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ProArts @ Noon Concert Information

What: FREE (every) Wednesday noon hour performing arts concerts

Where: Cathedral Church of the Redeemer (corner of 7 Ave and 1 Street SE)
When: 12:10pm-12:50pm every Wednesday
Why: Join us every Wednesday at lunch for a moment of respite from the day with
free concerts featuring a wide variety of performance.

Wednesday March 17, 2010 – Maria-Teresa Olszewska-Hopkins,


A story from the Kashubian (Polish) folk tradition teaches us that the most
important thing is to understand where our place is; because only there will
everything go well. But first the hero must find his own Shadow of Luck.
The folk fable was invented with the intention of being told, and as is the case
with the art of spoken word, folk fables open doors to our imagination, to the
unknown lands in stories, giving us a glimpse of many different cultures, many
different ways of thinking, with an awareness of our universal similarities.
Storytelling is more than a combination of words, for the voice of a Storyteller
transforms the stories into the resonant sounds of our lives.

Maria-Teresa Olszewska-Hopkins grew up in Poland with six siblings whom

she often entertained by storytelling. Her career lead her first to work in
nutritional chemistry and journalism, and then, after moving to Canada in
1989, to work with the elderly and children. Now a teacher and artist of verbal
and visual expression, Maria has been performing regularly as a storyteller for
over fifteen years


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