero points for unanswered items

Zero points for wrong answers

2014 The College Board

Is the PSAT/NMSQT changing too?

Yes, the PSAT/NMSQT will change together with the SAT and is
planned to launch in October 2015.
This schedule will allow students to take the redesigned
PSAT/NMSQT before the redesigned SAT. As with all work on
the assessment redesign, quality is of paramount importance.
Like the redesigned SAT, the PSAT/NMSQT has been
redesigned to focus on the content and skills that current
research tells us are most important for college readiness and
We are working closely with our cosponsor, National Merit
Scholarship Corporation, to release an assessment and
scholarship resource that ensures students are recognized for
and take advantage of the opportunities they have earned.
2014 The College Board

New SAT Website

2014 The College Board