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Wow! September has been such a busy month!

We have taught and reviewed our

school-wide behavior expectation (P.A.W.S.) and practiced being role models for other
students in the school. We have earned Fun Friday rewards and free time for following
classroom rules and expectations as well!
Language Arts Corner:
We started the first two
weeks of school in our
Imagine It! books reading
two important stories
about heritage and
culture. We then started
our integrated matter
unit and jumped into
reading about matters
physical properties and
what constitutes a
physical or chemical
change. Our focus has
been on citing specific
evidence from the text to
support our thinking. We
experienced measuring
with graduated cylinders,
recording mass with a
triple beam balance, and
mixing objects to create
mixtures and solutions.
As we finish this unit in
the last week of
September we are
looking forward to our
next integrated language
arts unit: The
renaissance. We will be
moving into social
studies and focusing on
the change of thought
that happened during
this time period.

Math Corner:
We started the school
year focusing on the first
chapter of our Go Math
curriculum. We wrestled
with difficult problems
and are focusing on our
ability to try different
strategies to solve,
discuss these strategies
with peers and persist
through tricky questions.
In chapter one our focus
skill was the inverse
operations of
multiplication and
We discussed the order of
operations and learned
how to evaluate longer
expressions with their
operation in mind. Our
focus has been on place
value and breaking down
numbers to make them
more manageable.
Students have worked in
small groups in the
classroom and are also
excited to be starting our
math intervention groups
which will kick off the last
week of September.

Writing Workshop:
In writing we have been
focusing on our theme for
the month of September:
Amusement Parks! In this
theme we have discussed
the three types of
writing: expository,
narrative and persuasive.
We have been learning
the characteristics and
outlines of these types of
writing and applying it to
our own writing about
amusement parks. We
have written descriptive
segments, main idea
paragraphs about the
Woodstock fair and
persuasive segments
about which amusement
parks have the most to
As we look forward to
next month we are
excited to continue our
writing practice with the
theme for October:

Homework Hall of

Grace Benoit

Jillian Anthony

Sophie Caswell

Aidan Babbitt

Ben Rivas

Emily Benoit

Jayden Walker

Sadie Bergeron

Carter Morissette

Eileen Breton

Shea Bernier

Seth Dunton

Lauren Brule

Andrew Gabbard

Tori Desautels

Jack Garcia

Connor Haynes

Brigid Hannon

Rylee Houle

Meshayla Lewis

Dorian Larose

Jacob Mailloux

Emerald Perry

Reading Rocks AllStars:

Elizabeth Mard

DeAnn Pringle

Brigid Hannon

Sullivan MacDonald

Ella Schoppe

Mackenzie Reidy

Kaylyn Mislosky

Aidan Soderman

Cole Dignam

Corinne Hunt

Emily St. Martin

Sadie Bergeron

Tegan Saucier

Guinevere Weiker

Seth Dunton

Spencer Northup

Abigail Fitts

Emerald Perry

E.J. Prochowski

Sierra Tamalavic

Naysa Jones

Mackenzie Reidy

Elysse Britt

Sophia Caswell

Nicholas Renshaw

Kailye Cape

Bailey Touchette

Damian Jadczak

Cody Bemis

Jacob Benzie,

Cooper Livingston

Kylie McArthur
Enrico Ong
Angelina Porter
Connor Taylor
Alishia Thompson
Kennedy Tucker

Student of the Month:

Mackenzie Reidy
Grace Benoit
Lauren Brule
Damian Jadczak

Daniel Pratt
Kaylyn Mislosky