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Poster Presentation Rubric:

Names: ________________________________

Group No: ______________________________

Country: _______________________________

Criteria Points = 4 Points = 3 Points = 2 Points = 1

Organization The layout allows Overall the Some thought Messy

of the the viewer to easily layout is good. given to overall presentation.
material. find their way There are some layout. Difficult Hard to read
through the imaginative to follow parts the
presentation. parts that are of information. information.
Interesting pictures eye-catching. Little use of
used, lots of colour Mostly easy to colour and eye-
and good use of read sections. catching
space within layout. effects.

Image All pictures are Good selection Few images Images are
content. imaginatively of images used, used in layout poorly selected
chosen and convey adding interest of poster. and add very
the message in an to the poster. little to the
informative way. poster.

Content Information shows No significant Some iof the Information is

accuracy. questions are errors are made. questions are so inaccurate
answered. Excellent Shows good answered. Little that could not
use of research understanding of knowledge of prove the fact.
tools. Responsed the chosen country shown. Poor
well to the topic. topic. Most knowledge
Excellent knowledge questions about the
of country shown. anwered. topic.

Response to Demonstrates a Able to answer Able to answer Shows little

the audience high level of most of the some questions. knowledge of
feedback. understanding and audiences Does not area. Unable to
where appropriate questions. interact with response to
expands on the Shows good audiences very most
answer. understanding. much. questions.

Language Effectively used Reasonably use Grammar, Some attempt

Features correct grammar, of correct vocabulary and at words with
(Cohesion, vocabulary and grammar, punctuation is little or no
Grammar, punctuation. vocabulary and good but needs punctuation.
Vocabulary & Excellent use of punctuation. work. Some Little
Punctuation). descriptive words to Good use of descriptive expression
express ideas. descriptive words used to used in
Information is easy words to express express ideas. describing
understood. ideas. ideas.

Total Points Grading System: Students final grade:

18 – 20 points = A

15 – 17 points = B

12 – 14 points = C

9 – 11 points = D