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San Diego SEO

San Diego SEO

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Published by seo_trust3619
I have been doing SEO for over 10 years now. I have been hired by small businesses and individuals looking to get their sites
I have been doing SEO for over 10 years now. I have been hired by small businesses and individuals looking to get their sites

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Published by: seo_trust3619 on Mar 15, 2010
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SEO service dominates search engine algorithm gains top ten every time!

I’m really not going to bullshit around here. SEO is the only way to succeed in driving REAL visitors to any website that you want. The thing of it is, hardly anyone who owns a website knows how to properly optimize their site for their respective keywords. This is where I come in but, Let me introduce myself before I move on..

My name is Steven Duff and I am a SEO and link building expert that has been grabbing top ten positions in Google, MSN, and Yahoo since 2000. I am going to show you how you can hire me for a fraction of the professional SEO costs of $5,000-$10,000 and still get massively more results. Yes that is true, for just one SEO and link building package, professional SEO companies charge $5,000 to $10,000 per website. I will of course do the SAME job for a fraction of the big companies. In fact I will steal your competitor’s strategies for ranking high and apply them to your website, so you are guaranteed a top 10 position in Google. (More on that later.)

Moving on..

I am the kind of guy that likes to go with what works. So if a webmaster has his site ranked #1 for the keyword “weight loss”, there has to be a reason. That reason is his site is optimized for the keyword “weight loss”, and he has proper links linking back to his site to outrank every other site competing for that keyword term.

And you know what? I can analyze his exact optimization percent, his exact linking structure, his exact anchor text, title text, and apply it to YOUR website. What do you think will happen if you apply the same optimization, links, and anchor text of the guy who ranks #1 on Google for “weight loss”, or any other keyword that is in your niche? That is right, you are GUARANTEED top ten rankings. Let’s face it, “Weight Loss” is one of the most competitive key phrases in the universe to rank well for, and if you can outrank for the term “weight loss”, then you certainly can outrank for any amount of niche terms you can think of. So what will this do for your website, business? It will give you thousands upon thousands of free, laser targeted; highly qualified visitors that will buy up anything you have to offer. Let me tell you exactly what my SEO/Link Building service will do for you exactly, and no, I will not charge anywhere near $5,000 to get tens of thousands of search engine visitors to your site, I will get to the price in a moment. But first, here is what my SEO/Link building service consists of: I will analyze the top sites in your niche and have you target the best keywords for your target niche. • I will analyze your competitors pages to find all of the following, vital information and apply it to your site; • Keyword Density (How many times you should repeat your keywords) • Keyword Prominence (Where you should place your keywords) • Link Density • Link Prominence • Whether or not they're using h1 and h2 tags AND what they are • Whether or not they're using meta keywords AND what they are • The number of internal links on their web page • The number of external links on their web page

• Whether their website is in the Yahoo directory •I will find you quality, High PR link partners, to build your backlink, linking structure. •I will tell you EXACTLY, how to optimize your site properly to destroy other sites, and outrank your competition. •I will give you a year of free email support. (Try getting email support for free from professional SEO’ers.) •I will help you dominate the world(Just Kidding, Search Engines Only.)

Now if you are new, or do not understand what I have been saying, I am offering you a way to get 100% free targeted traffic, that is completely auto-pilot, and completely hassle free. I’m not talking hundreds of visitors; I am talking thousands upon thousands of visitors hitting your site every hour of the day. So what am I charging for my service? My SEO/Link building domination service will only cost you, one time, $457. That is it, but if you think $457 is expensive, you better do some research because.. FACT: Most SEOs charge upwards of $4,500 a month! So, in one month's time you'll spend over $4,650 managing a linking campaign and optimizing your website. That's over $55,000 a year! You might also be wondering why I am offering you this for such a complete and utter ridiculously stupid price? Well because I am starting my own SEO company and need testimonials to launch my HIGH ticket SEO service which is exactly the same thing you are getting today. So make sure you get your project to me by this week. I can only

take ten or so projects per week, so it would be nice if you could contact me with your website info as soon as you can. I look forward to working with you! Have a good one!

Steve Call: 1-618-208-4353

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